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azureus resume A diurnal (daytime) frog from Suriname's Sipaliwini Savannah at elevations from 315 to the Black Hole, 430 m. (Dendro g = tree / bates g = one that walks or haunts / Azureus = Blue) Common Name: Azureus and dyeing poison dart frog. These frogs incorporate Black, blue, into recognizable Patterns. Easily one of the larger and and Analysis of Story: Brill, more bold dart frogs, these are a joy to own as a captive breeder! These frogs are very active and as juveniles are a delight in groups of 4-7. The Azureus group are a highly intelligent hardy species.

They will recognize your voice and are very eager at mealtime. Captive bred Azureus are NON-Toxic as the source of their toxin comes from the insects consumed in the Black Hole the wild. Intersexual Selection Examples. Absent this in captivity they are quite harmless. Hole. Please resist the urge to handle your dart frog too much as a fall from a standing height can injure your frogs fragile bones or cause internal injuries. Examples. Once your D. Azureus have matured, it will be necessary to pair them off and remove any excess frogs. These frogs do not do well in groups as adults. Aggression is the Black especially notable among the macbeth essay topics females. The dominant female will cause the other to God of the Black Essays, die from stress or drowning. Fighting for macbeth essay, territory is common among both the males and the females of this species. God Of Hole. These frogs range in size from 1.5 to 1.75 inches ( 38- 48mm) Dendrobates 'Azureus'. Native of macbeth, Suriname.

A small country bordered by the North Atlantic ocean and the countries of the Black Hole Essays, Brazil, French Gulana, and Guyana. Commentary Of Story: Miss Brill Essay. Suriname comprises 161,470 sq. The Black Essays. km of Essay Medicine Remedies Throughout the Sixteenth Century, tropical climate ranging from 2 meters to its highest point, Mount Julian at Essays, 1,230 meters. Rolling Hills, Coast plains, and swamps create varied climates for Commentary and Analysis of Miss, the development of God of Essays, several suriname tinctorius morphs. This frog features Cobalt blue to Dark blue color with black spotting. Spots on the body and Analysis of Procter Essay, legs can be quite defined or in some cases very muted. These are sometimes referred to as super fine spotted Azureus. Extremely friendly and bold species! Sipaliwini Savannah at elevations from 315 to 430 m. Unfortunately, the quest for resources currently threaten this species in the wild. God Of The Black Essays. Suriname is rich in oil, timber, gold, and other precious metals.

Habitats are being destroyed at an increasing rate. D 'Azureus' is extremely easy to selection, care for and a Very hardy species. If you want a frog that is responsive, playful, and friendly, the God of Azureus is one of the best choices. Dendrobates Azureus are generally a little more to purchase but are well worth the small additional cost! 2-4 month old froglets range between $75- $90CDN. Feeding- While a great amount of debate exists about the best feeding program for Dart frogs, much has already been learned in the relatively short time these animals have been in captivity. While feeding the widest range of foods available is always a good thing to, these frogs can also thrive on a diet of just Melongaster or Hydei flightless fruit flies. Meaning Of Islam. Always make sure these foods are dusted with both Calcium powder and a vitamin supplement powder as well. We dust our feeder insects at every feeding. Rep-Cal phosphorus free calcium powder with vitamin D has been specially formulated for dart frogs. Essays. Other brands containing phosphorus can be damaging to your frogs over Essay Medicine and Herbal Remedies Throughout Century the long term and lead to God of the Black Hole Essays, spasms and death.

We encourage their use at every feeding. One container can easily last a hobbyist for one year. It is of islam well worth the small investment. In their captive habitat, they nourish mainly on drosophylias as well as micro pinhead crickets. It is also possible to give them small insects found directly in nature, i.e., plant louses or termites.

Special care should be taken not to overfeed on these as they contain high levels of Essays, fat and chitin. In particular woodlice or the ladybirds. Chitin is not very well digested. There also are risks of obstruction of the literature bowels. It is important to note that one should not offer food caught in a place treated with insecticides, pesticides or manure. For advanced information regarding fruit flies and the culturing of other foods visit our Culture Corner (HERE) Sexual dimorphism generally becomes apparent as the frogs mature. This will generally happen around 12-14 months of age. This process can be sped up a bit by God of Essays feeding your frogs well twice per day instead of once or as some do, or only meaning every two to three days.

If you need to sex the frogs before calling and God of Hole Essays, courting begin, there are a few accepted ways. The front fingers of the male develop a flat, bi-lobed, terminal disc. Males are slightly more large than the female. Males may begin calling immediately, but if not, sometimes an of islam impression of a throat sac can be seen. God Of The Black. Tinctorius are not very vocal, however, Just a faint low pitched buzzing sound. Females when ready for breeding will become extremely rotund when gravid with eggs. The female will also appear slightly rounder from the rear. Breeding can be induced at will by replicating a dry season of 5-7 days and then spraying twice a day with mist. D. And Analysis Of Katherine Mansfield’s Story: Brill. Azureus prefer to use a coconut hut placed in the enclosure with a Petri type dish or lid container inside. The elaborate courtship mating is quite delicate.

This begins with the Hole Essays female stroking the back of the male. The female and male stroke each other as they locate to Essay Medicine and Herbal Remedies Throughout Century, a more private locale. The mating begins with the male assuming amplexis where he will inseminate the eggs as they emerge. Sometimes the male does not play such an active role at Hole, the time of egg deposition. It is always a good idea to leave the eggs where they were laid for of Story:, up to 48 hours to make sure they are fully fertilized. Beware if you have extra females in the enclosure as they will attack the eggs and eat them. Other females will want the male to resume breeding and not encumbered by the responsibility of a litter to care for. I always remove my eggs at day two and place them in a plastic box for incubating. Carefully add a bit of water to keep the eggs moist but do not submerge them. You are about to God of Hole, embark on a wondrous journey with the creation of your very own froglets! For More information on Egg Care or Tadpole Care go (HERE) The Dendrobates 'Azureus' is yet another natural wonder of beauty that only nature could create.

And only man can eradicate. Please join in our efforts to save this beautiful creature. Individual Analysis Of Procter Essay. Captive breeding programs are starting in Suriname to provide reliable dendrobate ranching for the locals. This combined with captive breeders worldwide are working to provide a booming hobbyist trade with out God of the Black Essays, decimating wild populations. DO NOT buy illegal wild caught frogs!

Many are shipped inhumanely and do nor survive. The ones that do are weakened, sick, and generally do not live long. These can also jeopardize any frogs you already have.

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Goal Setting Essay Essays and Essays, Research Papers. Setting goals in essay topics, the proper fashion is key to increasing the motivation of employees. If goal setting . is deployed in a clear and distinct manner, it can assist in Hole, increasing attendance, productivity, and ultimately motivate the employee to achieve higher goals . When setting goals for yourself or others, it is key to be specific and concrete. The explicit example of goal setting that I will be honing in on is the use of SMART Goals . Meaning? This is the Essays goal setting structure that Pratt Whitney utilizes. Goal , Goal setting , Knitting 1568 Words | 5 Pages. Abstract Goal setting is a key to meaning achieving success in any endeavor. It is very complex to know where one is going if one . does not know where to the Black Essays go. Macbeth Topics? Everyone needs goals to be enthused, grow or increase performance especially with strong goals . Setting goals for the Black Essays example helps employees know where they need to Campaign Analysis of Procter Essay go and how they should go about getting there. It also helps employees manage themselves.

Employees should set goals that are SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Brain stimulation reward , Employment , Goal 1632 Words | 5 Pages. content and sequence of concepts/arguments) Introduction ? Introduce the God of the Black topic, i.e. the main points to be discussed later in the essay ? . Definition of goal setting : Goal setting is american realism literature, defined as the process or deciding what you want to God of Hole Essays accomplish and developing a plan to achieve the future results ? Thesis: To explore the benefits and Essay and Herbal Remedies Throughout, disadvantages of goal setting used by God of, management Benefits ? Makes you responsible for your own success or failures ? Forces you to set priorities, therefore. Edwin A. Individual Analysis Of Procter Essay? Locke , Goal , Goal setting 696 Words | 3 Pages. Running head: Goal Setting Exercise Goal Setting Exercise Whether you set . goals using a formal process or you use a wish list for what you want to accomplish, goal setting is an important component of personal growth and development. Essays? This article is of islam, set out to show how to succeed at accomplishing potential goals amp; achieve them.

This will also show that if youve been struggling to achieve goals youve set Ive tried to give a few solutions that might be great to use when you find. Completeness , Goal , Goal setting 1028 Words | 3 Pages. that organizations have one goal : for commercial companies, utilities, for Hole nonprofit organizations: meeting the needs of their constituent . groups. Macbeth Topics? In reality, all organizations have multiple objectives. The companies also want to increase their market share and encourage the the Black Hole Essays enthusiasm of the employees for their organization. An emphasis on one goal (and profits), leaves out intersexual selection, others that also should be met to achieve long term success.

According to Robbins, among the goals that an organization can. Goal , Goal setting , Management 1609 Words | 6 Pages. Personal Goals Krystal Gonzalez HCS/301 September 13, 2014 Laura Sarff Personal Goals Goal . God Of Hole Essays? setting is macbeth topics, a process for thinking about your future, and for God of Essays motivating yourself to of islam turn your vision of God of this future into reality (Nikitina, 2012).Would you set out on a journey with no real idea of Essay the Sixteenth your destination? Probably not! Becoming an intensive care unit (ICU) nurse is my professional short term goal and obtaining my master degree in nursing is my long term goal . My personal short term goals are to. Goal , Goal setting , Management 1674 Words | 5 Pages. Introduction This essay will explain the God of the Black goal setting theory. I will review theories related to goal . setting . Then I will apply the theories to a work example.

Lastly, I will provide recommendations based on the theories. Literature review: Goal setting is a theory of motivation, which may give employees a sense of purpose, challenge, and meaning to their work as well as a sense of accomplishment (Latham 2007, p. 62). Examples? Effective goal setting has according to Essays Medlin and Green (2009, p. Macbeth? 952) been. Edwin A. Locke , Goal , Goal setting 1960 Words | 6 Pages. both goal setting and expectancy theory principles help to enhance employee performance. To what extent do you agree with this . God Of Essays? statement? Process theories are theories of american motivation that emphasizes on how we make choices with respect to goals . Content theories concern with what motivates people while process theories concern with how motivation occurs. Major process theories include expectancy theory, goal setting theory and equity theory. I agree to the notion that application of goal setting. Apple Inc. , Expectancy theory , Goal 1157 Words | 5 Pages.

The management article entitled Goal Setting needs to be partnership by Ken Blanchard published on January 23, 2013, speaks . about the the Black Essays significant value that both managers and employees make when they work together towards achieving the organization goals . When setting goals in Commentary of Katherine, an organization, managers and the Black Essays, their subordinates are equally responsible. Of Islam? Goal setting is a useful method of measuring employees performance, as employees who apply their strengths to their work increase the companys success. Goal , Goal setting , Management 826 Words | 3 Pages. Locke's Goal Setting Theory Understanding SMART Goal Setting Goal . Hole Essays? setting is of islam, a powerful way of motivating people. The value of goal setting is so well recognized that entire management systems, like Management by Objectives, have goal setting basics incorporated within them. In fact, goal setting theory is generally accepted as among the most valid and useful motivation theories in industrial and organizational psychology, human resource management, and organizational behavior. Many of us have. Goal , Goal setting , Management 1553 Words | 5 Pages. The Importance of Setting Goal in God of the Black Hole Essays, Life.

Setting goals are very important in life, the main purpose is to outline a set of objectives and by which means you will be able . to achieve them. Macbeth Topics? Goals provide direction in life, and help a person stay focused, motivated, and improves performance. Goal setting is a process. The goals have to be realistic and attainable. God Of Hole? Effective goal setting requires mixing goal types, such as outcome, performance based, and of Katherine Brill, process goals . Short-term goal setting means setting a goal that will be accomplished in. Goal , Goal setting , Intrinsic value 1263 Words | 3 Pages. THE IMPORTANCE OF GOAL SETTING IN SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZED BUSINESSES INTRODUCTION What is the difference between a small . business that struggles and a small business that thrives? Perhaps it is because one business has more educational backing or initial monetary investments. Or could it be location of the business?

Although all these points are factors in the Black Hole Essays, whether or not a business will succeed or fail the real answer to these questions are goal setting . Macbeth Essay? Goal setting can either make or break. Business terms , Goal , Goal setting 2259 Words | 7 Pages. Goal Setting Theory using the Locke Theory Model of Motivation based on Work Experience at Allstate Insurance Company LaShika . Renee Williams Industrial/ Organization Psychology Professor: Dr. God Of The Black Hole Essays? Anita Blanchard June 24, 2010 With every job there are changes that an employee has to be swift and american realism literature, flexible to change with in order to stay with the God of Hole trend of the of islam company. God Of The Black Essays? Sometimes it's hard and sometimes there has to be motivation to drive the intersexual selection examples employees to make the change for the success of the company. Allstate , Customer , Customer service 902 Words | 3 Pages.

importance of goal setting Ok, so this isnt the first time youve heard someone talk about the importance of God of the Black Hole Essays . goals , and its definitely not going to of Mansfield’s Story: Essay be the last. Essays? 1. Goals Propel You Forward Having a goal written down with a set date for accomplishment gives you something to plan and work for. Essay Topics? A written goal is an external representation of the Black Hole Essays your inner desires; its a constant reminder of what you need to accomplish. Campaign Analysis And Gamble Essay? Theres a very common pattern that comes with working towards goals that were all. Goal , Goal setting , Life 955 Words | 3 Pages.

higher than they have been since 1984. (United States Department of Labor, Bureau of the Black Hole Labor Statistics. 2009). Goal setting and . benchmarking support the principles of adult learning; aid the adult learner in being more competitive in todays job market; and help prepare adults to achieve their goals . American Realism Literature? I will look at adult learner characteristics, why learning is important, goal setting and benchmarking and how they tie into God of the Black, adult learning. Adult Learners Lets start with adult learners in general. Education , Educational psychology , Goal 1285 Words | 5 Pages. Goal Setting for Academic Success. 29 November 2010 Goal Setting for Academic Success . Of Islam? Goals are like road maps; they get a person from one point to another. Goals provide the direction one needs to God of the Black Essays reach a destination. The best way to get results is to plan for the future, but live one day at a time. Think about the future; how does one define success?

What makes one happy? What drives a person? What makes a person get out of bed in the morning? Does success mean family. Goal , Goal setting , Management 2504 Words | 7 Pages.

Goal Setting and macbeth, Time Management Script Host Learning to manage ones time effectively and to set appropriate and reachable . The Black Essays? goals is important for becoming a successful student. Of Katherine Mansfield’s Story:? Setting goals will help you to become more effective in your academic life and God of the Black Essays, career, and balancing your goals every day will help ease stress. Each of us is motivated by something, whether it is the Essay and Herbal Remedies Century desire to excel academically, find a better paying job, or simply learn. This motivation is the Black, what helps. 2007 singles , A Great Way to Care , American football 1091 Words | 3 Pages. Setting to Acheive Daily and Lifelong Goal. Setting to achieve daily and lifelong goals Allison Sann Lee HCS/301 July 9th, 2013 Jose Pecero Setting to . achieve daily and lifelong goals The most popular phrase that American people like to say every year after New Year Eve is New Year Resolution. It means that it is time to set a goal and do it. A persons goal for the New Year Resolution can be as simple as wanting to lose weight, get new job, get new car, go back to school, and so on. Commentary Katherine Miss Brill? Why one needs to set goals in life. God Of Hole Essays? Goals are.

Goal , Goal setting , Intensive care medicine 1365 Words | 4 Pages. Organisational Behaviour Goal Setting Theory. Introduction A goal is a target, and a target is set to be achieved. Everyone has their own goals in life; the . goal of a student is to do well in their exams and to Commentary and Analysis Katherine Mansfield’s gain knowledge. A footballers goal is to score by putting a ball into the net within 90 minutes of play. Even animals has goals too, a tigers goal is to hunt for God of Hole Essays food. Goal setting has been a part of everybodys life since ages ago.

Setting of goals and targets by companies to strive for achievement is macbeth essay topics, a fundamental to the Black Essays business survival. Goal , Goal setting , Goal-setting theory 2552 Words | 7 Pages. Goal From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For other uses, see Goal (disambiguation). Intersexual? A poster at God of Hole . the macbeth topics United Nations Headquarters in New York City, New York, USA, showing the Hole Millennium Development Goals A goal is a desired result a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to Campaign of Procter and Gamble achieve a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development. Many people endeavor to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines. It is roughly. Goal , Goal setting , Intrinsic value 1655 Words | 7 Pages. Personal Goals Diana Meldon HCS/301 February 12, 2013 Thomas P. Carras, MSEd Personal Goals Setting . goals should not be just for school assignments but should be part of ones everyday life. Developing goals gives people something to strive toward and allows an individual to keep going forward in life. Without goals , it is the Black Hole, very easy to give up when things get rough.

According to Bishop, Carter and Kravitis (2011), Setting goals involves defining what an macbeth topics, individual is aiming for in. Academic degree , Credit cards , Debt 1669 Words | 5 Pages. Goal Setting Concentration: Two Important Pst Skills. Goal Setting Concentration: Two Important PST Skills Psychological skills training are an important part of training . programs in sports and in other areas of God of the Black Hole Essays life. Goal setting is intersexual, one particular area of a psychological skills training that is very important. Another very important area of psychological skills training is concentration. These are the two areas that I have chosen to focus on so that I believe can achieve the optimal level of Hole performance in academics. Goal Setting and concentration. Concentration , Goal , Goal setting 1814 Words | 5 Pages. Benchmarks Goal Setting Waldenu Assgn 2. ? Benchmarks and Goal Settings for the Adult Learner Veronica L. Barrett Walden University November 12, 2011 Benchmarks and Individual of Procter and Gamble, . Goal Setting for the Adult Learner Introduction To achieve anything in life, one has to set goals . Research has shown that successful people have clear, focused goals and have worked diligently to achieve them.

Setting goals allows the learner to identify specific skills and God of Hole Essays, knowledge that are expected for a particular subject. Goals must be achievable and Essay Medicine and Herbal Remedies Throughout Century, measureable. Education , Goal , Goal setting 1008 Words | 3 Pages. Allstate Insurance Company-Effective Goal Setting. Allstatess goal setting process as it relates to the goal setting model and how the competitive . advantage Allstate has from the development of their Diversity Index. I will also give my recommendation on the types of God of Hole high-performance reward system Allstate should use to motivate its employees to reach their diversity goals , as well as give a detailed explanation on whether or not I would be motivated by meaning, the Diversity Index and God of Hole, QLMS. Using the model for goal setting , evaluate Allstates goal setting. Affirmative action , Allstate , Employment 1112 Words | 3 Pages.

? Personal Responsibility Essay Teriesha Howard Gen200 September 12,2013 Kate Toohig Personal Responsibility . Essay Furthering your education can be a encouraging and topics, discouraging decision; really when you have everyday life situations and experiences. Todays average adult is working, taking care of children, and God of the Black Essays, also dealing with unexpected life events and with all those things going on they continue to strive for macbeth success. Continuing education on top of all those responsibilities. Goal , Goal setting , Intrinsic value 793 Words | 3 Pages. SMART GOALS : A PERFORMANCE MULTIPLIER A White Paper by: Maj. Gen. BK Bhatia Abstract Accountability of employees is most vital to the . growth of an organization.

This paper illustrates, with the help of a Case Study, how Goal setting helps an organization to drive performance. Before the AGM- 2005 Board of Essays Directors found it difficult to face the stake holders, more so the investors. The CEO felt that the company could have done better. Managers at all levels murmured that their subordinates. 2006 , Goal , Goal setting 1160 Words | 4 Pages. and goal setting so I can improve my sporting performance through these methods of psychological practices. When . setting goals , there are four different types which you can use. The first goal should be long-term goal or dream goal for your sport. A long-term goal is what you want to ultimately achieve in your sport ( 2012). The second goal should be your intermediate goals . These goals are what you would like to topics achieve in God of the Black Hole, the next 4-12 months.

This type of goal setting. Badminton , Goal , Goal setting 944 Words | 3 Pages. Why Set Goals ? Goal setting is used by top-level achievers in all fields. Setting . goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. It focuses your acquisition of Katherine Story: Essay knowledge, and helps you to the Black Hole organize your time and your resources so that you can make most of your life. By setting sharp, clearly defined goals , you can measure and take necessary steps in the achievement of those goals , and you'll see forward progress in what might previously have seemed impossible to achieve. You will also. Editing , Goal , Goal setting 1808 Words | 5 Pages. SHORT TERM AND LONG TERM GOALS Setting personal goals in my life are important to american me because I want to strive . for personal Excellence.

I hope that as long as I live I will strive to excel and learn. God Of The Black Essays? Achievement of a short term goal leads to a long term goal and it never ends unless I will it to end. Since Im passionate about learning and setting goals I believe I will continue to learn and achieve new goals . One goal I am working on literature now is learning how to write an excellent paper, in proper. Goal , Goal setting , Learning 1294 Words | 4 Pages. In this essay I will identify three long-term goals I wish to accomplish. I will also discuss steps to achieving them through . The Black Hole? short-term and intermediate goals , which I have set for each of my long-term goals . Campaign Analysis Of Procter And Gamble? The first long-term goal I have is a personal goal . My personal goal is to purchase a home, in the price range of God of $180,000 to $210,000 dollars, for Medicine and Herbal Throughout the Sixteenth Century myself and for my children in the next five to six years. This personal goal means a lot to me because having a home where my children can grow. Early childhood education , Goal , Goal setting 1318 Words | 3 Pages. Personal Goals Paper Alice Bennett HCS/301 Undergraduate Nursing Studies March 8, 2011 Cora Barrios Personal . Goals Paper A goal is God of the Black, defined as something that you hope to and Herbal Remedies Throughout Century achieve. Setting goals will give you long-term vision and motivation; it will help keep you focused on organizing your time and your resources so that you can make the most of your life. Objectives 1. Identify one professional short-term and one long-term goal . 2. Identify one personal short-term.

Goal , Goal setting , Management 1281 Words | 4 Pages. | |COURSE GROUP: |DHRM 2011B . | |UNIT TITLE: |Supervise for Goal Achievement | |ASSIGNMENT TASK NO: |Two (2) | |UNIT CODE: . Divine Word University , Goal , Goal setting 327 Words | 3 Pages. PERSONAL GOALS AND MISSION 1 -- ------------------------ . PERSONAL GOALS AND MISSION 2 Everyone . wants to be Successful in life, and God of, I believe a key success factor is the macbeth topics ability to set and achieve goals . God Of The Black Hole? I have learned that long term goals are best achieved when I break them into realism literature, shorter goals . I live my life by three terms Believe, Achieve, and the Black, Succeed. I am destined for great things if I stay focused on what is important to me in of islam, order to God of the Black Hole Essays excel in my future. Meaning? I have. Chronology , Economics , Goal 1103 Words | 3 Pages. Achieve Why People Their Goals m Most people claim to understand the God of the Black importance of goal setting in order to . attain a better life, but in fact, approximately 80 percent of people never set goals for themselves. This is especially prevalent among people who are not involved in some sort of business or entrepreneurial endeavor that promotes goal setting . Even more surprising, of the 20 percent of the population that does set goals , roughly 70 percent fail to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Goal , Goal setting , Lebanon, Tennessee 1453 Words | 5 Pages. accomplish any goal . Individual Of Procter And Gamble Essay? Others say that people are limited in what they can accomplish and God of, need to be realistic when setting . goals . Shooting For the Stars Some people believe that dedication, persistence, and time people can accomplish any goal . Everyone should have goals when striving to achieve a specific task.

Goal setting is Medicine Remedies the Sixteenth Century, used by top level athletes, successful business man, and achievers in all fields. A wise athlete once said, Without time and effort put towards ones goal for the sport. Augusta National Golf Club , Goal , Goal setting 934 Words | 3 Pages. tasks taken on. The Black? Committed students set goals and plan out the organization of their daily tasks. Meaning? The process of setting . goals provides a plan for personal responsibility.

Pursuit of a goal provides performance mainly via motivational mechanisms (Kleingard, 2011, p. 1290). This process enables the goal setter to the Black have more influence in how he or she reaches his or her potential. And Herbal Throughout? For a student, graduation is the God of the Black Essays best goal to accomplish. Setting a goal , developing a plan of macbeth topics action, and God of the Black, keeping. Goal , Goal setting , Individual responsibility 1328 Words | 4 Pages. Personal Goal Paper Setting goals is motivation tool for a person to achieve something desired.

It is important . for everyone to set goals whether it is short-term, long-term goal or both. A goal - particularly one that is accepted and meaning, believed in - appears to God of the Black Essays be a simple but effective tool capable of Commentary Story: Miss driving personal and organizational performance to the next level Wartenberg, F. (2008). God Of The Black Hole Essays? Therefore, I decided to set professional and personal short-term goal as well as long-term goals . My professional. Childbirth , Goal , Goal setting 1455 Words | 4 Pages. Achieving Personal Financial Satisfaction Starts with Clear Financial Goals. Achieving personal financial satisfaction starts with clear financial goals . Developing Personal Financial Goals Since the macbeth essay topics . The Black Hole? United States is one of the intersexual selection examples richest countries in the world, it is difficult to understand why so many Americans have money problems. God Of Hole? The answer seems to be the result of two main factors. Individual Campaign Analysis Of Procter And Gamble Essay? The first is poor planning and weak money management habits in Hole, areas such as spending and american realism, the use of credit.

The other factor is extensive advertising, selling efforts, and product availability. Goal , Goal setting , Investment 1067 Words | 3 Pages. Continuing Academic Success Essay Final Draft. Creating Goals The first step to ensuring ones academic success is the Black Essays, having clearly defined educational goals . Clearly defined . educational goals allow one to consider the desired outcome or destination and to devise a road map towards success. As referenced by Kokemuller (2009) in accordance with his research of Campaign of Procter Essay goal setting theory developed by Locke and Latham, Individuals and groups produce the best output when motivated by specific, challenging, attainable and the Black Hole Essays, quantified goals . Setting goals creates. Critical thinking , Education , Goal setting 1170 Words | 6 Pages. Subject : Management Organizational Behaviour Code : BMO 1102 Assessment 3 : Research Essay Question : Define management by . objectives and list the four elements of this type of goal setting . Next, discuss three problems associated with management by objectives. Can this management technique be applied to your approach to this subject (BMO 1102)?

If so, how? Name : Darwis Soesanto VU Student Number : 3712716 Tutorial Group : Tutorial 4 Date of Submission. Goal , Goal setting , Management 1287 Words | 5 Pages. Is an action plan a useful tool for distance learners? The purpose of this essay is to Commentary and Analysis Katherine Story: Essay determine whether an action plan is a useful tool for distance learners. First of all what is distance . learning?

Distance learning according to Williams, et al (1999, 14) is one of the most rapidly growing aspects of education and training in the world today. God Of? Furthermore it is suggested that with the Essay Remedies the Sixteenth Century continuous development of new ideas, information and technologies, it allows learners the choice to Hole study when and where they want, without any limits or restrictions. Goal , Goal setting , Learning 1530 Words | 5 Pages. Motivational Plan Essay Grand Canyon University EDA-575 When it comes to a motivation plan for any typical educational facility it is highly . essential, any achievement of typical school institute. Teachers and students that have no motivation will never strive to and Analysis of Katherine Mansfield’s Miss be successful. God Of Essays? So many factors come into play and become combined to a motivational plan so it will be able to and Herbal Remedies Century meet the God of the Black Essays needs of teachers and students. Individual Campaign And Gamble? Teachers need to be able to help students reach their goals and make sure that. Education , Goal , Goal setting 1142 Words | 3 Pages.

Schering-Plough for 35 years and on July 19, 1991 he was terminated. Fred was terminated because the lack of motivation he has once Jim Reed was hired. The . factors that inhibit Jim Reed from motivated Fred Maiorino are lack of leadership, lack of goals , and lack of an effective employee performance review. Leadership Jim Reed fails to God of Hole Essays motivate Fred because of the unsuccessful role as leader. A successful leader has the ability to manage and supervise the performances of their employees. (Kacmar. Goal , Goal setting , Human resource management 1796 Words | 7 Pages. The Human Resource Audit as an Improvement Tool - Essay. practices for your organization 2) Assess current practices against the criterion that you have established 3) Analyze the and Gamble Essay results 4) Establish . The Black Hole? improvement goals and essay topics, take action This simple four-step approach can be repeated as the God of the Black Hole Essays annual planning and examples, goal setting process occurs within your company. Progress can be measured against goals and God of Hole Essays, a continuous improvement cycle naturally unfolds. Purpose(s) of an Audit The audit can serve any of the following purposes: To clarify desired practices. Better , Definition , Goal setting 1289 Words | 4 Pages.

career I wish to Campaign Essay have for my future. If there are any hurdles to jump through, I must be willing to jump through them to get to God of Essays my goal . . Learning how effectively to manage my time to achieve balance in intersexual selection, my academic and God of the Black, personal life will be critical to my success. I also have to be willing to of Katherine Mansfield’s Story: Miss Essay become familiar with the tools and resources available for students. Goal planning will play an important role in determining the best strategy for my career. I am accountable for the choices I make and the. Goal , Goal setting , Management 1364 Words | 4 Pages. information on SMART goals from the following websites: goals . http://www.goal- setting goal - setting -tutorials/smart- goal - setting Step 2: Determine one specific long-term career goal as well as two short-term goals that will assist you to meet that career goal . Fill out the God of the Black template below then save the document. Post your assignment by clicking on Medicine Throughout Century the Submit Assignments link. Long Term Career Goal : Specific: What. Chronology , Goal , Goal setting 776 Words | 3 Pages.

you lead should never be under you, nor should they ever have to complete a task that you, yourself will not do. There are many important factors that . pertain to being a leader, but of Essays these, a vision and a goal are most valuable. A vision is said to be, The first step in setting goals and priorities is to personally develop what the intersexual organization should look like at God of Hole some point in the future. (Leadership) No matter the life one leads, or their vision is for and Analysis Katherine Story: Miss Essay themselves or others, the vision. Employment , Fiedler contingency model , Goal 977 Words | 3 Pages. ?Self-Reflection Essay Navigating College Resources Jessica R. Abear May 18, 2015 ESS 101- Self Reflection Essay My long . The Black Hole Essays? term, main academic goal is to get a bachelors degree in social service or in the field of psychology. Obtaining a bachelors degree requires an AA. At the current time I am enrolled at SPSCC to obtain my AA. Of Islam? After my 2 years are completed and I graduate with an associate of Arts degree, my plan is to continue my education at God of Hole Essays St. Martins College and enroll in their social.

A Great Way to Care , Academic term , Goal 1163 Words | 4 Pages. and from that understanding we also develop several strategies that will help us as employers motivate our employees to reach the goals of the Essay . Essays? company and to essay topics help us make sure that our employees are satisfied with their quality of work. Recently we took a closer look at God of Essays three of the employees that are currently under the direct supervision of Jessica Carroll. We are setting a motivational plan. This plan is the Sixteenth, devised to help Ms. Carroll not only, understand what motivated her employees, but how to help. Autonomy , Goal , Goal setting 770 Words | 4 Pages.

my character. So I found it quite ironic when I was asked to Hole write an essay on personal responsibility. Throughout The Sixteenth? Success, which is a relevant term, is . Essays? a byproduct of responsibility. While success is a relative term, personal responsibility is the Throughout key to achieving educational success. Personal responsibility is the key to achieving educational success because it is the building block to Hole Essays setting and achieving goals . When I set goals , I feel it is important to create a step-by-step plan of action so there. Doing It , Goal , Goal setting 1151 Words | 3 Pages. organisational skills. An action plan should set out to active short terms goals and long term goals by examples, identifying area which . an individual needs improvement on.

Action Plans are designed to help you keep focussed on your goals the difference between a plan and an action plan is God of Hole Essays, that in Commentary and Analysis Story: Miss Brill, an action plan you can list feedback what you want to improve on, how you think this will help you, what you need to do to reach this goal . (Nationalcareersservice 2010) Action planning is a process which will help. Goal , Goal setting , Intrinsic value 1370 Words | 3 Pages. Planning to God of the Black Essays Live Your Life Your Way. Personal Goal Setting - Planning to Live Your Life Your Way How to Use Tool: Goal setting is a . formal process for personal planning. By setting goals on a routine basis you decide what you want to achieve, and then step-by-step move towards the american achievement of these goals . Essays? The process of setting goals and targets allows you to choose where you want to go in life.

By knowing precisely what you want to and Herbal Remedies Throughout the Sixteenth Century achieve, you know what you have to concentrate on the Black Essays to do it. You also know what is merely a distraction. American football , Goal , Goal setting 1728 Words | 7 Pages. vignette below to provide Case Management services to this particular client. Please follow all of the steps in the Case Management functions to best serve . your client. Please do not number each of the functions in question/answer form, but answer in essay format using APA standards. You will not earn credit unless each of the steps is clearly identified; you may use headings, italicized identification throughout the paragraph with each of the steps, etc. Selection Examples? The final exam is due Week 5 Day 7. Please. Assessment , Family , Goal 1688 Words | 5 Pages.

the years to God of the Black Hole Essays come due to the declining public and private support of the arts. Campaign Analysis Of Procter Essay? Also, Mr. The Black Hole? Bailey along with the UOC trustees would like to see the opera . become a tier-one arts organization, which through the merger would be possible. To achieve the goals of financial stability and Commentary and Analysis Katherine Brill Essay, tier-one status, there by God of, expanding the UOCs artistic potential, Mr. Meaning Of Islam? Bailey would need to utilize V. H. Vrooms theory of motivation to gain the support of the God of the Black Hole Essays UOCs executive committee and the orchestra members. Expectancy. Expectancy theory , Goal , Goal setting 2429 Words | 7 Pages. Goal Setting Setting goals is one of the macbeth topics most important things you can do in the Black Hole Essays, your life. When . setting goals you need to write them in several time frames, reflect on your goals and reward yourself when achieving your goals . Intersexual Selection Examples? Without goals life can be an aimless journey lacking positive direction and God of Essays, achievement. When setting direction to success you must make good choices on the path you are going to choose.

Goal setting can be broke down into realism literature, three different time frames. The first is God of the Black Hole, long term. Economics , Goal , Goal setting 514 Words | 2 Pages. Task Complexity and Goal Specificity. Goal specificity is american literature, central to goal - setting theory. I would expect task complexity to the Black Essays have a significant impact on . the optimal degree of goal precision: the more complex an activity - hence the less clear the effort-performance link is - the more arbitrary and risky I assume to be the american realism setting of very specific goals , given that the individual cannot directly link his inputs to the goal attainment. Is in those cases more effective to God of the Black Essays shift from setting goals as specific-result parameters to setting. Complexity , Goal , Goal setting 2400 Words | 7 Pages. resources, and realism literature, setting goals , you will succeed at any task you take on. Goal . Setting for Academic Success Setting goals for yourself during your academic career is an important step in success. By setting goals for time management, writing papers, and reading, you will develop good habits for learning. Researchers have identified goal setting and Hole, self-regulated learning as crucial factors that affect academic achievement (2007).

There are long term goals and short. Education , Educational psychology , Goal 892 Words | 6 Pages. File Review: Setting Goals Using the word bank below, fill in the blank: Word bank: long-term goals . Self-esteem goals positive specific needs management wants vision measurable. 1. Of Mansfield’s Essay? Just like planning a road trip, setting goals help you plan for your future. The Black Essays? 2. Setting goals helps one become the boss of time and intersexual selection, time . God Of The Black Essays? 3. Setting goals helps to raise . 4. Goals are based on wants and needs. Realism Literature? 6. Goals must be and . 8. Hole Essays? When writing goals , always state.

Goal , Goal setting , Management 659 Words | 4 Pages. Goal Setting : A Managers Role vs. the intersexual selection examples Employee's Role How do you get your employees to perform better? Are your . employees focused, motivated, organized and driven? What goals have been established for your employees? These are a few of the the Black Hole many questions I asked to meaning multiple managers within the company that I work for. Being a relatively new employee, working there for a little over a year, I wanted to ask these questions. Not to see how different managers felt about specific employees. Employment , Goal , Goal setting 1291 Words | 4 Pages. Bodybuilding: Motivation and Self Discipline. This is mainly due to the substance abuse associated with the Hole Essays sport, and the fact that critics often focus on the negative aspects of bodybuilding. However, . bodybuilding has many benefits for those who do it.

These include: self discipline, goal setting , nutrition, mental strength, and most importantly, strong motivation to achieve ones personal best. This key self motivation is what all other benefits stem from, and it is of islam, not possible without the inspiration to God of Essays be the best you can be. In. Bodybuilding , Goal , Goal setting 1210 Words | 4 Pages.

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Will Your Resume Land the Interview? Looking for a job can be overwhelming. There are more people than ever before competing for the same positions. For that reason, its more important than ever to ensure that you make an excellent first impression. God Of Hole. Of course, your resume will almost always be your first impression.

But different companies collect resumes in Commentary Story: Miss Brill Essay different ways. If a company asks specifically for applicants to email their resumes, its important to Essays know how to do so elegantly. Selection Examples. In addition, if you would like to target specific individuals within a company, you should also know how to email a resume. First, we will go over the easy part. How to email a resume if youve been specifically asked to do so. After that, well dive into the harder part. How to reach out to God of the Black Essays hiring managers within a company youre targeting in your job search, without any prior communication.

How to email a resume for a job listing. Youve been asked to submit your resume via email. How do you do that in the most professional manner? Make sure your email address is professional. Sending a resume with an unprofessional email address will disqualify you from job contention. This is true across the board.

It shows both a lack of literature, effort and being totally uninformed about the professional world. An impactful, professional email will have a professional email address. Ditch the old iluvgumballs69#64;emai#108;#46;#99;#111;#109; for something more refined. If youre scared you may accidently forget about or miss emails to your new address, set up email forwarding. Here are some links to forwarding instructions for the most popular email services today:

Make sure your email subject line is perfect. After your email address, the subject line is the first thing the the Black Essays, hiring manager will see. A subject line will often be the and Herbal Throughout the Sixteenth, determining factor as to whether the Hole Essays, email will be opened. Why? Hiring managers receive hundreds of selection examples, emails. So much that they often sort them using a search function. If they search software engineer when looking for applications for that open position and your resume doesnt show up, youve pretty much lost your chance. According to a study by Convince Convert, 35% of email recipients open emails based solely on the subject line. Thats insane! It truly demonstrates to God of the Black Hole Essays us how important the Individual Campaign Analysis of Procter, email subject line really is. Some employers will give you specific instructions for constructing your email subject line.

If they dont, include the following: The format will look something like this: Software Engineer, Job ID# 3399 John Smith. Thats it! Its really that simple and straightforward. For more information and a more in-depth look at Essays email subject lines in different scenarios, check out Campaign Analysis Essay, our blog post on the best subject lines when sending a resume . Name and save your resume/cover letter files appropriately.

Dont name your resume resume. Dont name your cover letter cover letter. Hiring managers receive dozens, if not hundreds of applications for the same position. The Black Hole Essays. When sorting through the Commentary and Analysis Katherine Miss Brill, resume files later, vaguely named files must be renamed. If a hiring manager needs to rename your application files, youll most often be left aside. No reason to God of Essays make it complicated. Individual Analysis Of Procter And Gamble Essay. Just put your first and last name in the file name. For example, John Smith Resume or Jane Smith Cover Letter. Irresponsibly naming your resume is a big turnoff to hiring managers. It demonstrates a lack of critical thinking and God of Essays, organization.

So, make sure you name it correctly, its super easy! There are a lot of contradictory opinions about the resume file format on the internet. It can get really confusing! Lets discuss the two most popular resume file formats and the positives and negatives of each. Microsoft Word (.doc OR .docx) PDF files are great because they display the same way on nearly every operating system. That means your resume will look exactly the same no matter what computer is used to open it.

That is american realism, a major plus. The problems are: PDFs are more difficult to edit or take notes on. Older applicant tracking systems are unable to properly read PDF files. In short, PDF is the Black, a great format to use in most cases.

It will always display beautifully. Commentary And Analysis Of Mansfield’s Miss. The biggest issue to keep in mind is the ATS readability. There will be a small percentage of companies (usually the big boys) that still use old ATS systems that will be unable to read your PDF resume. Word files are the God of the Black Essays, most popular. First, they can be properly scanned by every applicant tracking system. So youll avoid disqualifying yourself for Essay Throughout the Sixteenth a reason as petty as resume file type. Second, although not as perfect as PDF, Word files will display nicely across all systems.

Overall, both file types are fine. You should judge which type to use on God of a company by company basis. Large companies should always get a .doc file. Small companies can go either way. If you want to choose just one, go with Word.

Dont be afraid to send both! (just make it clear in the body of the email to avoid confusion) Check out our blog for more details on Campaign Analysis of Procter choosing a resume file type. Youve taken care of Essays, all the technicalities, now its time to write the body of the email. Its easy to shrug off this part of the process. After all, you already attached a cover letter. What more do you have to write?

Well, you want to stand out. Your email will NOT stand out meaning of islam, even if the rest of your email is formatted perfectly and the body says something like: Dear Hiring Manager, My resume and cover letter are attached for the Black your review. Looking forward to your reply. The above email body is way too generic. It will not make your email pop or help the hiring manager remember you. And Herbal Remedies Throughout The Sixteenth. More likely, it will put you in the same pile as the rest of the Essays, candidates with bland emails. Remember, communication skills are highly valued across all industries. You want to demonstrate your adeptness at Commentary and Analysis of Katherine Brill Essay communication at every given chance.

You can keep it short and simple, just dont forgo formal language. Hole. Here is a great example of a formal resume email body from Monster: I am very interested in applying for the Graphic Designer position. Katherine Mansfield’s Miss Brill Essay. My qualifications and experience match your specifications almost exactly. Please take a moment to review my attached Application Documents: Customized Cover Letter. It would be a sincere pleasure to hear back from you soon to discuss this exciting opportunity. As you can see, the the Black, content of this resume email isnt much more detailed than the first example. But, it is american literature, written very formally and conveys a professionalism that is Hole Essays, lacking in the first example. A resume email similar to this will be perfect in nearly every scenario. Literature. However, if youd like to Hole Essays put a bit more detail, thats great too and can even help improve your chances.

Remember, if youre also including a cover letter, a long resume email is unnecessary. Summarizing and reiterating points from american realism literature, your formal cover letter is the Black Hole, all you need to do. CsuiteAssistants provided a very good example: For more detail, this example is american realism literature, perfect: My name is Essays, John Smith and Im writing in response to your ad seeking an Executive Assistant. I have over american, 3 years of diversified business experience in office procedures involving liaison with executive staff, preparation of results and correspondence, and project and event management. God Of The Black Hole. I am currently seeking work as an administrative or executive assistant. For further review of my qualifications and experience, please see my attached resume. As I welcome the opportunity to meet in-person to detail my experiences and discuss my ability to meet your employment needs, I hope to hear from realism, you. Thank you for your time and review of my credentials.

The above example can be used to replace a cover letter or even to God of Hole Essays supplement it by reiterating its key points. Your signature is what you put after the Sincerely,. Its important because it makes it easier to get in contact with you. Realism. It can also look very professional if put together correctly. The format is pretty simple. God Of Essays. All you really need to do is place each bit of information directly under the last. What information should you include? Name Phone Number Address (OPTIONAL, check out our blog on resume addresses ) Social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter etc. OPTIONAL) Link to personal website/portfolio (OPTIONAL / IF APPLICABLE) Dont include so much information that it looks sloppy.

You want a crisp signature that conveys just the right amount of information. Commentary. Check out the Black Hole, this example: OK, so now you understand how to Campaign reply to a job listing asking for God of the Black Hole an emailed resume. But, what if there is no job listing and you want to target a specific company? How would you go about soliciting attention from that companys hiring managers or recruiters? Were covering that in the next section But, what if there is no job listing and Essay Medicine Remedies Throughout the Sixteenth, you want to God of Essays target a specific company.

How would you go about soliciting attention from that companys hiring managers or recruiters? Were covering that in realism literature the next section How to email a resume without prior correspondence. This is a totally different ball game people. Instead of shooting off your resume into the Black Hole Essays, the abyss and competing with (probably) hundreds of other applicants, you can do a little research and email the hiring manager directly. The benefits of american realism, this go without saying. Of course, this approach is a lot more difficult. God Of The Black Hole. It requires research and grit to find the relevant email addresses that youre going to need to be successful. Individual Of Procter Essay. But, its totally doable. Hole Essays. And if you do it right, youll have a huge leg up on the competition. According to american, nearly 80% of Americans start their job search on God of job boards.

The problem is, just sending out blind resumes to dozens of essay, listings will only God of the Black Essays get you placed in literature the pile with the hundreds of the Black Hole, other applicants. In addition, a study by Jobvite estimates that 39.9% of hires come from employee referrals while only 7% of applications come from those referrals. Thats a HUGE increase in your chances of landing the job! Let us show you how to avoid blending in essay topics with the rest of the 80% and get yourself into the 7%. Dont wait for a job opening to send your first email. If there are specific companies that you would like to God of Hole Essays work for, dont wait. Find a contact within the company and start emailing them right away. By doing this, youll be putting yourself in Campaign of Procter Essay a great position. Hole. When an opportunity opens up, youll be on the front of the realism, hiring managers mind. Reach out to the hiring manager (or anyone else in God of the Black the company) If you are connected to and Analysis of Katherine Mansfield’s Story: Miss the hiring manager, perfect.

If not, find a way to God of Essays make the connection. Start reaching out to macbeth essay friends, colleagues, fellow alumni etc. You never know who will know who. Theres a great chance that youll eventually find a connection who can get you the information you need. A great resource for finding mutual connections is LinkedIn. Search for your target company on LinkedIn and God of Essays, browse the employee list.

More likely than not, youll see at Essay and Herbal the Sixteenth Century least a few 2nd-degree connections. Thats an awesome start! Send a personalized message to those connections and start the dialogue there. Uptowork provided a great example for a LinkedIn break-the-ice message: I am amazed by (growth of company/ achievements in . God Of The Black. ). I would love the of islam, opportunity to connect with you.

Short, simple and to the point. Keep up your networking efforts until youre able to secure a referral or a hiring managers email address. Alternative methods of securing email addresses. Instead of scouring through LinkedIn making connection after connection, you can take another approach. There are a variety of techniques and online applications that can give you solid guesses at God of the Black an individuals email address. As long as you have the name of the Medicine and Herbal the Sixteenth Century, hiring manager and the name of the company, youll be able to make an the Black educated guess. First off, there is an awesome Chrome extension that guesses email addresses based on linked in of Mansfield’s Brill profiles.

It gives you a confidence meter and a few different options. God Of Hole Essays. Its called Email Hunter and you should definitely check it out. A guy named Rob Ousbey from put together an meaning of islam awesome email permutator . You just put in the individuals name and company and the program will respond with a massive set of possible email addresses. You can also make good guesses at email addresses using Google. The Black Essays. Searching for realism literature #x2a;#x40;#x63;#x6f;#109;#112;#97;nyemai#x6c;#x2e;#x63;#x6f;#x6d; will bring back a list of that companys email addresses.

While you probably wont be able to directly identify the hiring managers email, you should be able to God of the Black find out how they format their email address. Knowing the format by which the Campaign Analysis and Gamble Essay, company assigns email addresses, along with the hiring managers name will give you an awesome idea of what the email address is likely to be. If you have a few good possible addresses, test them out! MailTester is a very easy to use website that allows you to check if an email address is currently active. Now that youve secured the relevant information, its time to send the email. Much of the the Black Essays, rules we covered above stay the same. To quickly review, that includes: Professional email address Resume and cover letter file names includes your name Subject line Email body. The first two should remain identical to those in the standard job application.

Its the subject line and email body that need to be a little different. Since this isnt an actual job application, the subject line should be different from that discussed above for emails directly regarding job listings. You want the email subject line to and Herbal Remedies Throughout the Sixteenth be an interesting and engaging call for the Black Hole discussion. My experience in XXX will boost company growth Renowned developer with 20 years experience Both are attention grabbing and speak to your strengths.

Use your imagination and come up with something that emphasizes your strengths and makes you pop out. The body of the email must be detailed. Explain who you are, why you are emailing and why you want to work for the company. Attach your resume. This time, instead of directly asking for a job opportunity, tread lightly. Ask for a conversation. See if you can get a good idea of what the company is Essay the Sixteenth Century, looking for. Most importantly, express a deep interest in the company. Your goal is to put your name on the hiring managers mind.

That way, when an opportunity opens up, youll be at the top of the list of candidates. Sometimes, it can be months before a new position opens up. Keep in touch with the God of the Black Hole, hiring manager. Send out essay, friendly emails every month or so. These emails should be light.

Include a relevant news story, a congratulatory message or something similar. One thing that remains the same regardless of the context: if you are attaching a file to the email, mention it in the body of the email. There are 2 basic scenarios in which youll find yourself needing to email a resume: A job listing specifically asks for Hole Essays it. Macbeth Topics. You are targeting a specific company for employment. In the first scenario, emailing a resume and/or cover letter in response to a job listing, follow our 5 steps to really stand out from the crowd. Professional email address Detailed subject line (pay close attention to any specific instructions) Save your resume and cover letter under appropriate names Formal body.

Even a detailed one if youre using it to replace the God of the Black Essays, cover letter Signature. Your name, number and websites. In the second scenario, we discussed finding ways of targeting specific companies, obtaining hiring manager email addresses, and making connections with the company. How do you get in contact with these people? We discussed a few creative ways: LinkedIn Applications and permutations Email validity checker. After youve obtained the macbeth topics, email, the reaching out process is a bit different than that of an invited resume. There are 2 main differences: Subject line is more of God of, a catchy personal advertisement.

The body is more detailed and less aggressive. By now, youre an expert in using email effectively during a job search. Analysis Of Procter And Gamble. Never again should you wonder how to email a resume. Thats great because effective emailing is often the difference between a 7-week job search and Essays, a 7-month job search. Thanks for Essay and Herbal Century reading and happy job hunting! Want to God of the Black Essays see if the resume youre sending is in good shape? We offer a free resume review here. Wouldnt it be nice to know if that hiring manager you spent all that time chasing read your email? Thankfully, you can. Some wonderful programmers put together some great browser extensions for that.

Here are some good ones: It was very important for me ! Will your Resume Land you the Interview? See how ZipJob uses Professional Writers and Technology to Get Your Resume Noticed. Zipjob uses technology and professional writers to get resumes to the top of the pile. An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is an realism automated resume scanner used by over 90% of employers which reject over 76% of resumes submitted on average.

In addition to having one of our experts write your resume, we scan it with the God of Hole, same ATS technology to ensure your resume gets through.

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Acting CV 101: Beginner Acting Resume Example for Inexperienced. Putting together an acting CV or acting resume will be your first step once you decide to pursue a career in acting. The only thing you need to make your first one is a good acting resume example template. In this article, we#8217;ll take a look at sample acting resume templates and God of the Black, I#8217;ll walk you through the process of how to make an Commentary and Analysis Katherine Mansfield’s Story: Miss Brill acting resume with no experience if you#8217;re a total beginner. Learning how to God of the Black make an acting resume is Katherine Miss Essay not difficult, but it#8217;s important to do it right. Your acting CV will work for you the same way like any other type of CVs you have done in the past when applying for #8220;regular jobs.#8221; Unprofessional looking acting CV will show you in bad light to casting directors and agents who may potentially want to Hole Essays work with you. The thing about industry experts is that more often than not, they want to avoid working with amateurs. But even if you#8217;re a beginner, as long as you#8217;re able to Medicine and Herbal the Sixteenth Century demonstrate a good understanding of proper acting resume standards, you score a point.

Acting CV 101: Beginner Acting Resume Example For Those With No Experience. Hole? Let#8217;s begin with first talking about what an acting CV or acting resume is. These two terms are interchangeable. In the UK, you#8217;ll hear the word #8220;acting CV#8221; used more often, while in the US, everybody refers to it as #8220;acting resume.#8221; If you have ever tried to apply for a job, any kind of job, then you probably know what curriculum vitae is (CV). Acting CV/resume is the Campaign Analysis of Procter exact same thing, only tailored to God of Essays applying specifically for jobs in film, television, stage and commercials as an actor.

Your acting CV is the first thing you#8217;re going to intersexual contribute to your acting startup kit. The Black Essays? It#8217;s easy to put together and it costs nothing. Whether you have something to and Analysis of Katherine Story: Miss Brill put on it or you don#8217;t is a whole different story, but remember: everybody starts somewhere. An actor resume is the second most important thing acting agents, casting directors and other industry professionals will look at. The first thing they will care about is your actor headshots. If you pass the first stage of #8220;does the actor look the part#8221; based on your headshot, which is something you can do nothing about (aside from getting truly good headshots), you then must do your best to strengthen your chances with a professional acting resume. The Black Hole Essays? While each actor#8217;s CV looks a little different and none of them are identically structured, there is a specific acting resume template that everybody follows. Selection Examples? You can see a beginner acting resume example below.

Here#8217;s what industry people are looking to God of the Black Hole find on your acting resume: How experienced you are; What kind of acting training you#8217;ve had; Your measurements and description; Your contact information; Any specific/unique skills you have. When you#8217;re just starting out in the business, your acting CV will look a little on the #8220;white#8221; side. Try and do your best to fill it with anything that#8217;s relevant. Think of all the skills you have, any small productions you#8217;ve been involved with. At this point you can even put school plays and essay, small acting workshops. You might see your acting resume as not having enough #8220;meat,#8221; and honestly, it probably it doesn#8217;t. However, sometimes, one of those things will catch an Hole Essays agent#8217;s or casting director#8217;s eye, and you#8217;ll get called in for an audition.

That one thing could be anything, from your height to your ability to balance a pencil on your nose. Other times, all they want to see is that you#8217;ve had any experience at all, be it a school play or a student film. 3. Sample acting resume example/template. The way your acting CV is actually structured depends on intersexual selection examples, your own preferences. For example, if you Google #8220;acting CV#8221; and God of the Black Essays, go to #8220;Images#8221;, you#8217;ll see that none of Individual Analysis of Procter and Gamble, them are exactly the same, but they follow a certain pattern. US market acting resume example. Here#8217;s the order of things you can use on God of Essays, your resume: Your professional (stage) name Union affiliations and agency (if any) Contact details, personal information and intersexual examples, measurements Credits, work experience Training Any specific skills. Always keep numbers 1-3 at the top in this order, and Essays, you can switch 4-6 around (but the way it#8217;s listed above is usually the best).

UK market acting CV template. On the Individual Campaign Essay right side, you can use the US industry standard acting resume example. This type of God of the Black, acting resume template is the one that I recommend because it#8217;s less complicated and easy for Commentary Katherine Mansfield’s agents and CDs to scan. Below is the UK#8217;s market acting CV example structure, where they use a small headshot in Essays the corner. Frankly, I don#8217;t see the point of including a headshot in the corner since you#8217;re sending your full-sized headshot alongside your acting CV anyway (they should be stapled together). Ultimately, they both get the of Procter and Gamble Essay job done in the UK industry. In the God of the Black Essays US, only the US type of acting resume is acceptable; the UK version will appear odd to agents and CDs.

4. Examples? How to God of Essays make an acting resume with no experience. In terms of realism, creating your very first acting CV when you have no experience, there really is the Black Hole Essays no shortcut. You#8217;ll just have to get experience any kind. Before you even start working on selection examples, your actor resume, see if you can join any community theatres, drama clubs, apply to local student film productions, get into any type of acting workshops and Hole Essays, acting classes anything will do. More importantly, see if you can produce a short film or a play yourself. Creating your own content is the best way to get noticed today, which is why many actors are becoming filmmakers, too. To start with your acting resume with no experience, simply put anything you can remember: school plays, films you and your friends put together, etc.

The same applies to Analysis of Procter and Gamble Essay your training. God Of Hole Essays? What if you have nothing at essay topics, all? If that#8217;s the case, then you may want to hold off from putting together an acting resume. God Of The Black Essays? How do you even know if acting is what you want to Essay Medicine and Herbal Throughout the Sixteenth do if you#8217;ve never done it? If that#8217;s you, then start looking for acting opportunities that are accessible to amateur actors who may not even consider this as their career choice. The ones listed above are your best bet. First, remember that your acting resume can only be of a single A4 page . God Of The Black? It should also fit nicely with your 8?10 headshot so that you can staple them both together. Meaning Of Islam? As an actor, you never leave your home without a batch of acting resumes in your backpack or purse. You never know who you might run into. Once you get the the Black Hole Essays opportunity to hand them over, you will also need your headshot, which is selection why you keep those two stapled together. Once you#8217;re a more experienced actor, drop those credits with less value to Hole Essays keep everything packed on just one page.

Another thing to keep in Medicine and Herbal Throughout the Sixteenth mind is to avoid putting your date of God of, birth and/or age on your acting CV. Literature? There is absolutely no need for anybody to know how old you actually are before they cast you. In casting people#8217;s eyes, you are as old as you look. More on the reason behind this in the Black Hole Essays a separate article. As long as you#8217;re legal 18, if casting directors ever ask you about your age, your first response should be: #8220;how old do I look?#8221; Whatever they say is meaning of islam how old you are.

They have no business knowing your actual age if you#8217;re an Essays adult.

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essay on john penn (1) The record of the Europeans' first hundred years in America is fraught with violence, chicanery, and misunderstandings with the indigenous peoples; the shameful Walking Purchase fraud of 1737 perpetuated this phenomenon in the Black Hole Essays our heritage. And Analysis Katherine Story: Miss! By the God of the Black late seventeenth century, the era of discovery and conquest in the New World had essentially passed into history; the next phase focused on the expropriation of land by white colonists from the Commentary of Story: Brill Indians, including Pennsylvania settlers. (2) The one exception was William Penn, the founder of the Quaker sect in Philadelphia. His early dealings with the the Black Hole Delaware Indians reflected his respect for macbeth topics, these natives and his dedication to equality and fair play. His treaty with the Delawares in 1682 exemplified these traits, establishing a bond of trust that remained for God of Essays, almost sixty years. Commentary And Analysis Of Katherine Mansfield’s Essay! Unfortunately, his sons, Thomas and John, did not share their father's philosophy.

To extricate themselves from indebtedness and to assure their gentrified lifestyle, they devised a scheme to cheat the the Black Hole Indians out of 500,000 to 750,000 acres of prime hunting grounds. Furthermore, they sought to keep this swindle from public knowledge for several decades. (3) This essay focuses on the 1737 Walking Purchase document that elucidates the Essay and Herbal scheme of the God of the Black Hole Essays Penn sons and its impact on the history of the Delaware Indians in Pennsylvania. Individual Of Procter And Gamble! I'll contrast William Penn's Quaker philosophy with the opposing views of his sons to elucidate this fraudulent attempt to justify the dispossession of God of the Black, indigenous inhabitants for intersexual selection examples, personal gain. (4) To fully understand this historical event, it is expedient to explore the customs and God of Hole Essays, life of the Individual Campaign Analysis of Procter Delawares (the Lenni Lenape) and their sachem (Indian chiefs) who were hoodwinked by the Penn brothers and their fellow conspirators (traders, interpreters, land speculators, and Hole Essays, colonial officials), as well as the difference in the meaning and intersexual, use of treaties and agreements by the Delawares and the proprietors of Pennsylvania. William Penn Brother Onas to the Delawares. (5) In 1681 King Charles II granted William Penn a charter to lands in America called Pennsylvania in payment for the Black Hole Essays, a debt of intersexual, £16,000 (owed to Admiral Sir William Penn, the Quaker leader's father), making Penn and his heirs true and absolute Proprietaries. James Merrell posits that every colony founder, anxious about attracting settlers, faced the God of Hole formidable task of surmounting deep-seated fears of the wild woods, and none of the colonial leaders worked harder to banish these misgivings than Penn.

To put the least appealing features of the American land grant into a favorable light, he called the and Herbal Remedies the Sixteenth Century area Penn's Wood , hoping that sylvan would bring to prospective settlers' minds visions of God of Hole Essays, sun-dappled groves instead of a vast wilderness filled with savages. He listed all of the Fruits that I find in the Woods and noted that [t]he Woods are adorned with lovely Flowers, for colour, greatness, figure, and and Herbal Remedies the Sixteenth, variety rivaling the best gardens in London. God Of The Black Hole! Are you afraid of all those trees covering the land? There is plenty for the use of man. As for the Beastes of the Woods, the Medicine Remedies Throughout the Sixteenth Century proprietor announced they were not terrible at all but rather furry or feathered natural resources, some for Food and Profit, and some for Profit only (Merrell 23-24). (6) William Penn is Essays, exemplary, not for his Quakerism or even for Analysis of Procter and Gamble Essay, the founding of Pennsylvania, but for the manner in which these two endeavors were combined in his dealings with Indians. God Of Hole Essays! In his negotiations with the Delawares, Penn regarded the intersexual land promised to him by Charles II as providentially for the peaceful and righteous. Steven Harper notes that these nuances of God of Essays, promised land are so intricately related that when Penn's heirs forsook the idea that they were engaged in a holy experiment on Individual Campaign Analysis and Gamble, land upon which construction of the New Jerusalem was not far distant, they simultaneously lost the impetus that motivated their father to just, pacific, and equitable relations with the Delawares (6). Penn's devotion to the tenets of Quaker philosophy guided his ideals of God of the Black Essays, peaceful relations and equal treatment under the of Procter and Gamble Essay law with his land sales. Thus, he hoped to satisfy his spiritual needs and provide for his material wants as well as those of his heirs. (7) While Penn's real estate ventures proved to be less than lucrative, his efforts to establish a colony in Pennsylvania were commendable in terms of his peaceful interactions with the Indians, a policy that remained in force for seventy-five years.

In contrast, Jean Soderlund notes, Just a few years after the bloody King Phillip's War in New England and God of the Black Hole, Nathaniel Bacon's massacre of Indians in Virginia, William Penn was pursuing a policy of unarmed friendship with the Native Americans in the Delaware Valley (307). (8) Paul Wallace says that it is of Mansfield’s Brill Essay, beneficial to go back in time to appreciate the Hole Essays wise policy under which Pennsylvania conducted Indian relations, starting with Columbus and the first contact between Indians and of islam, white men that brought wonder and delight to both groups. God Of The Black Essays! However, both sides were eventually disillusioned, and the cycle of captivities and massacres continued for hundreds of years (142). He posits that it is difficult to place blame: the Indians were fighting to preserve their country, and the settlers were caught up in the vast migration that Columbus's discovery of America had initiated, although we should not condone the of islam crimes committed by those who cheated and murdered to wrest lands from indigenous peoples. God Of The Black! However, in his view, Pennsylvania came closer than all the English colonies to a just and sensible solution to Campaign and Gamble Essay, the problem, with Roger Williams' policies in Rhode Island paralleling William Penn's conduct. Until the middle of the eighteenth century, Indian/European relations in Pennsylvania were cordial for three reasons: 1) a tradition of fair and friendly dealings introduced by the Dutch and Swedes was reinforced by William Penn; 2) Pennsylvania had a concise and well administered Indian policy founded on the realities of Indian and European politics that took into account that the Iroquois were the dominant power in the Indian world and France was Pennsylvania's potential enemy; and 3) the Quaker ideal of the pursuit of peace was in force. (9) George Arthur Cribbs attributes William Penn's ideas of justice and humanity to a single Indian policy: his natural benevolence and the principles of God of the Black Hole Essays, his sect demanded a just and friendly treatment of every human being. Before leaving England, he forwarded a letter to those Indians living in his province conveying his friendly attitude toward them and his hope that they would live together as neighbors and friends.

He instructed his commissioners to take great care not to offend the natives, to seek their good will, and to let them know that Christians had come to settle among them in friendship (5). (10) Several factors demonstrate Penn's fair and honest treatment of the Indians: 1) only in Pennsylvania could an Indian get a satisfactory legal judgment from a white man because Indian testimony was accepted in legal matters; 2) in examples matters of trade the provincial government made a concerted effort to guard the Indians against exploitation; 3) in treaties (for the first fifty years at least), only open and honorable means were used to gain a point; and 4) friendly and kindly intercourse was encouraged (Penn learned their language and customs so that he could converse with them freely, as did Roger Williams.) Penn was a frequent visitor among them, eating their venison, hominy, and roasted acorns, and the Black Hole Essays, participating in their athletic exercises. Of course, the Indians responded by providing food, assistance, or protection if it were within their power (Cribbs 5-6). (11) But Ray Thompson relates that William Penn's critical attention to details in the promotion of Quaker spirituality and of Katherine Miss Essay, fair treatment of the the Black Hole Essays Indians did not prevail in his personal financial situation. Individual Campaign! Surprisingly, he spent only three and a half years in the New World during two brief visits to his province in God of the Black Hole Essays the periods October 1682 to August 1684 and from December 1699 to February 1701. He spent the rest of his hectic life embroiled in controversy with his political and intersexual selection examples, religious enemies and debtors in England. His first son, William, Jr. (known as William the Waster), was a failure in every venture he attempted and eventually accumulated a debt of £10,000. In 1704, his father stated, My son is my greatest affliction, for his soul's and my country's and Essays, my family's sake (20-21). (12) Known as Brother Onas to the Delawares (the Indian word for american realism literature, quillhence pen), in 1682 William Penn convened a treaty council with the Delawares at Shackamaxon near Philadelphia for lands above the Neshaminy Creek with the following deed: All those lands lying and God of Hole, being in the province of Pennsylvania, beginning upon a line formerly laid out from a corner spruce tree, by Commentary Story: Essay, the Delaware River, and from thence running along the ledge or the foot of the mountain west, northwest, to a corner white oak marked with a P standing by the Indian path that leadest to an Indian town called Playwiskey. And from thence extending westward to Hole Essays, Neshaminy Creek, from Commentary Katherine Mansfield’s Story: Miss, which said line, the said tract or tracts granted doth extend itself back into the woods, as far as a man can go in one day and the Black Hole, a halfand bounded on Analysis of Procter and Gamble Essay, the westerly side with the Creek called Neshaminyor to the utmost extent of said creed one day and a half's journey to the Delaware and thence down the several courses of God of, said river to the first mentioned spruce tree. (Thompson 30) Chief Tamanend of the Delawares presented the famous Treaty Wampum Belt (see image gallery) to William Penn as a token of this event.

Fashioned from oyster-shell beads and leather, the wampum belt has become a symbol of Penn's policy of purchasing land from the Indians and intersexual selection, living peacefully with them. Penn's speech to the Black Hole Essays, the Delawares held out great hope: We meet on the broad pathway of good faith and good will; no advantage will be taken on Katherine Brill, either side, but all shall be open-ness and love (see image gallery) (Thompson 22). Benjamin West's painting of this event in 1771 became an icon for Penn's benevolence (see my title page.) (13) Although he was not legally required to the Black, pay the Indians for the grant lands in american realism literature Pennsylvania, Penn and his agents made at least seventeen purchases from the Indians living near the lower Delaware. Most of God of the Black Hole Essays, these purchases involved narrow tracts of land, often overlapping, but on paper, at least, some of them extended far back into Individual Analysis, the country: two days' travel by the Black Hole, horse, as far as a man could go in a day and half, or in one case to the utmost bounds of the said Province. Such measurements, however important to Penn, meant little to the Indians as long as they were not hurried off the land. In one instance Penn had the land measured; the man's two-day travel (specified in a 1685 deed) was surveyed three years later as a line from Philadelphia to the Susquehanna, a distance of about seventy miles.

(14) Soon after Penn's death in 1718, his secretary James Logan had these purchases confirmed by a single deed from Sasoonan and other Indians representing those who had made the earlier sales. And Herbal Throughout The Sixteenth! Extending north to the Lehigh Hills and from the Delaware River to the lower Susquehanna, this deed did not actually include all the land that might have been claimed under the the Black Hole earlier onesit certainly did not extend to the utmost bounds of Pennsylvania, but it did include as much as was needed for the white settlers. (15) For fourteen years thereafter no further purchases were made, although new settlers continued to arrive. Without permission, people from New York settled on choice lands outside the area of the 1718 purchase. Not until 1727, when William Penn's sons became the proprietors of meaning, Pennsylvania, was Logan able to deal with these problems. God Of Hole Essays! He sent agents to settle affairs with the trespassers, but this undertaking was not very successful. To deal with this problem and because more land was needed for Commentary and Analysis Story: Miss Essay, settlers, Logan urged the the Black new proprietors to come to America to meet the Indians and make new purchases. John and Thomas Penn Perpetrators of the of Procter Walking Purchase. (16) William Penn assumed that God had promised him Pennsylvania for the creation of a peaceful and tolerant society to avoid the Hole self-righteous tendencies of other colonizing ventures that wreaked havoc on native peoples (also the reason Roger Williams founded Rhode Island). However, his sons had a different vision of this province.

In their minds, the Upper Delaware Valley their father knew as altogether Indian was vacant land. (17) John Penn, the oldest son, received one half of his father's estate while Thomas and Richard received a quarter each. As the businessman for the family, Thomas came to Pennsylvania in 1732 to macbeth essay, appraise the wealth of the the Black province and to attempt to exploit its resources. John and and Analysis of Katherine Story: Miss Brill, Richard urged him to God of Hole Essays, sell out enough land in America to settle their obligations and improve their financial situation after paying off their father's debts. The Penns were also subjected to Medicine Remedies the Sixteenth, the expense of God of Essays, long litigation in of islam Pennsylvania's dispute with Lord Baltimore over the property around Chesapeake Bay, claimed by both parties. John and Richard wanted to sell Thomas their interest in the province for the sum of £50,000 (which they considered a bargain), but Thomas did not have the cash to take them up on their offer. (18) Thomas Penn was strictly a business man with no time for culture, the God of Hole arts, or the humanities. When he arrived in Philadelphia in 1732, his manner was cold and unfriendly toward the old friends of his father. The somber citizens committee disapproved of the fun-loving society members with whom he associated and his flamboyant attire; he and his brothers had abandoned the Quaker faith. (19) Soon after his arrival, Thomas Penn and the present Governor of Pennsylvania, Patrick Gordon, called a conference with the Katherine Miss Brill Iroquois Indians at Stenton (the home of James Logan, the President of Council) just north of Philadelphia. The Black! Through an interpreter, Penn told the Indians that he wished to carry on the good relationship and liberal policies of his father, Brother Onas: that the whites and Indians should live in selection examples a true and perfect peace.

The conference lasted for three weeks and important articles of God of, agreement were signed into the treaty. After obtaining the goodwill of the Iroquois (who held domination over the Delawares), Thomas began bargaining for more land; his first purchase was a tract of 100,000 acres between the Essay Remedies Throughout Century Schuylkill River and its branches and the branches of the Delaware River. In exchange the Indians received many gifts, including six guns (one for each of the six chiefs of the Iroquois). (20) In 1734 John Penn arrived in Philadelphia to join Thomas in a scheme to make the province show a profit. They further alienated the colonists by insisting they pay their quitrents (rent paid by a freeholder in lieu of God of the Black Essays, services) and dues as contracted, a requirement quietly overlooked by the former governors. Benjamin Franklin, a leader in America's democracy, clashed constantly with them due to their dissonant ideologies. He noted in a letter to a friend: I am astonished to Medicine Throughout Century, see him [Thomas Penn] thus meanly give up his father's character and Hole Essays, conceived at that moment a more cordial and thorough contempt for him than I ever before felt for any man living a contempt that I cannot express in words, but I believe my countenance expressed it strongly, and that his brother [John] who was looking at me must have observed it. Franklin noted that the Proprietors will be gibbeted as they deserve, to rot and stink in Analysis and Gamble the nostrils of posterity (Thompson 27).

(21) In 1735 the brothers Penn were scheming to obtain the Minisink lands from the Delawares under Chief Nutimas. God Of The Black Hole! As they met with the realism literature chief, they were secretly having the route of the new purchase surveyed by the Black Hole, some of the men who would later make the 65-mile walk. (22) Thomas Penn found a fellow conspirator in William Allen, the heir to the colony's largest fortune. Penn was looking for ways to turn a shrewd business deal, and Allen admired the essay topics appearance of pseudo-royalty that the son of the Founder possessed -- both enjoyed the life of country squires. God Of Hole Essays! Soon after they became proprietors in 1727, the Penns had sold 8,000 acres of Essay Medicine and Herbal Throughout the Sixteenth Century, prime Indian hunting grounds (in Bucks County just north of Philadelphia) to Allen in order to raise cash. Now Allen and God of Essays, his friends were re-selling parcels of this land to private individuals; since the Commentary of Katherine Mansfield’s Brill sales were technically illegal, the dates of the original grants were omitted. (23) The Penns were growing uneasy that these transactions would get out of hand and cause trouble among the Delawares, so they decided to secure a large area of the Delaware lands to the north. Allen held title to thousands of acres of the Delawares' best timber land above the Blue Mountains. This hunting land was vital to the existence of these tribes who placed little value on farm land held by God of, the white settlers that the Indians had sold off previously. (24) When Governor Gordon died in 1736, James Logan became the new governor, and the Penns found the perfect agent to acquire more Indian lands. Since William Penn had appointed him as his agent in 1701, Logan had been a valuable and trusted secretary.

Involved in Indian negotiations for three decades, he enjoyed the full confidence of the Indians. The Penns requested him to call a conference with the Delaware chiefs to discuss a mysterious deed dated 1686 that the meaning sons claimed had never been fulfilled. The Walking Purchase Fraud of 1737 -- ye Running Walk (25) This sad chapter in God of Pennsylvania's history can be attributed to a number of circumstances: 1) the population in Pennsylvania had exploded from meaning, 20,000 inhabitants at the time of William Penn's departure in God of Essays 1701 to 100,000 by 1740, and the colony needed to acquire more territory; 2) John and Thomas Penn were encumbered with paying off their father's debts; 3) these two sons expected to be treated as nobility in the province whereas at home in England they were actually part of lower middle class society. (26) Merrell encapsulates the Commentary Katherine Mansfield’s Story: significance of this fraud by comparing it with another land-grabbing scheme in 1728 in the Tulpehocken Valley. In the 1720s the Delawares complained about colonial encroachment on Indian lands in the Black Hole Essays the area; their request for provincial officials to stop the rapid white settlement of Delaware land by white settlers was ignoredmuch to their disappointment.

The Tulpehocken event was insignificant compared to the resentment over the so-called Walking Purchase of macbeth essay topics, 1737, when William Penn's children, John and Thomas, acquired a vast stretch of the Delaware Valley. Brandishing a copy of the lost 1686 land sale agreement, they had convinced the Delawares to go along with the the Black Hole Essays idea of relinquishing as much land as a man could walk in a day and intersexual examples, a half and then (ignoring protests by Delaware observers) sent seasoned runners down a prepared trail to God of the Black Hole Essays, cover as much ground in that span as they could. The Delawares soon learned that even this large piece of american realism literature, land (1200 square miles) did not satisfy their demands. Thomas Penn keeps begging plagueing us to Give Him some Land, they complained in 1740; he Wearies us Out of Our Lives (166,176). (27) At issue in the Walking Purchase was control of land in the Lehigh Valley. Tohicken Creek was recognized by both Europeans and Indians as the God of Hole northern boundary of the intersexual selection examples land William Penn had purchased from the Indians. In 1726 Secretary James Logan privately purchased a tract of land beyond this line from the Delaware landlord Nutimus, paying £60 for his quitclaim (transfer of God of the Black Hole, all interest in real estate, especially without a warranty of title).

A series of purchases from the Indian landlords in 1727 and 1729 alerted the Delawares that this land was a valuable commodity. The Penns continued to sell land when they could get cash, without regard to Indian rights; they acted in full knowledge of what they were doing. (28) Crucial to an examination of the Walking Purchase fraud is the controversial deed of literature, 1686. The Black Hole Essays! At a meeting with the Delaware chiefs in 1734 (supposedly to renew friendships with the chiefs), Thomas Penn reminded them how fairly Brother Onas had treated them in years past. He then carefully mentioned certain adjustments that should be made in those lands in Bucks County that lately have had some claims made upon them, although formerly they were fully and absolutely released by the Indians living on those lands to his father. Chief Nutimas of the Minisi tribe gave no indication he would agree to Katherine Mansfield’s, any further purchase of lands in the region. At another preliminary meeting a year later, Penn became more specific about these land disputes. (29) After a polite exchange of compliments and gifts, the brothers Penn produced a sheaf of old deeds signed by God of Hole Essays, their father and the Delaware chiefs; the of islam northern Indians did not remember the sachems who dealt with William Penn.

The Penns produced a deed dated August 30, 1686, that had been signed by William Penn and three Lenape chiefs. Thomas Penn claimed it had never been fulfilled. For a considerable quantity of trade goods, the document was to have sold the following property: . all those tracts of land lying, and being in the Black Hole Essays the Province of Pennsylvania, beginning on a line formerly laid out from a corner spruce tree, by the Delaware River about Makeerickiton and Commentary and Analysis of Mansfield’s Essay, from thence running along the ledge, or floor of the mountains west, southwest, to a corner white oak marked with the God of Hole Essays letter 'P', standing by the Indian path that leadeth to essay, an Indian town called Playwickey, Bucks Country, then the home of God of the Black Hole, Chief Tamamend, or Tammany, who was counselor at the original Penn Treaty in 1682, and from thence extending westward to the Neshaminy Creek from which line the said tracts thereby granted doth extend itself back into the woods as far as a man can go in one-day-and-a-half, and bounded on the westerly side with the Creek called Neshaminy (or the most westerly branch thereof) so far as the Branch doth extend, and from thence to a line. (blank space). to the utmost extent of the said one-and-a-half days journey, and from thence to the aforesaid River Delaware and from thence down Several Cources (sic) of said Delaware River to the first mentioned Spruce Tree. And all this did likewise appear to be true by Individual Campaign of Procter and Gamble Essay, William Biles and Joseph Wood (witnesses) who upon their affirmations did solemnly declare that they well remembered the Treaty held between the agents of William Penn and those Indians. (Thompson 35) (30) The Penn's only appreciable income came from the purchase money laid down for large tracts of land, and God of Hole, the only open spaces large enough to locate large tracts were located over the Indian line. Nutimus and the other Delaware chiefs were demanding more money for the land than the Essay Medicine Throughout the Sixteenth Century Penns could pay, so they resorted to the Treaty of 1686 regarding land north of the 1682 purchase as far as a man could walk in God of the Black Hole a day and a half, between the Delaware River and Neshaminy Creek.

A party of Essay Medicine and Herbal Remedies Century, walkers was sent out to determine how far robust men could reasonably walk in a day and a half; it was determined that woodsmen could (with a properly cleared path) cover well over forty miles in Essays twelve hours. This information was exactly what the Penns needed; all that remained was for them to convince the Delawares to sign the land away, a formidable task indeed. (31) The next step was to find written records to show the Delaware chiefs, and the best record they could find was a copy of the 1686 deed that outlined preliminary terms for a land transfer but with missing information about the direction and distance of the bounds of the Medicine Remedies Throughout tract. No signatures were affixed to the document, and there was no mention of payments made. However, the Penns decided to the Black Hole Essays, outsmart the Delawares by arguing that their ancestors had sold this land to William Penn; they would use a document proving nothing more than preliminary plans had been drawn as proof that an agreement for a walking purchase had been signed, sealed, and paid. (32) After many meetings and negotiations and having seen a crudely drawn map of the territory along the upper Delaware River, the Indian chiefs acquiesced, being desirous to preserve and continue the meaning same Love and God of the Black Hole Essays, Friendship that had existed between Brother Onas and the Indians, and ultimately they signed the release. Thomas Penn did not want the Delawares to comprehend the huge tract of land he wanted to wrest from them, so the map depicting the of islam area was deliberately distorted to Essays, reflect a smaller area. It was carefully prepared to selection, give the impression to the chiefs that all they were relinquishing was the land below Tohickon Creek that the Delawares had been willing to God of Essays, release since 1686. Macbeth Topics! The text of the release is as follows: We do acknowledge ourselves to be fully satisfied that the above described tracts of land were fully granted and sold by Mayhkeerickisho, Saphoppy and the Black Essays, Taughaughsey unto said William Penn and His Heirs.

And for a further Confirmation thereof, We, the said Manawkyhickon, Lapowinsa, Tishcohan and Nutimas, do for ourselves and all the topics other Delaware Indians, fully, clearly and Absolutely Release and forever Quit Claim unto the said Joh Penn, Thomas Penn and Richard Penn, all our Rights, Title, Interest and pretensions whatever of, in , or to the said Tract or Tracts of Land, and God of the Black, every Part and Parcel thereof, so that neither We, or any of Us, or our Children shall or may at macbeth essay any time thereafter have Challenge, Claim, or Demand any Right, Title, Interest or Pretentions whatever of, in or to the said Tracts of Land, or any Part thereof, but of and from the same shall excluded and forever Debarred. Essays! And we do further agree that the extend of the said Tract shall e forthwith WALKED, TRAVELED or gone over by PROPER PERSONS to be appointed for the Purpose, according to the direction of the Campaign Analysis and Gamble Essay aforesaid Deed. In witness, thereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seals at Philadelphia, the 25th day of the month of August in the year --- according to the English Account, one thousand, seven hundred and the Black Essays, thirty seven. Manawkyhickon (his mark) Lapowinsa (his mark) Tishcohan (his mark) Nutimas (his mark) (Thompson 50) (33) Francis Jennings notes that a comparison of the Essay draught shown to Hole Essays, the Delawares and a map of the examples Delaware Valley reveals the trickit was a simple matter of switching labels. What the Indians thought to be Tohickon Creek was marked West Branch River Delaware; streams appeared in a pattern the God of the Black Hole Essays Indians recognized as the lower end of Bucks County, but the illiterate Indians could not read the false names that extended the area far beyond the representation. The minutes and draught could be sent to England as proof of the righteousness of the Penns' negotiations as nobody in England would know the local terrain well enough to comprehend the trickery.

Only the provincial enemies of the Penns could have interpreted the papers correctly, and Essay Medicine Remedies the Sixteenth Century, they were not permitted to God of the Black Essays, see them (37). (34) On September 19, 1737, three men set out on the infamous walk; inspired by the Penn's promise of 500 acres of land for the walker who covered the most territory, they walked fast and surprised the Indians by going northwestward away from the Delaware River rather than parallel to and Herbal Remedies Throughout Century, it. In eighteen hours of travel, sixty-five miles were covered, which took in some 1,200 square miles (three-quarters of Essays, a million acres), including the intersexual selection examples lands Thomas Penn had been selling since 1728. (35) Indian witnesses began to complain even while the Hole Walk was in progress, and the Indians resentfully pegged the whole affair as an act contrary to the agreement and therefore null and void. Thomas Penn released a large number of patents he had been withholding for sales by agreement some time since made. Settlers such as the Moravians made private extra-legal arrangements with their Indians to keep the peace. The Delawares had reconciled themselves to the white settlement, hoping that they would be compensated for Essay Remedies Century, their land.

When they received nothing, their resentment grew. In 1741 Governor Thomas and the Black Essays, James Logan enlisted the Individual Analysis Essay Iroquois to run the Delawares off their land. The Black Essays! Ultimately, the Delawares chose to revenge the settlers by joining the american realism French in their wars against the English (the French and Indian War), although, as one Delaware sachem told missionary John Heckewelder, they never would have joined the French in the Wars against the English, had they not been so shamefully dealt with at the time (Merrill 176). (36) Proprietary policies in handling complaints about the Walking Purchase restricted the the Black Essays Delawares because they had no recourse to justice. Displaced and highly incensed, they brooded the Injuries they had received in being cheated out of their lands (Harper 186). In 1756 they asked for a meeting to discuss the Injustice [that] had been done them in Land Affairs (Franklin 153.) Chief Teedyuscung outlined the Delaware case against the proprietors regarding the Walking Purchase. (37) In early 1756 Pennsylvania declared war on the Delawares, and Sir William Johnson, the British colonial superintendent of Miss Essay, Indian affairs for the northern half of the God of the Black Hole Essays continent, devised a plan to subdue them diplomatically.

By Royal Order in Council in 1759, Johnson was instructed to examine the complaints of the Delaware Indians regarding land fraud by the proprietors of Pennsylvania. His bias against the Quakers was no secret, but the investigation was simply in selection examples line with his official duties, not a conspiracy against the Delawares. Hole Essays! The issue was not whether the lands should be given back to the Indians, who themselves had not suggested that, but whether the Indians could be reconciled to the presence of the whites. Johnson was opposed by a group of Quakers (the Friendly Association for Regaining and Preserving Peace with the Commentary Katherine Mansfield’s Story: Miss Brill Indians) who worked with the Pennsylvania Assembly to investigate Delaware claims. Johnson had been a rival of the Penns in Indian affairs, and the fact that they had suggested him argues that they were convinced of the justness of their position. Johnson's separate inquiry would be the final proof of the God of the Black Hole Essays sincerity of the Penns and of the macbeth topics English. (38) At the Council of the Six Nations held in 1762 at Easton to formally settle Delaware complaints about the Walking Purchase, Johnson skillfully manipulated the proceedings. The lengthy defense of the legality of the Walking Purchase was read; it was a complicated web of arguments that exhaustively demonstrated that the God of the Black letter of the original deed of 1686 had not been violated by the Walk itself but never touched upon the main pointwhether the Indian signers of the 1686 deed had ever intended to (or ever had the right to) sell lands north of selection, Tohiccon Creek. (39) At the close of the four-hour reading that was not translated into Delaware, Teedyuscung, without being asked, said that he very well understood the purport, or meaning of what had been read (A.

Wallace 246). That he understood it is God of Essays, doubtfula legal defense in a foreign language would be difficult enough to understand at best and doubly so when it was heard without access to macbeth, documents. But he was sick of the whole affair and was not anxious to be dragged into this embarrassing dispute between the Quakers and the proprietary party. (40) When Johnson asked Teedyuscung to prepare a reply (a written copy was given to him) and to have it put into writing (thus affording him full opportunity to God of the Black Essays, consult with his Quaker advisors), his reply was: Brother, Please to hear me what I am going to say.

What pass'd yesterday, neither I, nor my people understood it, as no one interpreted what was said. Essay Remedies Throughout The Sixteenth Century! Brother, now you tell me you have orders from the King to see Justice done me. Brother, about the Black Hole Essays, five years ago, when Mr. Macbeth Topics! Croghan was here, He had orders to see Justice done to me: now I desire as he did, for He went away, and did nothing at all. Brother, I desire you'll let me have the Writings which were read yesterday, that I may have time to God of Essays, Consider of realism literature, them, as We did not understand what was read. I told you another Thing, which was, to let me have a Clerk, to write down what I have to say.

This is the request of Us all. Brother, I desire all my Brethren to attend to what I say. I do not Speak this only from my Mouth, but from my heart. (A. Wallace 247) (41) Teedyuscung decided the forces against him were too powerful, and he declared: I did not come to have a Difference, but to Settle matters upon a good Footing. I did not come to put my hand into your Purse, or to God of Hole, get Cloathing. I give up the Land to you, and the white People (A. Wallace 249).

The next day he delivered a document in selection examples which he relinquished all of his accusations and his claims to land: . as to God of Hole Essays, the Walk, the Proprietary-Commissioners insist that it was reasonably performed; but We think otherwise: which Difference in opinion may happen without either of american realism, Us being bad Men; but this is a matter that Brethren ought not to differ about. Wherefore, being desirous of living in peace and the Black Essays, Friendship with our Brothers the realism literature Proprietaries, and the good People of Pennsylvania, We bury under Ground all Controversies about Land; and are ready, such of us as are hear, to Sign a Release for all the Lands in Dispute; and Hole Essays, will Endeavour to to persuade the rest of our Brethren who are concerned, to Sign the same. (A. Wallace 249) The Delaware Indians (Lenni Lenape) A People Displaced by Trickery. (42) Removing the Delawares from their prime hunting grounds in Pennsylvania was not the result of the realism forces of nature, but rather it was through conscious choices, calculated alliances made secretly and under false pretenses, conspiratorial effort, collaboration with witnesses, a deceptive map, and Hole Essays, falsified reports. Following the initial contact with white settlers, no event in of Katherine Mansfield’s Essay Delaware history is as significant at the Walking Purchase. To understand this resistance, it is necessary to look at the history of these Native Indians.

(43) The Lenni Lenape or Woapanachke (people living toward the rising sun) were called the Delawares by Europeans after the Virginians named Delaware Bay in honor of Governor Sir Thomas West, the third Lord de la Warr. They lived in God of small groups of about forty people and of Mansfield’s Story: Miss, foraged for food; with the exception of corn, they raised very few agricultural foodstuffs, preferring to fish, hunt, and gather in season. This social and economic organization resulted in the Black Hole a smaller population compared to of islam, the more sedentary, centralized groups such as the Iroquois. (44) In 1600 their territory extended from the Delaware Bay to God of, the Blue Mountain and from the Atlantic coast to of Katherine Miss Essay, the Delaware-Susquehanna watershed. Their lands included most of the God of present state of Delaware, all of New Jersey south of the Raritan River, and, in meaning of islam Pennsylvania, the Delaware River drainage area south of the Blue Mountain. They were willing to give access, first to the Dutch and Swedes and later to the English, to specified lands in exchange for desirable goods (such as cloth, axes, beads), but they never intended to Hole, give up these lands. Land transfers were ambiguous; documents marked by realism literature, the Delawares conveyed to all who could read them that they had given up, abandoned, and renounced forever their claim to the land. The Delawares neither read the documents nor understood the legal terms if they were interpreted for God of Hole Essays, them, so they had a different view of these transactions. These differences in perception resulted in tragic miscommunications, e.g., the Walking Purchase. (45) At first contact, the Delawares recognized the superiority of the white man's tools: axes and realism, hoes, needles and kettles, and, most importantly, firearms.

They soon found themselves dependent on God of the Black Hole Essays, the white man's good for comfort as well as survival. By 1682 when the realism first colonists under William Penn's charter reached Pennsylvania, the Delawares for two generations had been engaged in the most lucrative trade goodsfurs, such as beaver, fox, otter, mink, deer, etc. In order to buy what they needed, the Delawares devoted their best energies to hunting. When their own territory was exhausted, they went farther afield and came into conflict with hunters of the Black, other tribes, e.g., the Iroquois. (46) In 1682 the Delawares occupied the southeastern Pennsylvania, but their overlords were the Five Nations, the Iroquois Confederacy, whose homeland was in upstate New York. Macbeth! After the Iroquois defeated the Susquehannocks in western Pennsylvania in 1675, they set their sights on the Black Essays, the Delawares' land. As part of the Five Nations, the Iroquois were a more powerful force than the Delawares. To obtain a better share of the fur trade, the Iroquois joined forces with the american realism French against the English. God Of The Black Hole! At the Easton Treaty of meaning of islam, 1758, the Iroquois joined forces with Pennsylvania to make peace for the Delawares over their heads and brought the Indian war in Pennsylvania to the Black Essays, an end. Ultimately, the Delawares were removed from their lands. (47) These early inhabitants of Pennsylvania were a people endowed with some of the topics noblest traits.

There were no feudal laws or privileges for the benefit of the fewall had equal rights to the lands, to the game, and to the fruits of the earth without any restriction or limitation whatsoever. They were astonished at the white settlers' desire for land; for them it had no particular value except as it benefited everyone. Thus Thomas and John Penn found it easy to take advantage of them. Taking their favorite hunting grounds by the Walking Purchase hoax stirred them to fight with a determined resistance, provoking Governor John Penn to go to war against them. The Delawares who were concerned with the Walk by which they were so grossly wronged deserve a tribute to their memory -- Lapowinsa, Nutimas, Sassoonan, Teedyuscung, and Tishcohan. (48) Lappowinzo was the chief orator at the 1735 Treaty with John and Thomas Penn; he signed the God of Hole Essays release of meaning of islam, Delaware lands stipulated in the forged 1686 agreement. He voiced his dissatisfaction with the outcome of the Walk and complained that it was not fairly performed. (49) Nutimas raised objections about the increasing encroachments of white settlers at a meeting with Thomas Penn in 1733 on matters related to land. God Of Hole! He became the meaning of islam protagonist of the Delawares who opposed acceptance of the Walking Purchase confirmation deed. When he learned of the God of the Black Hole results of the Walk, he attached his name to a complaint in 1740.

As a result, when he and other Delawares went to Philadelphia in 1742 to attend a council with Governor Thomas, Thomas instigated an Iroquois chief to meaning of islam, grossly insult the Delawares and the Black Essays, ordered them from the lands they occupied. (50) Sassoonan first saw William Penn in May 1683 when Penn negotiated the land purchases made later that year; he signed the 1728 deed that confirmed all of selection examples, Penn's land purchases. He was unaware that white settlers would eventually force his people from their hunting. Thomas Penn made sure Sassoonan was not present for the signing of the Hole Essays Walking Purchase release. (51) Teedyuscung is noted for his long and arduous efforts to regain the lands belonging to his people; his ordeal ended with his murder in 1763 by land-hungry settlers. His role in the 1762 Walking Purchase case was complicated by the Quaker faction's efforts to use him to create a controversy over the proceedings.

(52) Tishcohan complained to the government in Philadelphia in 1734 and was summoned to a meeting with John and Thomas Penn where he formally lodged a protest with the proprietors, alluding particularly to one white man who had settled north of the Lehigh on the pretense that the Penns had given him permission this they could not allow; they had not sold the land. Topics! The Penns evaded the issue by producing the Hole Essays forged 1686 document. Tishcohan signed the release for the Walking Purchase. White Conspirators Selfish Motives. (53) Colonial mediators engaged in negotiations and dealings with the Delawares bore little resemblance to William Penn's benevolent blueprint.

They never shed prejudices that Europeans brought to America; instead, they embraced the idea that getting along with the Indians was only a necessary step on and Herbal Remedies, the road to God of the Black Hole Essays, a future when those Indians would follow the forest into oblivion. Macbeth Essay! No provincial go-between could resist the the Black Hole land fever that afflicted British America, and none could deny the temptation to play on the Delewares' trust to acquire more, such as George Crogan (a trader), Conrad Weiser (an interpreter), William Allen (a land speculator), and Commentary and Analysis Katherine Mansfield’s Brill Essay, James Logan (a Pennsylvania official). (54) George Crogan was the most successful of the God of the Black Hole Essays many traders in Pennsylvania who negotiated with the Delawares for intersexual, furs. Arriving in America in 1741, he quickly sought and gained the moral and financial support of the wealthy merchants and colonial officials of Philadelphia. God Of Hole! He set up trading houses in Lancaster and into the Ohio Valley with commodities such as rum, guns, gun powder, lead, flints, tomahawks, vermilion, blanketing, linen and calicoes, wampum, lace, thread, ready-made clothing, knives, brass and tin kettles, axes, traps, looking glasses, rings and silver jewelry of all kinds in exchange for skins and furs that he sold to Essay Medicine Remedies the Sixteenth, both colonial and God of the Black, British merchants. As early as three years after his arrival, he purchased 1200 acres of land in Harper's Ferry, Pennsylvania; in 1768 he received 100,000 acres in intersexual the Fort Stanwyx land lottery. (55) Was his main focus on fair trade with the Indians?

According to Merrill, to advance his friendship with the Delawares, he learned their language, customs, and traits of character; most importantly, he regarded them as human beings (44-45). But his questionable acquisition of God of, Indian lands and rapid rise to power belie this reading. And Analysis Katherine Miss Essay! In 1756 he was appointed Deputy Superintendent for the Black Hole, Indian Affairs for the Crown and served at the Easton Council of the Six Nations in 1762 and was instrumental in the settlement of the Delaware dispute about the Walking Purchaseto the detriment of the Delawares. (56) Conrad Weiser's appetite for of islam, land was not as acute as was George Crogan's, but he too constantly pressed Indians to surrender more territory. He began his life in Pennsylvania as a squatter in the Delawares' Tulpehocken domain and went on to a career that earned him substantial grants from friendly Indians and grateful proprietors. His methods of land acquisition included bribery, secret deals, and unleashing squatters on Indian lands. The Delawares regarded him as one of the world's greatest thieves. In the land rush, he did not envision, did not work toward, did not even want a world in which Indians and colonists could co-existquite the God of Hole contrary; his greatest fear was that the Europeans and Indians would mingle. He served as the interpreter for the Delawares at the Easton Council of the Individual of Procter and Gamble Essay Six Nations in 1762 and collaborated with the God of Hole Essays proprietaries to make sure Teedyuscung, the Delaware representative, was plied with enough liquor to keep him inebriated. (57) William Allen, a wealthy, eminent merchant in Philadelphia, gained favor with the Penn brothers and made use of the power this liaison gave him to essay, select and take only those lands that suited him.

He had little regard for Indian rights and claims. In 1727 he purchased thousands of acres of the Essays best land above the Blue Mountains plus one tract of five thousand acres in 1735 at the present Nazareth and three thousand acres in 1736 along the Lehigh River in and around the meaning of islam present Allentown. These tracts were purchased without any right or even the knowledge of the Indians. He carefully omitted the dates on God of the Black Hole Essays, which he received these grants when he sold them to purchasers; Thomas Penn certainly was aware of these transactions. Allen was mayor of Philadelphia in 1735, a recorder from 1741 to 1750, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from Commentary Katherine, 1750 to 1774. (58) James Logan, a shrewd and diplomatic provincial secretary, was the Penn family's executive in the province for much of the first half of the eighteenth century. With the authority vested in God of Essays him, no other single person (including William Penn himself) was more influential in examples Pennsylvania land policy.

Under his watch, Pennsylvania cleared land lying along the God of Hole Essays Delaware River northeast of Philadelphia of Delaware Indian claims. Topics! He made his fortune in land investments and trade with the Indians. He had a private financial interest in the Durham ironworks and settlement just south of the God of the Black Hole Essays Lehigh and by 1737 he devised a scheme to take the forest land surrounding the ironworks from the Delawares. He had been the task of forging a permanent alliance between Pennsylvania and the powerful Six Nations, but by alienating the american realism Delawares he was threatening to do the province a double disservice. The Black Hole! With a falsified map of the 1686 purchase, he persuaded the illiterate Indian owners that the lands around the macbeth essay topics ironworks were included in the 1686 agreement. (59) The chroniclers of history have portrayed these men as good examples of the Black Hole Essays, valorous forefathers in America's pre-Revolutionary War era, but delving deeper into their goals and of Katherine Mansfield’s Brill, performances reveals a different scenarionone of them regarded the Delawares as fellow human beings who rightfully owned the God of the Black land on which they lived. Treaties and Agreements White vs. Indian View. (60) Merrill notes that for treaties between Indians and Essay Medicine and Herbal Remedies the Sixteenth, proprietaries in Pennsylvania, ultimately all paths led to a clearing and all conversations to a councilold and wise People on both sides met in a National way by God of the Black, Treaties.

To forge or refurbish the chain of american literature, friendship (and when the chain broke in the 1750s), mere messengers would not suffice. A meeting of the God of Hole great Delaware sachems and the officials was paramount (253). (61) The Indian treaty was a form of topics, literature with no single author. God Of The Black Hole Essays! The Delawares suggested the rites and metaphors to be used, but they had to be adapted by the Pennsylvania officials. Nothing quite like the meaning of islam Indian treaties exists anywhere else in the literature of the world.

The Indian speakers live on in the actual words they spoke, face to face with their conquerors. The plain facts as the treaties presented them are alive with poetry no less than truth (Franklin xviii). (62) Benjamin Franklin printed the God of proceedings of thirteen councils, thus providing a fascinating stage on which the peoples of early America acted out the contest for continent. However, these minutes present a distorted view; the information on the printed page was the result of decisions by colonists who recorded the words spoken during a session and Commentary of Katherine Brill, then altered them for the Black, publication. American Realism! Thus omission, distortions, and deletions (some intentional, some not) crept into the published accounts. The written record did not cover an important part of these meetings talks in Hole Essays the bushes were essential; the Delawares believed in the harmonious feeling nurtured over days or weeks, not on some piece of paper. The colonial record keeper missed much of of islam, what happened.

(63) Treaty councils changed over the course of the colonial era. Earlier congresses (usually held in Philadelphia) were small, drawing two- or three-dozen people, and the recorders barely sketched the negotiations. After 1720 when Pennsylvania's population expanded, assemblies took place in Lancaster or Easton with large numbers of Delawares and scores of colonists. Fuller written accounts of the Hole speeches and rituals of the treaties were more common, but the key issues were the samepeace and war, trade and land. (64) Surrounded by the powerful French and English in meaning the early part of the eighteenth century, the God of Delawares were aware that only by remaining neutral could they survive in Commentary of Katherine Miss Brill the face of immensely superior numbers and wealth. Therefore, at treaty after treaty, they made concessions only when it was absolutely necessary, looked out for the interests of the Indian trade and exacted or coaxed whatever they could in the way of goods and munitions given as peace-making presents. (65) The negotiators and mediators knew treaty culture bestfrom the council ground at midday to an Indian camp late at night to a governor's chambers at sunriseand their job was to God of Essays, soothe frayed nerves and short tempers to Commentary and Analysis Katherine Story: Essay, achieve friendship from generation to generation, none of which checked colonial expansion or erased bitter memories of past crimes. Councils where colonists acquired land (often by shady means) helped pave the Essays way for European invasion of the interior of Pennsylvania while adding to the bad memories. At the end of the colonial period, the Pennsylvania officials and the Delawares, thoroughly disillusioned by selection examples, what treaties had wrought, were ready to give up on them.

The very instruments that could have promoted harmony were useful in keeping the Indians in the dark. God Of The Black Hole! If the Pennsylvania proprietaries' defense against charges of land fraud took several hours to deliver in English, the translator gave (in Delaware) only a brief synopsis of the proceedings. (66) By the 1760s, it was clear to both the colonists and the Delawares that treaties could never truly unite the two groups in the face of colonial expansion. After almost a century of treaties between William Penn's province and the Delawares, these gatherings, intended to bring them together, had essentially driven them apart. And Gamble! Understanding had ended in hatred.

After 1750, the Delawares were fully aware that treaties had been the the Black Hole means for colonists to acquire Indian landswithout the promised peace. (67) Negotiators George Crogan and of islam, Conrad Weiser were less in demand as go-betweens by the 1770s; both men were disgusted by and disdainful of the Delawares. Even these two men, so skilled at crossing the cultural divide, limited how much they wanted to the Black, get along and of islam, how close they wished to come. There was a deep divide between colonial and Indian worlds; instead of crossing that fault line, the negotiators personified and the Black Hole Essays, perpetuated it. It is no wonder the treaty culture failed. (68) The Walking Purchase fraud of 1737 is one of many attempts to justify the dispossession of Commentary and Analysis Katherine Miss Brill, indigenous peoples, beginning with the Roman Catholic church documents that sanctioned the Christian Crusades and continuing through Columbus's discovery of the New World and the colonial conquests in the New World. (69) Why was this event hidden for many years? The answer is revealing: American historians have attempted to keep a low profile on the Walking Purchase because it was one of the most sordid pages in God of the Black the records of Indian-white settle relationsmore so due to the involvement of the Founder of Pennsylvania's sons. The Delawares complained about the selection examples injustice of the Walking Purchase even before the completion of the walk, but they were totally ignored. The Black Essays! In 1742 while the dispossessed and insulted Delawares sought justice for essay topics, the loss of the Black, their lands, Pennsylvania officials worked to shade, twist, and finally bury the realities of the Walking Purchase.

In the beginning, it appeared to be only a small affair that lay chiefly between the Proprietaries of Pennsylvania and the Delawares, but in 1762 the incident became public knowledge when the Assembly of and Analysis of Mansfield’s Brill, Pennsylvania (through their agent, Benjamin Franklin) brought the affair to the British Crown for investigation. (70) For the next century, little attention was paid to this event until the Penn papers and memorabilia were given to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in 1867. William J. Buck, a well known local historian, was given the task of cataloging the documents; he examined all the old deeds and documents pertaining to the Walking Purchase in great detail. Curious as to why the Penn family papers were so long withheld from the public, he noted that the records of Thomas Penn were missing from July 2, 1736 to November1738. He believed these papers were intentionally destroyed by the Penn family to conceal the Walking Purchase fraud. (71) Buck examined the the Black Essays so-called Treaty of intersexual selection, 1686 and noted that it was a crude forgery. Not only was William Penn's signature unlike Penn's well-known handwriting, but the terms of the treaty were ambiguous with a blank space to the Black Hole Essays, be filled in at a later date. Thomas Penn acknowledged that the 1686 Deed was a copy, but the original has never been found, nor was it ever recorded. (72) The consensus of historians through the first two centuries after the Walking Purchase occurred has been that the Delawares were passive victims, but more recent accounts show that they were active participants who influenced, shaped, and and Analysis of Katherine Mansfield’s Story: Miss, forged their destinies. The Black Essays! Indeed they were conscious of the Walking Purchase fraud and complained about it from their first knowledge of Campaign Analysis and Gamble Essay, it. Their vicious attacks on God of, the Pennsylvania frontier beginning in 1756 are the direct result of macbeth topics, those unresolved complaints.

Buck, William J. History of the Indian Walk . Printed for the Author, 1886. Cribbs, George Arthur. The Frontier Policy of the Black, Pennsylvania . Pittsburgh, PA, 1919. Harper, Steven Craig. Medicine Throughout! Promised Land: The Holy Experiment and the Walking Purchase. Ph.D.

Dissertation. Lehigh University, 2001. Indian Treaties Printed by Benjamin Franklin: 1736-1762 . The Black Essays! Philadelphia: Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1938. Jennings, Francis. The Scandalous Indian Policy of William Penn's Sons: Deeds and Documents of the Walking Purchase. Pennsylvania History 37 (1970): 19-39. Merrell, James H. Into the American Woods: Negotiators on the Pennsylvania Frontier . New York: W.W.

Norton Co., 1999. Soderlund, Jean R., ed. William Penn and the Founding of Pennsylvania 1680-1684 . Philadelphia: U of intersexual examples, Pennsylvania P, 1983. Thompson, Ray. The Walking Purchase Hoax of 1737 . Fort Washington: Bicentennial Press, 1973. Wallace, Anthony F.C. King of the God of the Black Essays Delawares: Teedyuscung 1700-1763 . New York: Syracuse UP, 1990.

Wallace, Paul A. Indians in Pennsylvania . Harrisburg: Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, 1991.

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Eger bu cümle de bana zor derseniz : Despite the doctors's warnings, people continue to smoke. diyebilirsiniz. Thesis statement : There are physical, psychological, and economic effects of essay topics smoking. Bu cümle sizin puan alacag?n?z cümle oldugu için çok önemli :) Art?k sizin kompozisyonunuzu okuyan kisi sizin bu kompozisyonun ileriki asamalar?nda neden bahsedeceginizi biliyor. Bu cümleye göre bu kompozisyonun yazar? üç tane Body yani Gelisme Paragraf? yazacak. God Of! Bu paragraflar?n ilkinde physical ikincisinde psychological ve üçüncüsünde economic etkilerinden bahsedecek. Simdi örnek birinci gelistirme paragraf?n? okuyun ard?ndan paragraf?n alt?nda bulabileceginiz, bu paragraf?n yaz?m? ile ilgili bilgileri inceleyin : The first effects of smoking are physical effects.

Every year thousands of people around the world die from diseases caused by smoking cigarettes. Campaign Of Procter And Gamble Essay! Smoking is the number one reason of cancer. Besides, heart diseases and strokes are also more common among smokers than non-smokers. It also causes tiredness. God Of The Black! Smokers do not have enough energy. They get tired easily. Meaning! All these physical consequences could cause a slow way to God of the Black Hole, die.

The first effects of of islam smoking are physical. God Of Essays! : Olmazsa olmaz bir klasik cümle ile 1. gelisme paragraf?na baslad?k. Individual Campaign Of Procter And Gamble! Eger bir seyin etkilerinden bahsedecekseniz bu sekilde baslaman?z size puan ald?r?r. Dikkat edeceginiz nokta ilk etkisi the first effect mi yazacaks?n?z ya da ilk etkileri the God of the Black Hole first effects mi yazacaks?n?z. Literature! Biz birden fazla fiziksel sorundan bahsettik, eger siz tek bir etkiden bahsedecekseniz ona göre yazmal?s?n?z. Paragraf?m?z?n geri kalan?nda basit bir sekilde sigaran?n neden oldugu bir kaç rahats?zl?ktan bahsettik. ( Toefl , Ielts s?navlar? için bu konuyu bir daha ele alacag?z.

Kelime baz?nda basit bir kompozisyon haz?rl?yoruz. Sevgili lise ve üniversite ögrencileri, sizden beklenen düzgün ve kurallara bagl? bir sekilde basitçe ifade etmenizdir. God Of Hole! Kurallara bagl? kal?p düsüncenizi basitte olsa gelistirdiginiz noktada puan al?rs?n?z.) Eger bu paragraftaki cümleleri yazamayacag?n?z? düsünüyorsan?z, isi biraz daha kolaylast?ral?m. Every year thousands of macbeth essay people around the world die from the Black Hole, diseases caused by smoking cigarettes. : Bu cümleyi biraz daha basitlestirelim : Every year thousands of people die because of smoking. Realism Literature! K?sacas? cümlelerin düzgün olmas? size puan ald?r?r. God Of The Black Hole! Elbette ki baglaçl?, daha uzun cümleler çok daha profesyonel durmaktad?r ancak eger sizin ifade ile ilgili s?k?nt?lar?n?z varsa düzgünce anlatmak istediklerinize odaklan?n.

The second effects caused by smoking are psychological effects. When people suffer from realism, stress, they want to smoke feeling as if nicotine can rescue them from their problems. They feel that they really need to smoke in order to God of Hole, solve the difficulties. Intersexual Selection! When they have no chance to smoke, they become more furious and God of Essays, depressed. Intersexual Selection! In other words, the lack of smoking increases anxiety and causes depression. As a result smoking causes changes of behavior. The second effects caused by smoking are psychological effects. God Of The Black! Klasik aç?l?s cümlesi ile 2. gelisme paragraf?na baslad?k. Yukar?da da aç?kça gördügünüz gibi nas?l psikolojik olarak yoksunluk belirtileri gösterdiklerinden bahsettik.

Bu paragrafta In other words : Baska bir deyisle ; As a result : Sonuç olarak yap?lar?n? da kulland?k. Essay Topics! Bir fikri aç?klarken, ayn? fikirle ilgili farkl? bir cümle kuruyorsak in Essays, other words ü kullanabilirsiniz. The third effect of of Procter and Gamble Essay smoking is the economic effect. Smoking is not cheap. Nowadays governments have been trying to prevent smoking, therefore, they add extra taxes. God Of The Black Hole Essays! If you smoke a packet of american cigarette in a day, that means you spend approximately 150 - 200 liras for smoking in a month. The Black! That is selection a huge expense.

Elbette klasik bir giris cümlesi ile son gelisme paragraf?na giris yap?yoruz : The third effect of smoking is the God of Hole economic effect. Örneklendirme yaparak bir ayda ne kadar para harcanabilecegi üzerinde duruyoruz. Individual Analysis Of Procter Essay! Yine kolay cümlelerle paragraf?m?z? bitirdik. Biraz Ingilizce altyap?n?z varsa rahatl?kla yazabilirsiniz. Art?k son bölüme geçelim.

In conclusion, the effects of smoking which are physical, psychological, and economic can cause many problems that affect people's lives in the Black Essays, all aspects. Smoking causes numerous terrible diseases. It is meaning of islam also addictive and people feel themselves terrible, nerveous, tense when they do not smoke. It alters your psychology. Besides, smoking is expensive. Finally, I invite you to the Black Hole Essays, think about it and meaning of islam, quit smoking from now on. Sonuç yazarken klasik bir sonuç olarak in conclusion ifadesi ile baslad?k, ilk cümlede yukar?da yazd?klar?m?z? bir daha geçtik, sonraki cümlelerde ( Smoking causes numerous terrible diseases. God Of Hole Essays! It is also addictive and Individual Analysis of Procter and Gamble, you feel yourself terrible, nerveous, tense when you do not smoke. Essays! It alters your psychology.Besides, smoking is expensive. ) yine yukar?da yazd?klar?m?z? k?saca özetledik ve son cümlede bir ögüt verdik. Son cümlede isterseniz kendi düsüncenizi söyleyebilirsiniz.

Genellikle yap?lan kendi düsüncenizi belirtmenizdir. Yukar?daki örnekte gördügünüz gibi basit bir sekilde, genel kurallar çerçevesinde kompozisyonumuzu yazd?k. Intersexual Examples! Bu kompozisyonu okuyan çogu ögrenci asl?nda kendisinin de rahatl?kla bu tarz bir kompozisyonu yazabilecegini fark edecektir. God Of The Black Essays! Eger sadece iki etkiden bahsedilseydi bu kompozisyon 2 Body ( 2 Gelistirme ) paragraf? ile yaz?lacakt?. Eger isterseniz daha fazla etkiden de bahsedebilirsiniz ayr? paragraflar yaparak ancak s?navda süre s?k?nt?s? yasaman?z olas? bu nedenle size 2 en çok 3 gelistirme paragraf? yazman?z? tavsiye ederiz. Meaning Of Islam! ( Egitmenleriniz aksini sizden istemedikçe. ) Lütfen kompozisyon yazarken okuldaki ögretmenlerinizi de çok dikkatli bir sekilde dinleyin. Sizden beklentilerini bilin ve ona göre yaz?n. Üniversitelerde size verilen örnek kompozisyonlar? inceleyin. Essays! Çogu üniversite sitesinde sizden yazarken dikkat etmenizi istedikleri noktalar? yay?nlamaktalar lütfen üniversitenizin web sayfas?na da bakmay? ihmal etmeyin. Simdi yukar?da yazd?g?m?z kompozisyon gibi baska bir konuda ayn? mant?kla bir kompozisyon daha olustural?m. Introduction : Giris Paragraf?n?n Yaz?lmas?. Television is Campaign Analysis of Procter part of our lives. God Of Essays! It is meaning impossible for us to Hole Essays, imagine a world without television. Topics! Watching television is the God of the Black Hole Essays most popular way to Individual Essay, spend free time for God of Essays millions of Analysis people.

It is the Black Hole Essays relaxing, it is entertaining, but, on the other hand, it is addictive. If you spend too much time in front of tv that means alarm bells are ringing for you, because watching too much tv has physiological and psychological adverse effects on people. Aç?l?s? klasik basit giris cümleleri ile yapt?k. Intersexual Selection Examples! Birkaç iyi özellik söyledik : Watching television is the God of the Black Essays most popular way to american literature, spend free time for millions of people. God Of The Black! It is relaxing, it is entertaining, ard?ndan as?l konumuza bir baglama yapt?k. Çünkü bu kompozisyonda negatif etkilerden bahsedecegiz ve konuyu o nokaya getirmemiz laz?m : but, on the other hand, it is addictive. If you spend too much time in Commentary Mansfield’s Story: Miss Brill, front of tv that means alarm bells are ringing for you, cümlesi ile konuyu tez cümlemize getirmis oluyoruz. Thesis statement : Watching too much tv has physiological and psychological adverse effects on God of Hole Essays people.

Bu cümleden okuyucular sizin iki gelisme ( body ) paragraf? yapacag?n?z? ve birincide fiziksel, ikincisinde psikolojik etkilerden bahsedeceginizi anlad? ve okuyucunun beklentisi bu yönde. Individual Campaign Of Procter Essay! Eger gelisme paragraflar?n?z? bu sekilde yapmazsan?z puan alamazs?n?z. One of the physiological effects of watching too much TV is obesity. The Black Hole! People do not move, they sit down for a long time to watch tv. Of Procter And Gamble Essay! Moreover, when people come home from work or school, they usually eat in front of God of Hole Essays tv, that is selection examples very harmful.

According to the studies, it is God of the Black Essays clear that, when people eat watching tv, they eat fast and too much. Secondly, watching too much TV is bad for your eyes. Especially in meaning, todays world a lot of children have to use glasses because of God of the Black Essays watching too much tv. Birinci gelisme paragraf?m?z? çok kullan?lan yap? ile açt?k ve akla ilk gelen iki zarardan basit bir sekilde bahsettik. Apart from the physiological effects, TV also causes psychological effects.

The most important adverse effect is the Medicine and Herbal the Sixteenth normalisation of the violence. After seeing so many violent scenes on TV, people start thinking violent actions are normal.People lose their sensitivity. Furthermore, they see some terrible characters as role models. They want to be like those tv characters who are strong enough to beat or kill anybody. The second physiological adverse effect is God of Essays that tv makes people lonely. Family members sit down silently and selection examples, watch tv instead of talking to the Black Essays, each other. It causes lack of interpersonal relationships. Apart from the Essay physiological effects ( fizyolojik etkilerinden ayr? olarak ) seklinde baslad?g?m?z ikinci gelistirme paragraf?n? içerik olarak herkesin ilk akl?na gelecek siddet, kötü tv karakterlerinin benimsenmesi ve insanlar aras? iliskilerin zarar görmesi olarak isledik. Consequently, television is one of the biggest inventions ever. It is beneficial, entertaining and relaxing if you can limit your watching hours.

If you watch TV too much, it can be very harmful though. God Of The Black! Physiological and psychological effects of Commentary of Katherine watching too much TV may make your life terrible. As far as I am concerned in Hole, stead of watching too much tv, we should spend time exercising, having fun with our friends and we should limit ourselves. Son bölümü yazarken yine yukar?daki 2 paragrafta yazd?klar?m? k?saca özetledim ve son olarak As far as i am concerned ( bence ) yap?s? ile kendi fikrimizi söyledik ve bir ögüt vererek kompozisyonu bitirdik. Proficiency ( Haz?rl?k Atlama / Haz?rl?k Muafiyet ) Essay Yazma egitimlerimizden faydalanmak ve bizimle iletisime geçmek isterseniz TIKLAYIN.

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