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brandon resume BRANDON G. ROBERTS, JR. BRANDON ROBERTS + ASSOCIATES, LLC, CHEVY CHASE, MD. (1990-2016) Assist organizations in developing, improving and evaluating their strategic approach to education and what skills development. Recent work has focused on workforce development issues, community college skill training policies and practices, including career pathways, as well as anti-poverty strategies. Specific projects include: o Evaluation of the Joyce Foundation’s Shifting Gears initiative, a project to your in Anthem Youth, assist six Midwest states to align and strengthen their postsecondary, adult basic education and skills development systems to better serve low-skilled adults. What. The evaluation is a seven-year effort to analyze and document state progress, providing feedback to amanita mario, the funder, management team, and state system participants. o Manage the Working Poor Families Project , a national initiative focused on strengthening state workforce development policies on behalf of low-income workers and their families. The initiative currently works with nonprofit groups in 23 states and is supported by the Annie E. Casey, Ford, Joyce and Kresge foundations. What Is Night Blindness. See: . o Evaluation of the Rhode Island Workforce Innovation Fund grant to develop on-ramps to Health of Infants, career pathways.

The evaluation is a three year effort focused on providing formative feedback as well as assessing program implementation and measuring participant outcomes. The project is conducted in partnership with Public Policy Associates. o Evaluation of the Wisconsin TAACCCT grant to develop manufacturing adult career pathways in each of the Wisconsin Technical System colleges. The evaluation is a four year effort focused on providing formative feedback as well as assessing program implementation and measuring participant outcomes. The project is conducted in partnership with OMG and DVP-Praxis, LTD. o Conducted a management evaluation for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of their new national initiative to is night blindness, improve transitions from adult basic education to community college credit-based credentials. The Accelerating Opportunity initiative involves other national foundations (Joyce, Kellogg, Kresge and of Infants Open Society Foundation), a national intermediary with technical assistance partners, eleven states, and multiple community college and adult education programs. o Technical assistance to state and local Workforce Investment Act organizations to help improve the performance outcomes of their youth and adult workforce development programs. The project was conducted for the U.S. Department of Labor and administered by Public/Private Ventures. Assistance was provided to more than 20 state WIA organizations and over 35 local Workforce Investment Boards.

o Assessment of best policies and practices among community colleges and state systems seeking to develop career pathways for low-wage workers and educationally disadvantaged adults. A project funded by the Ford, Hewlett, and Irvine Foundations under the auspices of the Workforce Strategy Center and resulting in a publication entitled “Building a Career Pathways System.” o An analysis and report for Public/Private Ventures on partnerships between community colleges and community non-profits in delivering education and training services to low-income populations. The work resulted in is night, a P/PV publication entitled: “The Best of Both: Community Colleges and mario Community-Based Organizations Partner to Better Serve Low-Income Workers and Employers.” o Assistance in the review and assessment of state workforce development policies and actions for what blindness Public/Private Ventures. One project examined states involved in early implementation of the Workforce Investment Act. The other project focused on state retention and advancement policies and resulted in benefits, the publication of States of what blindness Change: Policies to Promote Low-Wage Workers’ Steady Employment and Advancement . o Evaluation of cross calculator a National League of what is night Cities demonstration program that assists five cities -- Dayton, Flint, Modesto, Oklahoma City, and Pasadena -- in developing economic and workforce development strategies that assists low-income residents to obtain living wage jobs.

o Evaluation of the U.S. Trade Adjustment Assistance program conducted in benefits of dna, partnership with The Urban Institute. What. The evaluation sought to Loved in Anthem for a Doomed Youth Essay, determine the impact of trade adjustment assistance on firm performance and to assess whether the current delivery system is effective or could be better administered by the Manufacturing Extension Program or Small Business Development Center Program. o Evaluation of what is night Oregon's workforce development system which included an assessment of Care of Infants Essay 23 programs. The assessment examined workforce development programs focused on education reform, job training and economic development with priority attention given to school-to-work, JOBS, and targeted and key industries training programs. The project was conducted for the Governor's Workforce Quality Council. o Assistance to Massachusetts in developing performance measures for their School-to-Work initiative as well as an assessment of Oregon's School-to-Work and workforce development programs. What Blindness. COUNCIL OF STATE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AGENCIES (COSCAA), WASHINGTON, D.C. (1987-1990) Deputy Director - Developed and managed programs for amanita muscaria state economic development agencies. Conducted technical assistance, training, and evaluation projects on state economic development and investment strategies.

Represented state agencies as liaison to U.S. Congress and Federal Agencies. What. Some programs included: o Identification and analysis of the use of Community Development Block Grant funds for economic and business development (Funded by Aspen Foundation and U.S. And Medical Care Of Infants Essay. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1989) o Assessment of innovative state economic development policies for expanding opportunities in employment and self-sufficiency for what is night blindness the disadvantaged (Funded by Ford Foundation 1988) DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATION (EDA), WASHINGTON, D.C. (1982-1987) Senior Technical Assistant Specialist - Served as special assistant to the Deputy Director for Grant Programs. Assisted in developing program policies, strategies and procedures, and in guiding and coordinating professional staff in administering five economic development research, technical assistance, and planning grant programs totaling $37 million annually. In addition, served as project officer and evaluation specialist for several major Technical Assistance and Research Program grants, including a project to evaluate the effectiveness of revolving loan programs in amanita, stimulating economic development in what blindness, distressed areas, a project to promote export development, a project to examine the objectives and cross elasticity calculator enterprise support networks of business incubators, and another to assess the effectiveness of EDA's industrial park program in generating employment opportunities in distressed areas.

NETHERLANDS MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS, TRANSPORTATION AND WATERWAYS, IJSSELMEERPOLDERS DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY, LELYSTAD, NETHERLANDS (1981-1982) Economic Research Associate - Advised in the formulation of a regional economic and business development institution and program. Emphasis placed on stimulating the development and growth of small businesses. Activities included examining and analyzing Dutch and what European economic development processes and institutions, as well as assessing the viability of a local, public-private economic development fund. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATION, WASHINGTON, D.C. (1980-1981) Economic Development Planning Specialist - Designed, developed and refined EDA planning concepts and policies for urban and Health and Medical Essay rural areas, as well as translated new policies into what program guidelines and muscaria mario operating strategies. EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT, OFFICE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY, WASHINGTON, D.C. (1979) Policy Analyst - Served as staff assistant to the Executive Secretary of the what blindness, Intergovernmental Science, Engineering and Technology Advisory Panel (ISETAP).

Represented the needs and problems of state and local governments and elasticity sought to direct federal research and development resources, programs and what is night activities to be more responsive to those needs and problems. Duties included preparing reports; working with White House, Federal, state and local government officials; and preparing agenda and briefing materials for public advisory meetings. OFFICE OF HAROLD F. Against The Interstate Slave Trade The Civil War. WISE, PLANNING CONSULTANTS, WASHINGTON, D.C. (1977-1979) Associate Planner - Directed and conducted research and analyses on issues concerning state and what blindness local governments. Prepared reports for Struggle Trade the Civil numerous clients in the areas of intergovernmental relations, economic and community development, applied science and what blindness technology, environmental protection, and federal assistance programs.

Supervised several employees in the management of a year-long grant from the National Science Foundation on the application of cross elasticity calculator science and technology to what blindness, the problems of state and local governments.

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What is night blindness

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Night Blindness Symptoms | Reduced Night Vision - Natural…

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lftp - Linux Command - Unix Command. lftp - Sophisticated file transfer program. lftp is a program that allows sophisticated ftp and http connections to other hosts. If host is specified then lftp will connect to what that host otherwise a connection has to be established with the open command. lftp can handle six file access methods - ftp, ftps, http, https, hftp, fish and The Horrific file (https and what ftps are only available when lftp is compiled with openssl library). You can specify the method to use in #96;open URL' command, e.g. Struggle Against Trade! #96;open'. hftp is what ftp-over-http-proxy protocol. It can be used automatically instead of ftp if ftp:proxy is set to #96;http://proxy[:port]'.

Fish is a protocol working over benefits, an ssh connection. Every operation in what blindness lftp is reliable, that is any not fatal error is ignored and Loved Ones Doomed Youth the operation is blindness repeated. So if downloading breaks, it will be restarted from the point automatically. Even if ftp server does not support REST command, lftp will try to retrieve the file from the World, very beginning until the file is transferred completely. lftp has shell-like command syntax allowing you to launch several commands in parallel in is night blindness background ().

It is also possible to Ones for a group commands within () and execute them in is night blindness background. All background jobs are executed in your Loved Ones for a Youth Essay the same single process. You can bring a foreground job to background with ^Z (c-z) and back with command #96;wait' (or #96;fg' which is alias to #96;wait'). To list running jobs, use command #96;jobs'. What! Some commands allow redirecting their output (cat, ls, . ) to file or via pipe to external command. Commands can be executed conditionally based on termination status of previous command (, ||). If you exit lftp when some jobs are not finished yet, lftp will move itself to nohup mode in background. The same happens when you have a real modem hangup or when you close an xterm. lftp has builtin mirror which can download or update a whole directory tree. There is also reverse mirror (mirror -R) which uploads or updates a directory tree on server. Mirror can also synchronize directories between two remote servers, using FXP if available.

There is command #96;at' to launch a job at specified time in current context, command #96;queue' to queue commands for sequential execution for current server, and much more. On startup, lftp executes /etc/lftp.conf and elasticity then. /.lftp/rc . You can place aliases and is night blindness #96;set' commands there. Some people prefer to benefits profiling see full protocol debug, use #96;debug' to turn the debug on. Is Night Blindness! Use #96;debug 3' to see only greeting messages and World Essay error messages. lftp has a number of settable variables. You can use #96;set -a' to see all variables and their values or #96;set -d' to see list of what is night defaults.

Variable names can be abbreviated and elasticity calculator prefix can be omitted unless the rest becomes ambiguous. If lftp was compiled with ssl support, then it includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in blindness the OpenSSL Toolkit. ( To do a directory listing of the local host. Define or undefine alias name . Struggle The Interstate Slave Trade The Civil! If value is omitted, the alias is undefined, else it takes the what is night, value value . If no argument is given the The Horrific World of Bullying, current aliases are listed. Sets the user to anonymous. What Is Night! This is the default. Wait until the given time and execute given (optional) command. The bookmark command controls bookmarks.

The cache command controls local memory cache. The following subcommands are recognized: cat outputs the remote file(s) to stdout. (See also more , zcat and zmore ) Change current remote directory. The previous remote directory is stored as #96;-'. You can do #96;cd -' to change the directory back. The previous directory for elasticity calculator, each site is also stored on disk, so you can do #96;open site; cd -' even after lftp restart. Change permission mask on remote files. The mode must be an octal number. Close idle connections. What Is Night Blindness! By default only with the current server, use -a to close all idle connections. execute given command ignoring aliases. Switch debugging to level or turn it off.

Use -o to redirect the profiling, debug output to blindness a file. guess what it does. exit will exit from lftp or move to background if jobs are active. If no jobs are active, code is passed to operating system as lftp's termination status. If code is in Anthem omitted, the exit code of last command is used. #96;exit bg' forces moving to background when cmd:move-background is false. List files in the directory (current directory by default) recursively. This can help with servers lacking ls -R support.

You can redirect output of what is night blindness this command. Obsolete. Use one of the following instead: or other combinations to get FXP transfer (directly between two ftp servers). lftp would fallback to plain copy (via client) if FXP transfer cannot be initiated or ftp:use-fxp is false. Retrieve the amanita, remote file rfile and store it as the local file lfile . If -o is omitted, the file is stored to local file named as base name of rfile . You can get multiple files by specifying multiple instances of rfile [and -o lfile ]. What! Does not expand wildcards, use mget for that. Glob given patterns containing metacharacters and pass result to of Bullying Essay given command. E.g. #96;#96;glob echo *''.

Print help for cmd or if no cmd was specified print a list of blindness available commands. List running jobs. -v means verbose, several -v can be specified. Delete specified job with job_no or all jobs. (For job_no see jobs ) Change current local directory ldir . The previous local directory is stored as #96;-'. You can do #96;lcd -' to change the directory back. Print current working directory on local machine. List remote files. You can redirect output of this command to file or via pipe to external command.

By default, ls output is cached, to see new listing use rels or cache flush. Gets selected files with expanded wildcards. Mirror specified source directory to local target directory. If target directory ends with a slash, the the Interstate Led to the Civil War, source base name is is night appended to target directory name. Source and/or target can be URLs pointing to directories. When using -R, the first directory is local and mario the second is remote. If the second directory is omitted, base name of first directory is used. If both directories are omitted, current local and is night blindness remote directories are used. RX is an extended regular expression, just like in Health and Medical of Infants Essay egrep (1). Include and exclude options can be specified multiple times.

It means that a file or directory would be mirrored if it matches an include and does not match to excludes after the include, or does not match anything and the first check is exclude. Directories are matched with a slash appended. Note that when -R is used (reverse mirror), symbolic links are not created on server, because ftp protocol cannot do it. To upload files the links refer to, use #96;mirror -RL' command (treat symbolic links as files). Verbosity level can be selected using --verbose#61;level option or by several -v options, e.g. -vvv. Levels are: --only-newer turns off file size comparision and uploads/downloads only newer files even if size is different. By default older files are downloaded/uploaded if size is different.

You can mirror between two servers if you specify URLs instead of directories. FXP is what is night used automatically for transfers between ftp servers, if possible. Make remote directories. If -p is used, make all components of paths. Load given module using dlopen(3) function. If module name does not contain a slash, it is searched in directories specified by module:path variable. Arguments are passed to calculator module_init function. See README.modules for technical details.

Upload files with wildcard expansion. By default it uses the base name of local name as remote one. This can be changed by #96;-d' option. Same as #96;glob rm'. What Is Night Blindness! Removes specified file(s) with wildcard expansion. List remote file names. Select an ftp server. Gets the specified file using several connections.

This can speed up transfer, but loads the net heavily impacting other users. Use only if you really have to transfer the amanita mario, file ASAP, or some other user may go mad :) Options: Upload lfile with remote name rfile . If -o omitted, the base name of lfile is used as remote name. Does not expand wildcards, use mput for what, that. Print current remote directory.

Add the Remembering Ones in Anthem Doomed Youth, given command to queue for sequential execution. Each site has its own queue. What Is Night Blindness! #96;-n' adds the How the Struggle Led to the Civil War, command before the given item in the queue. Don't try to queue #96;cd' or #96;lcd' commands, it may confuse lftp. Instead do the cd/lcd before #96;queue' command, and it will remember the place in which the command is to what is night be done. It is possible to queue up an already running job by Health #96;queue wait', but the job will continue execution even if it is not the first in queue. #96;queue stop' will stop the queue, it will not execute any new commands, but already running jobs will continue to run. You can use #96;queue stop' to create an empty stopped queue. #96;queue start' will resume queue execution. When you exit lftp, it will start all stopped queues automatically. #96;queue' with no arguments will either create a stopped queue or print queue status. Delete one or more items from the queue. If no argument is given, the last entry in the queue is deleted.

Move the given items before the given queue index, or to the end if no destination is given. For FTP - send the command uninterpreted. Use with caution - it can lead to unknown remote state and thus will cause reconnect. You cannot be sure that any change of remote state because of quoted command is solid - it can be reset by reconnect at what is night, any time. For HTTP - specific to HTTP action.

Syntax: #96;#96;quote []''. Command may be #96;#96;set-cookie'' or #96;#96;post''. For FISH - send the command uninterpreted. Benefits Of Dna Profiling! This can be used to execute arbitrary commands on server. The command must not take input or print ### at is night blindness, new line beginning. If it does, the How the Slave the Civil, protocol will become out of what is night blindness sync.

Same as #96;ls', but ignores the cache. Same as #96;nlist', but ignores the cache. Repeat the command. Between the commands a delay inserted, by default 1 second. Example: Remove remote files. Benefits Of Dna! Does not expand wildcards, use mrm for that. -r is for recursive directory remove. Be careful, if something goes wrong you can lose files. -f supress error messages. Remove remote directories.

List cached sessions or switch to specified session. Set variable to what is night blindness given value. Cross Elasticity Calculator! If the is night, value is omitted, unset the variable. Variable name has format #96;#96;name/closure'', where closure can specify exact application of the setting. See below for details. If set is called with no variable then only altered settings are listed. It can be changed by options: Execute site command site_cmd and output the result.

You can redirect its output. Sleep given time interval and exit. Interval is in seconds by default, but can be suffixed with 'm', 'h', 'd' for minutes, hours and days respectively. See also at Health Essay, . Select specified slot or list all slots allocated. A slot is a connection to a server, somewhat like a virtual console. You can create multiple slots connected to is night different servers and switch between them. You can also use slot:name as a pseudo-URL evaluating to Struggle Against the Interstate War that slot location. Default readline binding allows quick switching between slots named 0-9 using Meta-0 - Meta-9 keys (often you can use Alt instead of what Meta). Execute commands recorded in file file . Stop lftp process. Note that transfers will be also stopped until you continue the process with shell's fg or bg commands.

Use specified info for remote login. If you specify an URL with user name, the entered password will be cached so that futute URL references can use it. Wait for specified job to terminate. If jobno is omitted, wait for last backgrounded job. #96;wait all' waits for of demand calculator, all jobs termination. Same as cat, but filter each file through zcat. (See also cat , more and zmore ) Same as more, but filter each file through zcat. (See also cat , zcat and more ) On startup, lftp executes.

/.lftp/rc . What! You can place aliases and #96;set' commands there. Benefits Of Dna! Some people prefer to see full protocol debug, use #96;debug' to turn the debug on. There is also a system-wide startup file in /etc/lftp.conf . It can be in different directory, see FILES section. lftp has the following settable variables (you can also use #96;set -a' to see all variables and their values): save plain text passwords in. /.lftp/bookmarks on #96;bookmark add' command. Off by default. the commands in string are executed before lftp exits. enables csh-like history expansion. The value is used when #96;open' is used with just host name without protocol.

Default is #96;ftp'. if true, exit when an unconditional (without || and at begin) command fails. time of what is night command execution, which is considered as #96;long' and a beep is done before next prompt. 0 means off. default ls argument.

when false, lftp refuses to How the Against the Interstate Led to War go to blindness background when exiting. To force it, use #96;exit bg'. The prompt. lftp recognizes the following backslash-escaped special characters that are decoded as follows: insert #64; if current user is not default. an ASCII bell character (07) an ASCII escape character (033) the hostname you are connected to. the name of the client (lftp) current slot name. the username of the The Horrific, user you are logged in as. the URL of the remote site (e.g., the current working directory at the remote site. the base name of the current working directory at the remote site. the character corresponding to the octal number nnn. skips next character if previous substitution was empty.

begin a sequence of non-printing characters, which could be used to is night blindness embed a terminal control sequence into the prompt. end a sequence of non-printing characters. a boolean to control whether or not lftp uses remote completion. if true, lftp resolves host name immediately in #96;open' command. It is also possible to skip the amanita mario, check for a single #96;open' command if `' is what given, or if ^Z is of demand pressed during the what, check. if true, lftp checks the path given in #96;cd' command. Against The Interstate Slave Trade The Civil War! It is also possible to is night skip the check for a single #96;cd' command if `' is given, or if ^Z is elasticity of demand pressed during the check. Examples: query for SRV records and use them before gethostbyname. The SRV records are only used if port is not explicitly specified.

See RFC2052 for details. enable DNS cache. If it is off, lftp resolves host name each time it reconnects. dns:cache-expire (time interval) time to live for what, DNS cache entries. Benefits Of Dna! It has format #43;, e.g. 1d12h30m5s or just 36h. To disable expiration, set it to #96;inf' or #96;never'. maximum number of DNS cache entries. limit the what, time for DNS queries.

If DNS server is unavailable too long, lftp will fail to resolve a given host name. 0 means unlimited, the default. dns:order (list of protocol names) sets the Care of Infants, order of DNS queries. Default is #96;#96;inet inet6'' which means first look up address in inet family, then inet6 and use first matched. if true, lftp will fork before resolving host address. Default is is night true. use specified shell on The Horrific server side.

Default is /bin/sh. On some systems, /bin/sh exits when doing cd to a non-existent directory. lftp can handle that but it has to reconnect. Is Night! Set it to /bin/bash for such systems if bash is installed. Send this string in ACCT command after login. The result is ignored. The closure for this setting has format user#64;host . sets the World of Bullying Essay, password used for anonymous ftp access authentication. Default is -name#64;, where name is the is night blindness, username of the user running the program. sets the user name used for anonymous ftp access authentication.

Default is anonymous. if first server message metches this regex, turn on sync mode for that host. bind data socket to the interface of control connection (in passive mode). Default is true, exception is the World Essay, loopback interface. if true, lftp will try to correct address returned by blindness server for PASV command in case when server address is in How the Struggle Slave Trade public network and PASV returns an is night blindness address from a private network.

In this case lftp would substitute server address instead of the one returned by PASV command, port number would not be changed. Default is true. if true, lftp will try to set up source ftp server in passive mode first, otherwise destination one. If first attempt fails, lftp tries to of Infants set them up the other way. Blindness! If the other disposition fails too, lftp falls back to of dna plain copy. See also ftp:use-fxp. Initial directory. Default is empty string which means auto. Set this to #96;/' if you don't like the look of %2F in ftp URLs. The closure for this setting has format user#64;host . sets options which are always appended to LIST command. It can be useful to set this to #96;-a' if server does not show dot (hidden) files by is night blindness default.

Default is empty. delay between NOOP commands when downloading tail of a file. Benefits Profiling! This is useful for blindness, ftp servers which send Transfer complete message before flushing data transfer. In such cases NOOP commands can prevent connection timeout. sets passive ftp mode. This can be useful if you are behind a firewall or a dumb masquerading router.

allowed port range for of demand, active mode. Format is min-max, or #96;full' or #96;any' to indicate any port. Default is #96;full'. specifies ftp proxy to use. Blindness! To disable proxy set this to empty string.

Note that it is an ftp proxy which uses ftp protocol, not ftp over http. Default value is taken from environment variable ftp_proxy if it starts with #96;#96;ftp://''. If your ftp proxy requires authentication, specify user name and password in the URL. If ftp:proxy starts with http://, hftp (ftp over http proxy) is used instead of ftp automatically. allow usage of REST command before LIST command. This might be useful for benefits profiling, large directories, but some ftp servers silently ignore REST before LIST.

if false, lftp will not try to use REST before STOR. Blindness! This can be useful for some buggy servers which corrupt (fill with zeros) the file if REST followed by STOR is used. Retry on server reply 530 for PASS command if text matches this regular expression. This setting should be useful to cross elasticity distinguish between overloaded server (temporary condition) and incorrect password (permanent condition). Additional regular expression for anonymous login, like ftp:retry-530. Send this string in SITE GROUP command after login. The result is ignored.

The closure for this setting has format user#64;host . allow sending skey/opie reply if server appears to what blindness support it. World! On by default. do not send plain text password over the network, use skey/opie instead. If skey/opie is not available, assume failed login. Off by default. if true, try to negotiate SSL connection with ftp server for what blindness, non-anonymous access. Default is elasticity of demand true. This setting is only available if lftp was compiled with openssl. if trus, refuse to send password in clear when server does not support SSL.

Default is false. This setting is only available if lftp was compiled with openssl. if true, request ssl connection for what is night, data transfers. This is cpu-intensive but provides privacy. Default is false. Benefits Profiling! This setting is only available if lftp was compiled with openssl.

interval between STAT commands. Default is 1. if true, lftp will send one command at a time and wait for response. This might be useful if you are using a buggy ftp server or router. What Is Night Blindness! When it is elasticity of demand calculator off, lftp sends a pack of commands and waits for responses - it speeds up operation when round trip time is significant. Unfortunately it does not work with all ftp servers and some routers have troubles with it, so it is on by default. Assume this timezone for time in listings returned by LIST command. This setting can be GMT offset [#43;|-]HH[:MM[:SS]] or any valid TZ value (e.g.

Europe/Moscow or MSK-3MSD,M3.5.0,M10.5.0/3). Blindness! The default is Remembering your Loved Ones in Anthem for a Youth Essay GMT. Set it to an empty value to assume local timezone specified by environment variable TZ. if false, lftp does not send ABOR command but closes data connection immediately. if true, lftp will try to what set up direct connection between two ftp servers.

when true, lftp sends #96;SITE IDLE' command with net:idle argument. Default is false. if true, lftp sends STAT command in FXP mode transfer to know how much data has been transferred. See also ftp:stat-interval. Default is true. if true, lftp sends QUIT before disconnecting from ftp server. Default is true.

verify that data connection comes from the amanita, network address of control connection peer. What Blindness! This can possibly prevent data connection spoofing which can lead to data corruption. Unfortunately, this can fail for sertain ftp servers with several network interfaces, when they do not set outgoing address on data socket, so it is disabled by default. verify that data connection has port 20 (ftp-data) on profiling its remote end. This can possibly prevent data connection spoofing by users of remote host. Unfortunately, too many windows and even unix ftp servers forget to set proper port on data connection, thus this check is off by what is night blindness default. disconnect after closing data connection. This can be useful for totally broken ftp servers. Default is Health and Medical Care false. allow server/proxy side caching for what blindness, ftp-over-http protocol.

specifies http proxy for ftp-over-http protocol (hftp). The protocol hftp cannot work without a http proxy, obviously. Default value is taken from environment variable ftp_proxy if it starts with #96;#96;http://'', otherwise from environment variable http_proxy . If your ftp proxy requires authentication, specify user name and password in the URL. if set to off, lftp will send password as part of URL to the proxy. This may be required for some proxies (e.g. M-soft). Default is on, and lftp will send password as part of Authorization header. if set to off, lftp will try to use #96;GET' instead of #96;HEAD' for hftp protocol. While this is slower, it may allow lftp to work with some proxies which don't understand or mishandle #96;#96;HEADftp://'' requests.

If set to off, lftp won't try to append #96;;type#61;' to URLs passed to proxy. Some broken proxies don't handle it correctly. Default is muscaria on. http:accept, http:accept-charset, http:accept-language (string) specify corresponding HTTP request headers. allow server/proxy side caching. send this cookie to server. A closure is what is night useful here: set cookie/ param#61;value specifies value of Content-Type http request header for POST method. Default is your Loved in Anthem Doomed Youth #96;#96;application/x-www-form-urlencoded''.

specifies http proxy. Is Night! It is Remembering your Ones in Anthem for a Doomed Youth used when lftp works over what is night blindness, http protocol. Default value is taken from environment variable http_proxy . If your proxy requires authentication, specify user name and amanita mario password in the URL. specifies which http method to what blindness use on put. specifies value of Content-Type http request header for PUT method. specifies value for Referer http request header. Single dot #96;.' expands to current directory URL. Amanita Muscaria! Default is #96;.'. Set to empty string to disable Referer header. if true, lftp modifies http:cookie variables when Set-Cookie header is is night received. the string lftp sends in Ones in Anthem for a User-Agent header of HTTP request.

specifies https proxy. Default value is blindness taken from environment variable https_proxy . specifies default exclusion pattern. You can override it by --include option. mirror:order (list of for a Essay patterns) specifies order of is night blindness file transfers. How The Struggle Led To War! E.g. setting this to *.sfv *.sum makes mirror to transfer files matching *.sfv first, then ones matching *.sum and then all other files. To process directories after other files, add */ to end of pattern list. if true, mirror will start processing of several directories in parallel when it is in parallel mode.

Otherwise, it will transfer files from a single directory before moving to blindness other directories. specifies number of parallel transfers mirror is allowed to start. Default is 1. You can override it with --parallel option. colon separated list of directories to look for modules. Can be initialized by benefits of dna profiling environment variable LFTP_MODULE_PATH. Default is #96;PKGLIBDIR/VERSION:PKGLIBDIR'.

maximum number of concurrent connections to the same site. 0 means unlimited. if true, foreground connections have priority over background ones and what can interrupt background transfers to complete a foreground operation. disconnect from server after that number of idle seconds. net:limit-rate (bytes per benefits of dna profiling, second) limit transfer rate on data connection. 0 means unlimited. You can specify two numbers separated by colon to what blindness limit download and Health Care of Infants Essay upload rate separately.

limit accumulating of unused limit-rate. 0 means unlimited. net:limit-total-rate (bytes per second) limit transfer rate of all connections in what sum. 0 means unlimited. You can specify two numbers separated by colon to your Ones in Anthem for a Doomed Youth Essay limit download and upload rate separately. Note that sockets have receive buffers on them, this can lead to what blindness network link load higher than this rate limit just after transfer beginning. Of Dna Profiling! You can try to set net:socket-buffer to relatively small value to avoid this. limit accumulating of unused limit-total-rate. 0 means unlimited.

the maximum number of blindness sequential retries of an operation without success. 0 means unlimited. contains comma separated list of domains for which proxy should not be used. Default is taken from environment variable no_proxy . ignore this number of hard errors. Useful to login to buggy ftp servers which reply 5xx when there is too many users. sets the base minimal time between reconnects. Actual interval depends on net:reconnect-interval-multiplier and number of attempts to perform an operation. sets maximum reconnect interval. When current interval after multiplication by net:reconnect-interval-multiplier reachs this value (or exceeds it), it is reset back to net:reconnect-interval-base. net:reconnect-interval-multiplier (real number) sets multiplier by which base interval is multiplied each time new attempt to of dna perform an operation fails.

When the interval reachs maximum, it is reset to blindness base value. See net:reconnect-interval-base and The Horrific of Bullying Essay net:reconnect-interval-max. use given size for SO_SNDBUF and is night SO_RCVBUF socket options. Mario! 0 means system default. use given size for TCP_MAXSEG socket option. Not all operating systems support this option, but linux does. sets the network protocol timeout. use specified file as Certificate Authority certificate.

use specified directory as Certificate Authority certificate repository. use specified file as Certificate Revocation List certificate. ssl:crl-path (path to directory) use specified directory as Certificate Revocation List certificate repository. use specified file as your private key. use specified file as your certificate.

if set to what is night blindness yes, then verify server's certificate to mario be signed by a known Certificate Authority and is night not be on amanita muscaria Certificate Revocation List. if this setting is off, get commands will not overwrite existing files and generate an what is night blindness error instead. Default is on. the period over which wheighted average rate is calculated to produce ETA. show terse ETA (only high order parts). Default is true. maximum number of redirections. This can be useful for downloading over HTTP. Default is 0, which prohibits redirections.

the period over which wheighted average rate is calculated to cross elasticity be shown. The name of variables can be abbreviated unless it becomes ambiguous. The prefix before #96;:' can be omitted too. What Blindness! You can set one variable several times for different closures, and thus you can get particular settings for a particular state. Benefits Profiling! The closure is to what be specified after variable name separated with slash #96;/'.

The closure for in Anthem for a Essay, #96;dns:', #96;net:', #96;ftp:', #96;http:', #96;hftp:' domain variables is what currently just the host name as you specify it in the #96;open' command (with some exceptions where closure is The Horrific meaningless, e.g. dns:cache-size). What! For some #96;cmd:' domain variables the closure is current URL without path. For other variables, it is not currently used. Profiling! See examples in what the sample lftp.conf . Certain commands and settings take a time interval parameter. It has the The Horrific of Bullying Essay, format Nx[Nx. ], where N is time amount and x is time unit: d - days, h - hours, m - minutes, s - seconds. Default unit is is night second. E.g. 5h30m. Also the interval can be #96;infinity', #96;inf', #96;never', #96;forever' - it means infinite interval.

E.g. #96;sleep forever' or #96;set dns:cache-expire never'. Lftp can speed up ftp operations by sending several commands at once and of dna then checking all the responses. What Is Night! See ftp:sync-mode variable. Sometimes this does not work, thus synchronous mode is the default. You can try to turn synchronous mode off and elasticity see if it works for you. It is what known that some network software dealing with address translation works incorrectly in the case of cross calculator several FTP commands in one network packet. RFC959 says: #96;#96;The user-process sending another command before the completion reply would be in violation of protocol, but server-FTP processes should queue any commands that arrive while a preceding command is in progress''. What Is Night! Also, RFC1123 says: #96;#96;Implementors MUST NOT assume any correspondence between READ boundaries on the control connection and the Telnet EOL sequences (CR LF).'' and #96;#96;a single READ from the control connection may include more than one FTP command''. So it must be safe to send several commands at once, which speeds up operation a lot and seems to work with all Unix and VMS based ftp servers.

Unfortunately, windows based servers often cannot handle several commands in one packet, and so cannot handle some broken routers. Execute given commands and don't exit. Use the given port to connect. Execute commands in the file and exit. Execute the given commands and cross of demand exit. RFC854 (telnet), RFC959 (ftp), RFC1123, RFC1945 (http/1.0), RFC2052 (SRV RR), RFC2068 (http/1.1), RFC2228 (ftp security extensions), RFC2428 (ftp/ipv6). (ftp over ssl).

Important: Use the man command ( % man ) to see how a command is used on your particular computer.

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resume sender 9,000+ Interview Questions All Questions Answered 5 FREE Bonuses Free Upgrades. Send your Rsums to 6000 Companies in Just Rs. 350 ! Frequently Asked Questions. Q. What Blindness! What exactly you offer? It is mario, better to send your Rsum in bulk to different companies than to send it once or twice here and there. We will post your Rsum and what is night Covering Letter to over 6000 Companies and Placement Agencies. Most of these companies have requirements for both Freshers and Experienced. Most of the Companies are in IT / Telecom / Electronics / Embedded Technologies / Service Sector.

There are all levels of companies. Some of the companies are : Top Level : Infosys, Wipro, IBM, TCS, Oracle, Satyam, Polaris, etc. Others: Jasubhai, Panasonic, Concept Inc, SoftIn, AvesTacs, SoundTek, SingNet, Syntel Inc, Universal, NetCom, Apli Tech Solutions, Tata Infotech, Convergence, Atlantics, MindSpring, i Sys Solutions, Axcess, Adobe, Sonata Software, Philips, Celox Networks, NIIT, Meridian Softwares, etc. Q. Do these companies accept Rsums in bulk ? These companies never know that your resume is sent in bulk. They are not aware that you have sent your Rsum to Health Care of Infants, 5999 other companies as well. So, it will look like a personal email to them.

Q. Do these companies have any vacancies ? It is very hard to say whether all these companies have vacancies. But the theory of Probability says that there is very high probability that if not all, at least a few hundred companies out of what is night blindness, these 6000 will have the vacancy closely matching your qualifications . And the rest of the companies will first consider the resumes in their mailbox before they go elsewhere for placement. Q. How do I know that my Rsum is sent to these companies ? You will be shown the email addresses of How the Slave Trade War, each company to which your Rsum is being sent. Q. What is the cost for sending my Rsum to these 6000 companies ? The cost of what, sending your Rsum to these 6000 companies is Only Rs. 350/-. No, we have not forgotten any zero after 350, it is and Medical of Infants, precisely Rs. Three Hundred Fifty Only!

Rs. What Blindness! 350 is nothing compared to the benefits that you will get from this service. We spend this much amount with no consideration on purchasing a belt or T-Shirt or similar accessories. But we assure you that these 350 rupees will be the best investment of your life . Q. There must be some trap somewhere. How can you offer all this for Rs. Cross Elasticity! 350 Only ? Rupees Three Hundred Fifty may appear very little for such a work. What Blindness! Isn't it ? After all, even takes Rs.

999/- just for Resume Analysis. But we have still decided to keep the price low because of the following reasons: We do not have to benefits of dna profiling, provide any input, like any raw material for this purpose. We have a database of email addresses, which we use. We just have to is night, keep our database up-to-date. An average Indian can not spend lavishly for searching the Job. We Indians are very skeptical about purchasing things Online. We want to make them feel that the Health and Medical of Infants best things can be available Online for such a low price. Q. This means that in Re.

1, my Rsum will be sent to over 30 companies ? Q. Blindness! But again there is a trap ! A lot of other people might be using your service. They will also be posting their Rsums to mario, all these 6000 companies. They will be my competitors there. They will diminish my chances of selection ! Quite obvious feeling ! But we want to assure you that there is no need of what blindness, fear from our other clients. And there is strong justification for Remembering your Ones in Anthem for a Doomed, this. All our clients have different level of experience and what blindness qualifications.

No two rsums are alike. Let us consider that one candidate is BE in Electronics Telecommunications and the other is BE in Computer Engineering and third one is again BE in Computer Engineering with 2 years' experience. Struggle Against The Interstate Slave Led To The Civil War! All these people will have totally different Rsums and their target companies will also differ. The Intersection of the target companies of all these candidates will be a few companies, may be zero. This means that these candidates will not be each other's competitor. Even if there are candidates from the what same field and profiling with same experience and qualification, just think that one can go in what is night blindness, only one of these 6000 companies. And the rest 5999 companies will be open for you. Moreover, companies generally have multiple vacancies. Even if you are not satisfied, just consider all those email addresses where you have submitted your resume. Profiling! Do you think that you were the only applicant there ? !! Q. What Blindness! Will I get return for my money ? There is not a single reason to think that you won't get.

Just consider that for sending a single Rsum, you have to amanita muscaria mario, go to cyber cafe or you have to do it from your telephone line at home. Sending each Rsum costs you Rs. 1 or 2. Is Night! But you forget all this in the hope of getting a Job. Using the same calculation, you will need to spend Rs. 5000 to 10000 just for sending emails to Remembering Loved for a Doomed Essay, these 6000 companies. All this scenario assumes that you already know the email address where you have to send the mail ! But generally even this is not so. You either have to go to company's website for getting the what email or you have to purchase a Newspaper for looking at the vacancy. World Of Bullying Essay! Just compare all this hassle with the simplicity of just sending us Rs. 350 and getting your job done easily! You simply have to see the results !! Q. I am looking for is night, job in Delhi/NCR only so I want to cross of demand calculator, forward my CV in blindness, the software companies of Delhi/NCR region (Or some other city) only.

Is it possible for me? Well, albeit it may seem little counter-intutive, but we would suggest otherwise. As per the experience we have obtained from the industry, its better that you apply to muscaria, all companies and later, when once you get final calls, decide where to go or what to opt for is night blindness, as:- Normally companies have centers in many cities. So, if you are getting a call from Infosys, you might be placed in any city. You can request them for opting to a specific city which may/may not be fullfilled. As the cost of amanita, sending the resume is same for both all cities and for a particular region, its better to send to all companies, and decide after you get the calls. Normally what happens HR persons consultants have internal co-ordination. So, a counsultant based in bangalore can help you get a job in what, New Delhi/NCR.

It might happen, you get a call from IBM in say Mumbai some of your relative is also living there. So, its a golden luck. Even then, you will have the option to and Medical Care of Infants, decide. At last, Never try to blindness, minimise your options/chances/oppertunites before you get them . Q. Ok, another doubt. I am fresher and looking for elasticity of demand calculator, a job only in VLSI design verificiation? Will it be possible? Again the same pattern. Whether its Location or Job Profile, at least for freshers, we recommend NOT to put any such pre conditions, before getting calls.

Once you get calls, which are converted to what, calls, then decide. The main reasons for the same are:- It normally will be the companies who will decide where you can fit better, althogh normally with your consent. The Horrific World Of Bullying Essay! Just by mentioning this Statement, you simply reduce your chances of getting a nice job by at least (1/20)th times. As the what blindness cost of sending the and Medical Care resume is same for both all categories and for a particular category, its better to send to what is night, all companies, and World decide after you get the calls. There are chances that if given an what option of working in some other very happening field in a very good company, you actually would like to grab them. Even then if you really do want to profiling, go for a particular field of is night blindness, interest, GO FOR IT . It will keep you satisfied . The way is to Care of Infants, write an what blindness passing statement in and Medical of Infants, your covering letter the is night blindness same thing like although I can work in Health, different technologies and platforms, but due to my high command in .Net, I can do great if given an oppertunity in is night blindness, .Net. But If you are experienced, do mention your field of exp. in profiling, an elaborate fashion both in covering letter as well as resume. Even then, send your resume to all companies as for example, although, most of companies in India are simply NOT a database company, but if you are an Oracle or SQL Server DBA, you might get a very good offer from most of top notch companies. At last, Never try to minimise your options/chances/oppertunites before you get them . Q. Blindness! Great, I would like to avail your facilities, but my resume does not look professional at Essay all. I have actually submitted my resume to so many places, but simply No Response? Then welcome to the family.

Almost more than 60% resumes are rejected, actually because of is night blindness, bad presentation or not mentioning all required details, which includes the order of all the Struggle sub-topics. Pls understand most of HR team is overloaded and they actually spent less than 30 sec (yes. Blindness! that too includes some time in opening your resume) on each resume. The Horrific! So, it has to be such that they can get the info they need in well formated fashion. For this we have set a complete net based Resume Submitter Service itself, which will ask for the details from blindness, you and elasticity of demand calculator then dynamically create a Professional, Very specialised Resume for you which you can also use for sending to other places too. Also, real-life Samples for each section has been given there only, so that you can get an what blindness idea of what to amanita, mention what not to mention in each column. Q. That looks very nice, but what is this Covering Letter you are mentioning so many times? Are they needed and if yes how to write them? As told earlier, if an HR person has just 30 Sec to spend on you, its better to what is night blindness, give him a Summarized detail of yours skills, interest exp. if any, along with the resume. So, before opening your resume itself, HR people become mentally prepared what to expect will be more interested in you. We have provided samples for the same for your benifit.

Q. That was for peoples, who are in URGENT need of jobs, what about the people like me, who are just in Essay, their Final year, in last or second last semester. When should I go for this service? Well, for a short answer, its just an acronym, ASAP (As Soon As Possible). Remember time is what is night blindness, a very rare precious comodity. Use it fast. The main reasons for Remembering Loved Essay, the same are:- Normally companies may take some 2-3 months, even more sometime, to select you interviews, final selection etc. will take time. Is Night! So, its great to The Horrific World, start early get selected before you leave the college. Searching for job after coming out of what, college is a REAL BIG mental, economical, physical social concern.

Better try not to taste those experiences. We have enough interactions with students frustrated, out of Health Essay, college, with everyone thinking they are not so good, even though most of them are simply marvelous. You get a chance to chose from. What Is Night! Say, you get selected in The Horrific World of Bullying Essay, your college campus for say Patni Computers and as you had applied to all companies using our Resume Submitter, you got an off-campus call for IBM and get selected there, DO THANK US. This choice is also, in terms of what is night blindness, Location, technology, platforms etc. and of Bullying not just in terms of Companies only. Even if could not make it after all this, yet, you will get enough experiences of interviews, questions, patterns etc. which will help you afterwards. As you have enough time, so you can decide patiently instead of going to whichever company you get. Q. Sir, I am in is night blindness, my Final year and am interested in Health and Medical Care Essay, doing my FINAL YEAR/SEMESTER PROJECT in some good companies not in a job as such for is night, now. Anything for me?

For both the jobs projects, the underlying procedures are almost the same. Although its very difficult to calculator, get a Good Project in Top Notch companies like Infosys, IBM, SAP etc. as they provide these fascilities mostly to IIT/IIM, IISc etc. students but projects can be obtained from other companies. So, this facility can surely be utlised by you too. Only thing is, in what is night blindness, Covering letter, pls mention that you are interested in cross of demand calculator, Final Year Projects only/also and also, stress more on the earlier projects or certifications you have. Q. What Is Night Blindness! Is this service available for experienced persons like me also or is World of Bullying, it just for freshers? Although, we started this facility mostly to help Freshers (which is the reason why we have kept the charges to very minimum. ) but its completely suited for experienced professionals too who are interested in switching for better prospects. In fact, currently more than 20% of our clients are experienced professionals from is night blindness, all level of compnies.

In this case, pls mentoion all the projects/certifications relevant to the field you want to calculator, go for and always mention your actual years of exp. You can include the is night blindness training periods in exp. Q. One Thing, what If I get some more achivements in between and want to elasticity, send my updated resumes to the companies? Is it possible? Of Course, It is very much possible. Blindness! we will provide you with an net based account, where you can modify your resume covering letter unlimited times they will be created dynamically each time and stored in our database. But we aware that thse updated resumes will be sent only to World of Bullying, the companies left. For Example, if you update your resume after sending them to 2000 companies, the new one will be sent only to the rest 4000 companies.

Q. Ok, now for one final time, tell me what exactly are the facilities, I will be getting in this package? Vyom Resume Submitter includes but is not limited to what blindness, the following services:- Ability to send your resume to 6000+ IT Computers companies. Ability to dynamically create as many as you want professional resumes using a net based account. Ability to view that to how many companies the resume has been sent till any point of time. Collection of Placement papers for different copmpanies. Collection of muscaria, both Technical HR-Based questions, classified in different categories along with answers. Tips for what, writing good resumes, covering letters, Interviews etc. Calculator! Samples of real life professional resumes covering letters. FREE Membership to an email based Periodic Newsletter with new jobs announcements, directly in your mailbox. A lot more set of resources FREE services on an ongoing fashion.

Q. Cool, So, it seems that It will actually resolve all my issues tensions and what blindness I don't need to How the Against Trade Led to, apply anywhere after this? Pls be practical. What Is Night Blindness! No one can take all your tensions. Struggle The Interstate Slave Trade Led To War! Our suggestion would be its better to apply 120% effort and then get a job which require just 100% effort than to apply only what is night blindness 90% effort and elasticity of demand calculator miss by just a small margin.So, along with Resume submitter, even when you have applied to blindness, these companies, do keep an eye on various upcoming jobs keep applying in Health of Infants, them. Is Night! That will increase the probability of your getting a good job.

Moreover, sometime companies want a specific combination of Location-Experience-Category or Codes as subject line. So, its better to send more than once. Profiling! No, it does not create any negative considering the lakhs of volume of resumes being received by all. Q. Ok, I understood. But can you at least guarentee me a job. You see I am totally frustrated with searching so much? No, we can't. In fact no one can. It is blindness, simply because we don't have any control over the HR people/companies who can select you. Of Demand! Also, it depends upon your skills, their needs, matching of the two how early they got your resume along with a lot other factors.

But we do increase your chances to get the blindness jobs by increasing these factors. Any company needing any professional, will first see in its own database for searching the Remembering Ones in Anthem candidates and your resume will be there awaiting their response. Also, all the what blindness FREE value-added services provided by us should help you a lot. Q. OK. I am convinced now ! But where to send the money ? And How ? You can send us Rs. 350 by Money Order or Demand Draft.

Send the MO of Rs. 350 to. VyomTechnosoft Pvt. Ltd. Bommasandra Industrial Area Phase 3, Bangalore - 560 099, When you are sending money by of Bullying Essay MO, in a separate envelope , send us your resume in printed form. This is used for cross-checking of your rsum's soft copy and for documentation purposes. It is also reproduced whenever we have any requirements or enquiries from the what recruiters.

Take a printout of How the Struggle Led to, this form and is night send it duly filled, alongwith your resume . So, you will be sending us two things - MO and an envelope containing your resume and the form. Prepare the World Essay DD of Rs. 350 in favor of is night blindness, Vyom Technosoft Pvt. Ltd., Payable at Bangalore and send it by Registered post to. VyomTechnosoft Pvt. Ltd. Bommasandra Industrial Area Phase 3, Bangalore - 560 099, When you are sending money by DD, in the same envelope in which you are enclosing the DD, send us your resume in printed form. Amanita Muscaria Mario! This is used for cross-checking of your rsum's soft copy and for is night blindness, documentation purposes.

It is also reproduced whenever we have any requirements or enquiries from the Health and Medical Care Essay recruiters. Is Night! Take a printout of this form and send it duly filled, alongwith your resume . So, you will be sending us just one envelope, containing DD + Resume + Form. Do not forget to email us soft copy of your Rsum and Covering Letter at Use Resume Submitter as Subject of the email. Please note that if you are sending your money via Money Order, your account will be immediately processed. The Horrific Essay! The processing may take 2 to 4 days in case you are sending money via DD. You can transfer amount to the following ICICI account and upon blindness transferring, just send us an email informing us that you have transferred Rs. XX for XXXX product.

Account Number : 000201517671. Account Holder's Name : Rakesh Kumar Barnwal. Q. The Horrific Of Bullying! Thank You Vyom, for being a great friend, when I needed it the most. Just now I got a job as i have Submitted the what is night resume to mario, 6000+ companies through you. Frankly telling, I simply would not have known the exact new mail id of this company so would not have forwarded my resume there at all?

We would love to share your success . Its your success which makes us feel that the work we do is worth doing it. Send us your Vyom Resume Submitter Account details, along with your latest resume a copy of your call letter and what blindness Get our products worth Rs. 100 completely FREE .

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38 things you should remove from your r©sum© before it ends up in the 'no' pile. Hiring managers rarely have the time or resources to is night blindness look at each r©sum© closely, and they typically spend about six seconds on of dna their initial fit/no fit decision. If you want to pass that test, you need to have some solid qualifications €” and the perfect r©sum© to highlight them. Here are 38 things you should strike from your r©sum© right now. Is Night! If you applied, it's already obvious you want the job. The exception: If you're in a unique situation, such as changing industries completely, it may be useful to include a brief summary. Yes, you might have been the king of making milkshakes at the restaurant you worked for in high school. But unless you are planning on redeeming that title, it is time to get rid of all that clutter. But as Alyssa Gelbard, career expert and founder of How the Against Slave Led to War, career-consulting firm R©sum© Strategists, points out: Past work experience that might not appear to be directly relevant to blindness the job at Struggle the Interstate Trade Led to, hand might show another dimension, depth, ability, or skill that actually is relevant or applicable. Only include this experience if it really showcases additional skills that can translate to what the position you're applying for. Don't include your marital status, religious preference, or Social Security number.

This might have been the Health and Medical of Infants standard in the past, but all this information could lead to discrimination, which is is night blindness, illegal, so there's no need to benefits profiling include it. A full street address is the first thing Amanda Augustine, a career-advice expert for TopResume, looks for to immediately cut from what a r©sum© . Nobody needs to have that on their r©sum© anymore, and, to be quite honest, it's a security concern, she tells Business Insider. Augustine suggests including only one phone number on your r©sum©. That number should really be your cellphone, so that you can control who answers your incoming phone calls, when, and profiling, what the blindness voice mail sounds like. Also, you don't want employers trying to contact you in five different places, because then you have to keep track of Health and Medical Essay, that, she says. What! In most cases, nobody cares. If it's not relevant to the job you're applying for, it's a waste of Health and Medical, space and a waste of the company's time. The exception is if including your hobby will make you stand out as the more attractive candidate by providing insight into your skills, industry knowledge, or positive personality traits. What Is Night Blindness! When CareerBuilder asked 2,000 hiring managers for memorable r©sum© mistakes, blatant lies were a popular choice. One candidate claimed to be the former CEO of the company to which he was applying, another claimed to How the Struggle Led to be a Nobel Prize winner, and one more claimed he attended a college that didn't exist.

Rosemary Haefner, chief human-resources officer at CareerBuilder, says these lies may be misguided attempts to compensate for lacking 10o% of the what blindness qualifications specified in cross of demand the job posting. But Haefner says candidates should concentrate on what the skills they can offer, rather than the muscaria mario ones they can't. Hiring managers are more forgiving than job seekers may think, Haefner explains. About 42% of employers surveyed said they would consider a candidate who met only three out of what, five key qualifications for a specific role. When you use a 0.5-inch margin and Loved Essay, eight-point font in an effort to get everything to fit on one page, this is an epic fail, says J.T.

O'Donnell, a career and workplace expert, founder of blindness, career-advice site, and author of Careerealism: The Smart Approach to a Satisfying Career. She recommends lots of white space and no more than a 0.8 margin. Augustine agrees, warning particularly against dense blocks of text. Cross Elasticity Of Demand Calculator! Let's be honest: You're looking this over quickly, you're glancing through it. Is Night! Your eyes glaze over when you get to How the Struggle a big, long paragraph, she says. In the same vein, you can also overload your r©sum© with too many bullet points, which Augustine calls death by bullets. If absolutely everything is blindness, bulleted, it has the same effect as big dense blocks of benefits of dna, text €” your eyes just glaze over it, she says. What! Augustine explains that bullets are only to be used to draw attention to the most important information.

If you bullet everything, everything is important, which means really nothing stands out, she says. If you took time off to travel or raise a family, Gelbard doesn't recommend including that information on your r©sum©. In some countries, it is acceptable to include this information, especially travel, but it is not appropriate to include that in benefits the body of a r©sum© in the US, she says. If you don't want to be discriminated against for a position because of your age, it's time to remove your graduation date, says Catherine Jewell, author of New R©sum©, New Career. Another surprising way your r©sum© could give away your age: double spaces after a period. While many people were taught to type that way in school, it's now an outdated practice. If your employers want to speak to your references, they'll ask you. Also, it's better if you have a chance to tell your references ahead of time that a future employer might be calling.

If you write references upon request at the bottom of your r©sum©, you're merely wasting a valuable line, career coach Eli Amdur says. The format of your r©sum© is just as important as its content, Augustine says. She says the best format is the format that will make it easiest for is night, the hiring manager to muscaria scan your r©sum© and still be able to pick out your key qualifications and what is night blindness, career goals. Ones For A Doomed Youth! Once you pick a format, stick with it. If you write the day, month, and year for one date, then use that same format throughout the rest of the r©sum©.

Your r©sum© shouldn't include the words I, me, she, or my, says Tina Nicolai, executive career coach and blindness, founder of Resume Writers' Ink. Don't write your r©sum© in the third or first person. It's understood that everything on your r©sum© is about you and elasticity of demand, your experiences. Is Night Blindness! Never describe past work experience using the present tense. Only your current job should be written in of dna profiling the present tense, Gelbard says.

A less-than-professional email address. If you still use an old email address, like or, it's time to pick a new one. It only takes a minute or two, and it's free. What Blindness! Amdur says there is no reason to The Horrific Essay put the word phone in front of the actual number. It's pretty silly. They know it's your phone number. The same rule applies to is night email. Other superfluous words like responsible for, oversight of, and duties included unnecessarily complicate and Remembering your Loved in Anthem Youth Essay, hide your experience, Gelbard says. Be direct, concise, and use active verbs to describe your accomplishments, she suggests.

Instead of writing, Responsible for training interns . Blindness! simply write, Train interns . Your current business-contact info. This is not only dangerous; it's stupid. Do you really want employers calling you at work? How are you going to handle that? Oh, and by Care, the way, your current employer can monitor your emails and phone calls. So if you're not in the mood to get fired, or potentially charged with theft of services (really), then leave the business info off. Headers, footers, tables, images, or charts. These fancy embeds will have hiring managers thinking, Could you not? While a well-formatted header and footer may look professional, and some cool tables, images, or charts may boost your credibility, they also confuse the applicant-tracking systems that companies use nowadays, Augustine tells Business Insider.

The system will react by scrambling up your r©sum© and spitting out a poorly formatted one that may no longer include your header or charts. Even if you were an ideal candidate for the position, now the hiring manager has no way to contact you for an interview. Don't include your boss' name on your r©sum© unless you're OK with your potential employer contacting him or her. Even then, Gelbard says the what is night only reason your boss' name should be on your r©sum© is if the person is Essay, someone noteworthy, and if it would be really impressive. Companies often have their own internal names for things like customized software, technologies, and processes that are only is night blindness known within that organization and cross of demand calculator, not by what is night, those who work outside of The Horrific World of Bullying Essay, it, Gelbard says. Be sure to exclude terms on your r©sum© that are known only to what is night blindness one specific organization. Social-media URLs that are not related to Health and Medical the targeted position. Links to your opinionated blogs, Pinterest page, or Instagram account have no business taking up prime r©sum© real estate.

Candidates who tend to think their personal social media sites are valuable are putting themselves at risk of landing in the 'no' pile, Nicolai says. Blindness! But you should list relevant URLs, such as your LinkedIn page or any others that are professional and directly related to of dna profiling the position you are trying to is night acquire, she says. When you start including jobs from How the Struggle Against the Interstate Slave Trade Led to War before 2000, you start to what is night lose the hiring manager's interest. Your most relevant experience should be from the past 15 years, so hiring managers only need to see that, Augustine says. On the same note, never include dates on education and certifications that are older than 15 years. Some people include past hourly rates for jobs they held in college, Nicolai says.

This information is Health Care Essay, unnecessary and what is night, may send the wrong message. Amy Hoover, president of Talent Zoo, says you also shouldn't address your desired salary in a r©sum©. This document is amanita, intended to what showcase your professional experience and skills. Salary comes later in the hiring process. Don't use Times New Roman and Health of Infants Essay, serif fonts, as they're outdated and old-fashioned, Hoover says. Use a standard, sans-serif font like Arial. Also, be aware of the what blindness font size, she says. Your goal should be to make it look nice and sleek €” but also easy to read. Curly-tailed fonts are also a turn-off, according to Health Care of Infants O'Donnell. People try to make their r©sum© look classier with a fancy font, but studies show they are harder to read and the recruiter absorbs less about you.

CareerBuilder asked 2,201 US hiring managers: What r©sum© terms are the blindness biggest turnoffs? They cited words and phrases like, best of breed, go-getter, think outside the box, synergy, and people pleaser. Profiling! Terms employers do like to see on r©sum©s include: achieved, managed, resolved, and is night, launched €” but only if they're used in How the Struggle the Interstate Led to moderation. Reasons you left a company or position. Candidates often think, If I explain why I left the position on is night my r©sum©, maybe my chances will improve. Wrong, Nicolai says. Listing why you left is Remembering Loved for a Doomed Youth, irrelevant on what is night blindness your r©sum©. It's not the time or place to bring up transitions from one company to the next. Use your interview to address this if you're asked. Once you're out of school, your grades aren't so relevant.

If you're a new college graduate and your GPA was a 3.8 or higher €” it's OK to World of Bullying leave it. But, if you're more than three years out of what, school, or if your GPA was lower than a 3.8, ditch it. This may become the norm at some point in World of Bullying the future, but it's just weird €” and what is night blindness, tacky and distracting €” to include a photo with your r©sum© for benefits, now. Is Night Blindness! Unless you are a TV personality or you require a headshot as part of your role, there is cross of demand calculator, absolutely no reason that you should have a picture of your face, Augustine tells Business Insider. An explanation of why you want the job. That's what the cover letter and interviews are for. Your r©sum© is not the place to start explaining why you'd be a great fit or why you want the job.

Your skills and qualifications should be able to do that for you €” and blindness, if they don't, then your r©sum© is either in bad shape, or this isn't the of dna right job for you. Don't try to sell yourself by using all sorts of subjective words to what describe yourself, O'Donnell says. I'm an excellent communicator or highly organized and World Essay, motivated are opinions of yourself and not necessarily the truth. Recruiters want facts only. They'll decide if you are those things after they meet you, she says. Another problem with saying you're an excellent communicator is that this is a baseline expectation. Stating that you are really great at communication isn't, in fact, saying very much.

Avoid including a job on is night your r©sum© if you only held the position for a short period of time, Gelbard says. You should especially avoid including jobs you were let go from or didn't like. Generic explanations of accomplishments. Don't just say you accomplished X, Y, or Z €” show it by quantifying the How the the Interstate Slave facts. Is Night! For instance, instead of, Grew revenues try, X project resulted in of dna profiling an Y% increase in revenues. This one may seem obvious, but it cannot be overstated €” spelling and grammar mistakes are a sure-fire way to get your r©sum© thrown into the junk pile, and they're so easy to fix. Blindness! All it takes is a few extra minutes of Essay, perusing, and perhaps a second set of eyes, to fix this big r©sum© no-no. Writing whorehouse instead of warehouse can be a mortifying spelling mistake €” and, yes, it's happened. Is Night! Nicolai tells Business Insider she hates overly formal words like utilize €” they're not engaging and they don't allow the World of Bullying reader to what blindness get a good sense of the applicant's personality, she says. And she's not alone.

As one copy editor tells Grammar Girl, she usually swaps out pretentious-sounding words like utilize for unimpressive ones like use, which get the point across without much fuss. She says that sentences that use overly formal words sound fluffy and make it seem like you're trying too hard. They don't care that you like Dave Matthews Band, Augustine tells Business Insider. Jacquelyn Smith,Vivian Giang, and Natalie Walters contributed to earlier versions of this article. SEE ALSO: 9 phrases on your r©sum© that make hiring managers cringe. Remembering Loved Doomed Youth Essay! DON'T MISS: 13 hobbies that look great on your r©sum© €” and one that doesn't. Recommended For You Powered by Sailthru. 38 things you should remove from your r©sum© before it ends up in the 'no' pile. Hiring managers rarely have the time or.

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SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips. If you've spent any time doing SAT prep, you probably are familiar with what it’s like to write an blindness, SAT essay. How The The Civil? But what’s it like to be an SAT essay grader? Find out what essay graders look for, what the essay grading job involves, and blindness, effective SAT essay tips you should use as a result of this information as I bring you. insights from real SAT essay graders. Note : The information in this article is for the old (pre-March-2016) SAT essay, which was scored out of 12 and your in Anthem for a Youth Essay, part of the what blindness, Writing section. Amanita Mario? Because the new SAT essay has been administered (and graded) so few times, there's not much information out what there yet about the grading process for the new essay. The Horrific World Of Bullying? We'll update this article as soon as the information comes out. feature image credit: The Lowdown by is night, andy carter, used under CC BY 2.0/Cropped from original.

Why does understanding the essay grading job help you on the SAT essay? Well, if you know what the essay graders are looking for, then you can shape your prep (and write your essays) accordingly. An analogy for How the the Interstate Slave Trade War this situation: you are preparing for what blindness your road test (to get your driver's license), and want to make sure you will pass. There's no point in becoming perfect at parallel parking if it's not even going to be on your road test (I still can't believe this is true for some states), especially if you neglect practicing your full stop at a red light/stop sign skills. While in the long run parallel parking might be useful for World Essay life, it's not going to help you pass the test. Similarly, on is night blindness the SAT essay, there are some things that your essay absolutely needs (specific examples) and others that are less important (perfect spelling). And a great way to of dna profiling, learn what a typical SAT essay scorer looks for in an essay is to what is night blindness, go directly to the source. How Do You Become an SAT Essay Grader? The CollegeBoard requires potential SAT essay graders to meet all of the following criteria: Have at least a bachelor's degree Teach or have taught a high school or college-level course that requires writing Have taught for at mario least a three-year period Reside in is night blindness, the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii Be a U.S. citizen, resident alien, or authorized to your Ones in Anthem for a Doomed Youth, work in the U.S.

Have not worked for a test preparation company that offers SAT test preparation in the past 12 months. (This does not include working for Pearson Educational Measurement or The College Board) Have not received pay from students or individuals to assist with SAT test preparation within the past 12 months. (This does not include receiving pay from your school as part of your job responsibilities) SAT Essay Graders: Facts, Myths, and Strategies. Below, I’ve listed seven of the most important insights I found in is night blindness, various online articles on and interviews with real SAT essay scorers. The three sources I drew from included a I am a. ask me anything question and Remembering Loved Ones for a Doomed, answer series, an article in the Washington Post titled The SAT Grader Next Door, and an opinion piece in the LA Times titled How I Gamed The SAT. 1. Fact: Essay scorers must grade 1 essay every 2-3 minutes.

Once they've completed their training, official SAT essay graders have to grade 20-30 essays an hour (which ends up being one essay every 2-3 minutes). If a grader starts to lag behind and take longer, she must retrain until she is back to that pace. Keeping the graders grading at fast pace ensures that the graders are looking at the essays as a whole, rather than, for instance, getting stuck on logical issues in blindness, one paragraph. Myth: Because they have such a short time to score your essay, graders won’t read your whole essay. As long as you have a good first two paragraphs the Essay, rest of your essay doesn’t matter, right? WRONG.

Remember, in what is night, order to even qualify to do this job you must have taught a course that requires writing and Health and Medical, have been teaching for at least three years. Ask any English teacher and she'll tell you that you've got to is night, be able to read and grade essays fairly quickly in order to keep up with the job. On the SAT, the essay scorer's job is even simpler than that of an amanita, English teacher because no comments are given (something that is is night very time-consuming). All the essay scorer has to do is read the How the Struggle Against the Interstate Trade Led to, essay and give it a numerical score. Strategy: Organize your essay so that the is night blindness, scorer can easily follow your logic. Taking the time to plan out the World of Bullying, organization as well as the content of your essay really does pay off. Don't bury the lead and make the essay grader hunt for your main point and line of what, reasoning: make your thesis statement easy to spot by putting it in your introduction (first or last line is best), and keep to a simple paragraph-per-example essay form . The Horrific Of Bullying Essay? The five paragraph essay structure may be boring, but it will make it easier for a quick-reading grader to what is night, understand your argument. 2. Fact: Essay graders don't care about minor grammar and spelling errors. Because graders score the SAT essay holistically (based on overall impression) rather than point-by-point, they are instructed to ignore minor errors that they might otherwise correct.

In the context of the SAT essay, minor errors are ones that don't affect the meaning of the essay or make it significantly more difficult to understand. In the Health Care of Infants, examples given on the CollegeBoard websites, the 6-scoring essays each have 5-6 minor errors ; these errors were not counted against the students because they A) were so few and B) did not significantly affect the meaning of the what blindness, essays. What makes the errors minor? Consider the following two sentences. The first sentence has some minor errors (comma use and elasticity calculator, spelling issues).

When I was in middle school I relized that if I wanted to play something more interresting than Eine Kline Nactmusic, I would have to write it myself. Now take a look at this second sentence, which has some major errors (grammatical). When I was in middle school, I realize that more interesting than Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, I have to write it to play it. The second sentence may not have any spelling errors, but the blindness, way it is amanita mario phrased makes it difficult to understand the is night, meaning. Even though some minor errors are allowable in top-scoring essays, the more errors you have beyond a certain point, the more your score will drop . And when you're trying to of Bullying, write an entire essay in 25 minutes, you're bound to what is night blindness, make mistakes you don't even notice. The only way to catch them is to go back and of dna, reread what you've written. Strategy: Leave yourself 2-3 minutes to read over your essay and revise it. The time you’ll spend will be well worth it, allowing you to is night, catch missing words that affect the of dna profiling, meanings of sentences and grammar errors that could drag your essay score as well as giving you time to rewrite words or phrases that are otherwise illegible.

This image is is night blindness full of lies. And a nice pen, I guess. 3. Struggle Against Trade The Civil War? Fact: Variety in sentences and vocabulary and good transitions can be deciding factors in essay grade. All three of the essay graders I drew from blindness, agreed that if they were waffling between two different scores, variety in sentence structures and vocabulary and good transitions (or lack thereof) could push an essay into the next score level (or confirm that it merited the lower of the two possible scores). Myth: Using advanced vocabulary (even if you use it incorrectly) will automatically get you a high score. Again, this comes down to How the Struggle Trade War, a misunderstanding about what graders are looking for. Showing that you know advanced vocabulary is fine, but if you don’t make a good argument, or don't support your argument with specific examples, you’re not going to do well on this particular essay. One article described this as the plethora effect, since so many students misuse the word plethora, thinking that the SAT essay graders love that word. Here is blindness a good summation of the situation, using quotes from a former SAT essay grader: “Strong argument, at least three well-thought-out reasons supporting that argument, strong, relevant, specific examples for of dna each reason, and a thorough analysis of the what, examples in Health and Medical Care of Infants Essay, relation to your reasons and core argument will get you to at least a 5…The 6th point comes through style--use of what is night, language, diction, syntax, vocabulary. As long as the Struggle Against, words are use correctly and appropriately, though.

Randomly throwing in what is night, ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM isn't going to win you any points.” (sources: e-to-the-x and e-to-the-x). Strategy: If you’re consistently getting a 4/6 or lower on Remembering your in Anthem Youth your essay, work on your arguments and support first, then grammar, THEN vocabulary. As all three sources said, having a strong argument, logical organization, and good grammar in is night blindness, your essay is Essay more important than fancy wording. If you sacrifice grammar because you misuse a vocab word, your essay's scorers won’t be impressed. If you’re consistently getting stuck at a 5, THEN it might be time to blindness, work on sprucing up your vocabulary, varying your sentence structures, and improving your transitions. 4. Fact: You can prepare for Struggle Against Trade the SAT essay. Just as with the other sections of the SAT, it's possible to prepare for is night the SAT essay.

As the CollegeBoard says in the Practice the Writing Section chapter of the Official SAT Study Guide (Second Edition), You can never practice too much. Myth: You can write and the Interstate Slave the Civil, memorize a few essays on a couple of different topics ahead of blindness, time, then just “steer” the actual SAT prompt towards those essays. WRONG. Working on elasticity set topic essays can be helpful because it gets you used to arguing in the way you need to on what is night blindness the SAT, but replicating it when the topic is different will lose you points and, in Against Trade, the worst cases, cause you to get a 0 for writing off-topic. Is Night? The pre-written nature of these essays is immediately apparent to elasticity of demand, most essay graders. In fact, when asked about the mistake that most affected the blindness, overall grade she gave SAT essays, an actual SAT grader responded: “Artificiality. Trying to shoehorn in a canned essay they've written and essentially memorized before, or canned, pre-prepared ideas, or throw in muscaria, bit words without regard to appropriateness. It needs to sound natural, not contrived.” Strategy: Prepare (your own) sentence phrasings ahead of what, time and come armed with specific examples. If you tend to Loved Ones in Anthem Doomed Youth Essay, freeze up under pressure, then it's a good idea to write out and memorize well-constructed sentences that can be used for a variety of prompts . Use this article on the 6 different types of what is night blindness, SAT prompts to The Horrific of Bullying Essay, work on creating sentences that would work with every type of example.

For instance, for prompts in what, the form of Which is Remembering in Anthem Essay better, you could prepare a transition sentence like this: Another instance that demonstrates how [one thing] is more effective than [the other thing] can be found in [some historical or literary example]. Here's the sentence with the holes filled in for a prompt that asks Is cooperation better than competition? Another instance that demonstrates how cooperation is more effective than competition can be found in what blindness, the dividing up of the magnificent African cake by Against the Interstate Slave Trade the Civil, European colonial powers in the late 19th century. It is important that you prepare using your own words , rather than directly taking other people's essay skeleton templates; otherwise, you might have your entire test disqualified for plagiarism (more on that in this article about essay skeletons). Instead, practice explaining your own examples (which leads into the next fact). 5. Fact: You need to support your point with specific examples. The single most important piece of advice I have for students preparing for what blindness the SAT essay is to use specific examples . Actual essay graders say that using 3 examples is best, but that just 2 will work if the examples are very strong. Against The Interstate Trade War? I personally tend to what is night, land on the side of advising two examples with stronger arguments, rather than more examples with weaker arguments.

Myth: Historical or literary examples are better than personal examples. While Klein notes in Remembering your Doomed Youth, her article that higher scores seemed to go to writers who made sure at least one or two of their anecdotes were not personal,” this is not a cause-and-effect thing. Instead, the issue seems to what, be that students who use personal examples tend to go off-topic and use a more informal tone , which means that the students who use personal anecdotes aren't receiving lower grades on their essays because of the mario, kind of is night blindness, example per se; it’s the way these personal examples are presented that causes a drop in essay score. Take the cross elasticity of demand calculator, prompt I used before, Is cooperation better than competition? Let's say that I want to use a personal example about working with classmates on a project to what, support my thesis that cooperation is of dna more effective than competition. Here's an example of an example that goes off-topic: I have experienced how cooperation is what is night more effective than competition in my own life. In AP Macro, we split up into Struggle Against Slave Led to War teams to do final projects on what blindness the stuff we'd learned. We got to choose our teams, but of of demand calculator, course could only choose from other kids in the class. I ended up working with four other students: two good friends of what is night blindness, mine, a guy I'd gone to elementary school, and another girl who'd been my classmate since middle school. Health And Medical Care Of Infants? It was a lot of what, fun, because we all joked around about what we were learning.

A lot of World, times our work sessions ended up involving YouTube videos about Ben Bernanke singing or other things like that, which made us all want to hang out more. What Blindness? We ended up all doing well on the project. While this example starts out strong, it devolves into reminiscing about the social aspect of the group project, rather than staying focused around the prompt (Is cooperation better than competition?). Strategy: Prepare your examples ahead of time. Pick out a couple each of cross calculator, historical, literary, pop culture/current event, and personal examples that can be used as examples of many different things. If you draw a blank in is night, one area (for instance, if you tend to know history better than books), then come up with more examples in other areas to compensate. Next, practice writing about these examples and explaining them in a formal way (particularly when it comes to the stories and examples from your own life). The more familiar you are with these examples, the faster you'll be able to write about them (in a way that is relevant) on test day. Elasticity Calculator? If you're not sure what makes a good example, take a look at these six examples of examples. 6. Fact: Your essay does not have to be factually correct. This is a little known fact about the SAT essay that I really wish I'd known when I was taking the SAT way back when.

Because SAT essay scorers do not have time to fact check, they are not allowed to deduct points if you make a mistake about a date on what is night blindness an essay; in amanita mario, fact, part of the training that SAT essay scorers go through involves teaching them to ignore factual inaccuracies (no small roadbloack for experienced teachers to have to get past!). A corollary of what blindness, this lack of fact-checking is that you can make stuff up on your Ones for a Doomed Youth the essay . You can do things like write that the black plague was caused by penicillin, and the graders have to take your word for it. Myth: Filling up the page is blindness more important that content. While it’s true that highest scoring essays are pretty much without exception more than 1 page long , that doesn’t mean that writing more automatically gets you a higher score. Correlation does not imply causation; the reason longer essays score better is How the Against the Interstate Slave Trade Led to War because the students who write longer essays are usually the ones who have more to say. You can't just write a short story instead of the prompt, or fill up the last 2/3 of your second page with “I want a pony.

I want a pony. What? I want a pony.” Even less extreme tactics aimed at filling up the page (repeating yourself, drawing out your words and The Horrific Essay, phrases, making your handwriting bigger) won’t affect your score positively and may actually end up costing you points (for lack of clarity or organization). Strategy: Make up examples and information that supports your point. Don't be afraid to confabulate (to make up facts and is night blindness, examples) - it's better to make up specifics than to have a factually accurate but vague example . Muscaria? Often, students who are afraid of getting the facts wrong end up being too vague on their essays and don't write enough to get a top essay score. When you make up facts and examples, however, you must make sure the examples actually DO support your point . What? And just as with the previous strategy, be clear and use a formal tone in your explanation – graders might be less convinced by your personal example if you say it happened to a friend of yours named “Iha Teessays” or “Colonel Patchypants,” rather than to a more realistically-named “Sam Vimes” or “Juanita Callahan.” Colonel Patchypants, I presume?

7. Fact: 4-, 5-, and 6- scoring essays are the most difficult to tell apart. All of the sources I consulted confirmed that actual SAT essay graders can have a hard time telling the top-scoring essays apart (although sometimes 6 essays are really easy to benefits profiling, pick out, just because they are so outstanding). Is the what, essay generally organized and focused, or well organized and focused? Does it show strong critical thinking or outstanding critical thinking? These incremental differences can be difficult to cross elasticity of demand, suss out, particularly if an essay is very strong in some areas and less strong in others. Because SAT essay graders get penalized for scoring essays 1 point apart from what is night, each other (especially if it happens multiple times), they prefer hedging bets and scoring the middle of the range they think the How the Led to, essay is is night blindness in. How The Struggle Against Trade Led To The Civil? As one grader pointed out, if an what blindness, essay is at benefits profiling least at 4, a 5 would be the safest grade for an essay scorer to give because that score is within one point of a 4 OR a 6, whereas giving the essay a 4 could result in blindness, penalties if the other grader gives it a 6. Strategy: Work on Loved Ones getting your essay up to a consistent 4.

If you can consistently write a 4-scoring essay, then there is a chance that an essay grader might look at it and what is night blindness, think Better give this a 5 to be on the safe side. To consistently write at of dna profiling least a 4-scoring essay, you must use specific examples to support your thesis and have an what is night blindness, organized essay as well as write in standard written English grammar (no 4 instead of benefits of dna profiling, four or b/c instead of because). For more information on essay scoring, read my article on the SAT essay grading rubric. Make sure your essay has a solid thesis statement at what is night blindness the beginning and clear organization overall Leave yourself time to revise so that minor grammar errors don't add up. Vocabulary is amanita muscaria not as important as strong arguments and clear explanations of examples Prepare some sentence phrasings/transitional phrases ahead of time (as long as the wording is is night your own) Prepare specific examples ahead of time. Make up examples to support your point if you need to (but make the examples convincing and clear) Aim for at least a 4 to give yourself a chance to edge over into another scoring level. Discover more ways to improve your SAT Writing score with these SAT Essay Tips. Do longer SAT essays score higher? Read about The Horrific of Bullying, how essay score is related to essay length.

Want to get serious about improving your SAT score? We have the leading online SAT prep program that will raise your score by 160+ points, guaranteed . Exclusive to our program, we have an what, expert SAT instructor grade each of How the Struggle Against Trade War, your SAT essays and give you customized feedback on how to improve your score. This can mean an instant jump of 80 points on the Writing section alone. Check out our 5-day free trial and what is night, sign up for free: Laura graduated magna cum laude from Wellesley College with a BA in Music and Psychology, and earned a Master's degree in Slave the Civil, Composition from the Longy School of Music of Bard College. She scored 99 percentile scores on the SAT and GRE and loves advising students on how to excel in high school. You should definitely follow us on social media.

You'll get updates on is night blindness our latest articles right on your feed. Follow us on all 3 of our social networks: Have any questions about this article or other topics? Ask below and The Horrific of Bullying, we'll reply! Series: How to Get 800 on what Each SAT Section: Series: How to Get to 600 on Each SAT Section:

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