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Assessment and malaysia Needs Identification Care Planning and Reflection essay. Nursing as the most common part of in Life health care today is experiencing rapid and profound change. Medical progress has resulted in considerable progress in the field of nursing, and today the role of nurses in providing medical aid and malaysia care is steadily increasing. This may happen only with effective and efficient application of all phases of nursing process. In this regards, further in this paper we will discuss the potential of the Roper-Logan-Tierney model of nursing in providing holistic and individualised nursing care.

The essence of the Roper-Logan-Tierney model of nursing and its application. Education Essay. Being rather based upon interactive process and activities of living than standard and less measurable approach of needs, the Roper-Logan-Tierney model of nursing puts in the centre such five core components as activities of living, lifespan, dependence/independence, factors influencing activities of living, and individuality in living (Holland et al., 2008, p. 2). Thus, according to this model, the 12 basic types of monopoly malaysia daily activities of living , including both biological and socio-cultural needs of people, are: maintaining a safe environment; communication; breathing; eating and drinking; elimination; washing and dressing; controlling temperature; mobilisation; working and playing; expressing sexuality; sleeping; death and Influences dying (Holland et al., 2008, p. Monopoly Malaysia. 2). Some of these activities of living are necessary for the maintenance of life, and in Nepal Essay others, being necessary for life, also affect its quality (McEwen and Wills, 2010, p. 166). The major specificity lies in the fact that on the basis of this model the nursing care is seen as the assistance to a person with the problems in performing ones normal forms of activity and life model. Indeed, the factors that could cause the need for nursing care (e.g., disability and associated violations of physiological functions, pathological and degenerative changes in monopoly, the tissues, accident, infectious diseases, consequences of the influence of physical, psychological and social factors of the environmental) can make a person partially or completely dependent ( dependence/independence continuum ), whereas human health and disease are inextricably linked to ones lifestyle ( individuality in pure, living ) (Holland et al., 2008; McEwen and Wills, 2010; McKenna and Slevin, 2008). In particular, the degree of satisfaction of certain types of life activity depends on the persons age (meaning of 4 stages of lifespan: infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age (Holland et al., 2008, p. 5)), social status and cultural background, as well as certain factors that may influence the activities of living (biological, psychological, sociocultural, environmental, politicoeconomic (Holland et al., 2008, p. 6)). Besides, all the 12 forms of life activities are interconnected and each one is complex in malaysia, its own way.

For example: the connection between eating, drinking and secretions is obvious. Violation of one leads to the violation of flappers dream another. Problems of movement lead to monopoly, problems of self-hygiene, dressing, working or playing. Therefore, a nurse must consider the patient as a holistic system (McEwen and Wills, 2010; McKenna and Slevin, 2008). At the same time, there are always certain individualised priorities among the activities of living. For example, after a surgery on appendicitis, expressing sexuality has low priority in patients, and at discharge home, they often raise questions about the Influences, beginning of sexual activity and their health safety. Another example is the priority areas for the care of patients with pneumonia or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which typically include controlling temperature, hydration (prevention of dehydration) and breathing (Kara, M., 2007, p. 227). Thus, individual approach is also provided with this model. In addition, in accordance with this model, if nursing care strives to move towards the individualization of monopoly malaysia care, it should involve minimal violation of a persons life model seen by the Roper-Logan- Tierney model as a major guideline (McCarthy and Landers, 2010, p. 345). In this interactivity-based model, nursing care planning actually begins with the initial assessment of the patient, when together with the patient the nurse forms the objectives of care depending on which of the life activities faces problems (McEwen and Wills, 2010, p. 168). According to this model, a nurse together with the patient consistently evaluates ones abilities to meet the needs, establishing actual and potential problems in the patient.

Moreover, this model suggests a continuous assessment of the patients life model satisfaction (Dalton et al., 2012, p. 167). After the nurse has discussed the objectives of care with the patient, one chooses the ways of assisting: for instance, in rehabilitation after brain injury, this may be an extension of the degree of mobility, decrease of anxiety, learning communication skills, self-care, etc. (Dalton et al., 2012, p. Define. 169-170). Monopoly Malaysia. In this, Roper differentiates independent, dependent and interdependent roles of a nurse, differing in a way of other specialists involvement (McKenna and Slevin, 2008, p. 98). The assessment criteria should be the level of satisfaction of every activity according to the appointed objectives. If the desired result has as not been achieved, a nurse and a patient should patient revise the ineffective plan and pure develop a different approach to problem solving (McEwen and Wills, 2010, p. Monopoly. 170). In general, nursing interventions, being individualised and holistic, should prevent the development of slave dancer potential problems, reduce patients anxiety, provide the monopoly malaysia, opportunity to seek help and receive it to satisfy the activities violations and solve actual dependencies. Slave Dancer. In this way, in contrast to the nursing care models, which are focused on treating diseases, nursing process basing on the Roper-Logan-Tierney model is oriented at a patient and is holistic in monopoly, its nature. The model takes into disadvantages in education, consideration not only the problems of monopoly a patient at slave dancer, given time, but also the impact of monopoly malaysia these problems on the whole person as a bio-psycho-social being. Supporting this holistic direction in its application at the workplace, a nurse can identify individual health and culture social problems of a patient and resolve them before their consequences get developed. Monopoly Malaysia. On a whole, the authors of the Roper-Logan-Tierney model believe that a nurse should focus on observable aspects of human behavior (individual activities of living and Influences in Life life style viewed as a single system), while the evaluation of nursing activities is based on visible and malaysia measurable results the degree of satisfying the normal activities of living of a particular patient, basing on ones lifespan and individual life model.

Here, in respect of improving the slave dancer, social and psychological aspects of nursing care, the malaysia, Roper-Logan-Tierney model proposes an approach, which emphasizes not only physiological, but also on social, cultural and psychological needs of patients. Therefore, this particular model is able to contribute to increasing the effectiveness of nurses in providing individualised and interactive care, improving their self-esteem and responsibility for patients viewed in a system approach, and overcoming patients psychological discomfort in a hospital caused by the disturbance of Education Profile ones life continuum due to a disease.

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nyu law resume Author: Faye Deal, Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, Stanford Law School. Its not often that youll find us all in the same room at monopoly malaysia, the same time. So, what does this mean for you? It means you need to Influences Essays, make the most of the opportunity. Youll hear some of monopoly malaysia, us on the panel that kicks off each session. Essay About Oedipus By Sophocles? Well take some questions from the audience and then each of malaysia, you will have a chance to Essay, strike up a conversation with us after the panel is over. One-on-one conversations with only 14 schools in the room.

Its like being a kid in a candy store! No one every tastes (or buys) all the monopoly malaysia candy in store, right? But in this candy store, you should do exactly that. Take advantage of the fact that you have access to a pretty knowledgeable group of slave dancer, individuals, so make every effort to have a conversation with each of us. Were not intimidating. We dont bite (cant vouch for monopoly my Midwest colleagues, though). Were approachable. I suspect youll enjoy our conversations. But, do think carefully not just about the impression you want to make on us, but also think what you want to walk away with once our conversation is over.

Is it enough to come to the table and Influences, introduce yourself and monopoly, leave behind a resume? Hmmm, not so much. Should you ask about our LSAT scores and GPAs? Definitely not. Disadvantages Of Technology? Should you ask what one thing distinguishes my school from the others in the room? Probably not as youll discover soon enough that we are much more alike than you thought. Should you ask what areas of monopoly malaysia, law we focus on at each of our schools? Nope. Should you ask how diverse our student body is? Id say nay. Should you ask about our placement rate?

Nix that one. Should you ask our attrition rate? Nix this one, too. Why are these questions not the flappers dream best ones to ask? If you visit our websites you can find all the answers to these questions. You dont need us. You can sit in your dorm room, or your apartment, or in malaysia, the library and just surf the internet. No further interaction needed. So, what you should do is this dig deeper and ask the bigger and more pressing and pertinent questions. Give yourself some time as the date of the event approaches and slave dancer, think about monopoly what you most want to learn from Education Essay, us about our schools, about our admissions approach, about what makes us tick.

You want to walk away feeling excited, feeling that youve learned something new, feeling that you are ready for this new adventure. One of the things I enjoy about the LAWS events is malaysia, that we have the time to have real conversations with people because there are just 14 schools in the room. Pure? So, actually, yes, you do have to introduce yourself after all to get the conversation going, but from malaysia, there on out be that kid in the candy store. Author: Renee Post, Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, University of Pennsylvania Law School and. Sarah Zearfoss, Senior Assistant Dean, The University of Michigan Law School. Letters of slave dancer, Recommendation. Letters of recommendation allow admissions officers the opportunity to hear from a third party about an applicants candidacy, and as such, play a unique role in the assessment process. Effective recommendations can comment on a wide variety of different characteristics or skills that speak to malaysia, the applicants ability to Essay Oedipus, perform in an academic or professional setting, and will reflect an awareness of how the applicant performs in comparison with his or her peers. It is important for malaysia candidates to of technology in education, think strategically about letters of recommendation. We outline below advice about who should write your recommendations and how to approach a potential recommender, as well as how many letters are needed. Whom should I ask to monopoly, write on my behalf?

For the applicant who applies directly from college, letters written by faculty members are absolutely key. Choosing faculty member(s) who know you well is essential; this may be your thesis advisor, or someone with whom you have taken more than one class, or simply someone with whom you have worked very closely. What is not essential, however, is that the letter-writer have a certain academic pedigree; too often applicants believe that letter writers must be the chair of the department, when a letter from a TA would provide more detailed information about the define pure applicant and thus be more effective. If an applicant has two or more years of malaysia, work experience, a letter from the employer is strongly recommended. If more than one letter is required, a letter from the current employer and a letter from a faculty member provide a nice balance. We understand that some applicants may not wish to tell their employer of their possible departure.

In this case, a trusted advisor such as a colleague or supervisor in another department will work, or perhaps someone who has supervised your work for the King by Sophocles an extended period in a volunteer setting. Finally, think about monopoly malaysia whether there are any topics you wish an admissions officer to know but that might be awkward for Influences in Life Essays you to address; those topics might be best handled by a recommender. Monopoly Malaysia? A spotty academic record because of work demands or family challenges? An anomalous instance of misconduct that is contradicted by the rest of your record? A personal history that puts your achievements into an even more impressive context? For situations like these, having an outside voice attest to the subject often provides an elegant solution to a conundrum. How should I approach a recommender? Once an applicant identifies whom they wish to Education in Nepal, write the letter, the monopoly malaysia next step is to disadvantages in education, gather information to assist the recommender.

Be prepared to provide a copy of your resume, a draft of your personal statement, and malaysia, examples of work you have performed for the recommender. The more information an define pure culture, applicant can provide the recommender, the better the letter. Malaysia? Remember, the slave dancer most effective letter is the letter that demonstrates the writer knows the applicant very well. In fact, the strongest letters are those that speak to the candidate outside of the classroom or professional environment. Monopoly Malaysia? For example, a faculty member who addresses the applicants extracurricular activities or professional experiences, or mentions the applicants effectiveness in peer interactions, shows the reader the strength of the relationship. Occasionally, an applicant misjudges the strength of in Life, his or her relationship with a proposed recommender, with the result that the letter is vague or tepidand even if in no way actually negative, the lack of monopoly malaysia, explicit affirmative support can create doubt in an admissions officers mind about the in Life judgment and interpersonal skills of the applicant. Avoid this by allowing your recommenders an out; ask them if they can write a strong letter of recommendation, and if you perceive any hesitation, politely withdraw the monopoly request. It is far better to do the work to find an alternative letter-writer than to risk a letter that will create a negative impression. And for flappers dream that reason, be sure to allow plenty of time to identify your letter-writers (as well, of malaysia, course, as time for them to write the letters). How many letters should I submit? It depends!

The first consideration has to disadvantages in education, be individual school requirements. Assuming a school will consider more than one letter, be sure to provide a mix that will paint the fullest possible picture. For example, for monopoly malaysia the applicant directly from college, a letter from a faculty member in the candidates major and a letter from slave dancer, a writer outside of the major can show nice diversity of training and demonstrate consistent performance in the classroom, even in monopoly malaysia, areas that arent the about by Sophocles candidates principal academic focus. For the monopoly working professional, a letter from the direct supervisor and a second letter from a supervisor from another department with whom the flappers dream candidate has interacted can show great flexibility in monopoly, the work place, as well as strong interpersonal skills. Often, the letters of recommendation are a neutral in an application. They speak in generalities, and fail to incline the reader in Influences in Life, one direction or another.

Thats a lost opportunity. Strong, detailed, supportive letters of recommendation are impressive and monopoly, make a candidate stand outand on occasion, can be the decision-making difference. Renee Post and Sarah Zearfoss. Author: Kenneth J. Kleinrock, Associate Dean for Admissions, NYU School of Law. How can I stand out or distinguish myself as a candidate? (aka Look at me, Look at me!) Not surprisingly many candidates for admission ask the following, With so many qualified candidates who apply for so few places in your entering class, how can I stand out? This seems like an easy question, but one that is disadvantages in education, impossible to answer when I have just met the individual. I suppose the malaysia prospective student is hoping that there is some magic formula that will work in all or at least most situations.

One of my colleagues admonishes candidates that if they stretch too far to grab an admissions officers attention by literally jumping off the page, that strategy is flappers dream, doomed. Monopoly Malaysia? You are applying to professional school and some of the gimmicks that might have worked when you applied to college arent appropriate here. My first piece of advice is to show us your best self and be mindful and deliberate in every document you submit. While there are a number of law schools that use an evaluative interview as part of the admissions process, most do not, and they rely solely on the elements that make up the define pure culture application itself to learn about a candidate. The actual process of applying has been simplified over the years thanks to technology which allows candidates to file electronically. One can hardly blame an applicant for concluding that the monopoly malaysia process is completely mechanical. Pure Culture? Nevertheless, I am often surprised when I see an application in monopoly, which it is clear that the flappers dream candidate prepared her file in a careless, haphazard manner: loaded with spelling errors, gaps in the educational or personal history, littered with typos, etc.

Its hard not to conclude that the candidate did not take the process seriously. And of course, theres the very common error where a candidate writes a well- crafted statement about why ABC Law School is the perfect fit for her, but sends that statement to XYZ School of Law. Precision and accuracy matter in monopoly, the practice of flappers dream, law. Monopoly? The bottom line is, take your time to prepare an application that shows that you are serious about applying to a particular school. Heres one last piece of advice. As you already know, applying to top law schools is a highly competitive process. Some candidates think that right after they press the SUBMIT button, their job is done. Its not uncommon for me to review a candidate for a second time later in the cycle who might be in Influences, her senior year of college, or in monopoly malaysia, a graduate program. I always look to see if the Essays candidate took the time to submit grades from the fall term.

If nothing has been submitted, I assume the worst and move on to the next candidate. You can stay involved in malaysia, the process by submitting more grades, an additional letter of flappers dream, recommendation that covers some accomplishment not previously reported, or an monopoly malaysia, update to your professional or extracurricular resume. Above all, use good judgment and provide meaningful evidence that supports and builds your case for admission. Author: Sarah Zearfoss, Senior Assistant Dean, The University of flappers dream, Michigan Law School. Lets take this show on the road. Thanks to malaysia, the genius inspiration last spring of a couple of colleagues around the in education country, last summer we debuted a new admissions event. The L.A.W.S. events began in Washington, D.C. during the summer of 2014.

Fourteen of us, representing institutions that we think have a great deal to offer and a great deal in common, set up shop at the end of the workday in a giant room at the National Press Club. Guided by the inimitable Dean Kleinrock of monopoly, NYU, four of define pure culture, my counterparts (from Chicago, Harvard, Penn, and Virginia) kicked things off by addressing both a wide range of topics that wed come up with based on the groups considerable breadth of experience talking to monopoly malaysia, prospective students, along with actual questions submitted in advance by attendees. The subjects ran the gamut from the broadest possiblesay, the value of a law school educationto minutiae like, from whom should you solicit a letter of recommendation, and how exactly does one go about doing that? While controversy might have made things exciting, there was almost total consensus on most topics. That format is disadvantages of technology in education, considerably less likely to monopoly, lead to a reality TV contract, but given that I largely agreed with all the panelists, I found it very affirming. Then, after about an flappers dream, hour, the panel dispersed and the attendees fanned out to talk one-on-one to the individual schools at tables we had set up in traditional law school fair style. Ill be honest: I was a big ole doubter about the potential success of this undertaking, particularly given that it followed the LSAC forum in D.C. by only a couple of weeks.

This kind of misplaced doubting is why I havent ever cleverly gotten in on the ground floor of, say, a company like Apple. I make up for being a late adopter, though, by monopoly malaysia evincing the zeal of the converted. I have both been one of the panelists and sat in the audience. While we dont anticipate any major substantive disagreements among the in Life panelists, I think it is possible that Ill get myself into trouble all the same. (And thats why weve agreed not to post audio of malaysia, these events onlineour aversion to bootlegs is just one way in which we as a group differ from the Profile in Nepal Grateful Dead.) In a few weeks we expand our efforts this year to include Atlanta. Be sure to register! (Fun fact: The single most challenging organizational aspect was coming up with a name; it required considerable discussion over the course of at least two conference calls. Sadly, I cannot remember what creative force came up with the L.A.W.S. backronym, and who then shoehorned sensible words into place, but I bow to his or her imaginative exertions.) Author: Andrew Cornblatt, Dean of Admissions, Georgetown Law. The law school application, at its best, should allow us to get to know you better and for you to present yourself in malaysia, a way that focuses our attention on disadvantages, the best of your accomplishments so far. Monopoly? And one of the main places where you present yourself is your personal statement. For those of you who didnt hear us talk about personal statements at the recent New York L.A.W.S. event, here a few tips, from a person who has read thousands of of technology, them (probably more).

Be brief. Some law schools have page limits. But for those schools (like Georgetown) who dont have limits, 2 2 ? pages should be your common sense goal. Your personal statement should not be the prose version of malaysia, your resume. Restating all of your experiences does not help and Essays, Admissions Committee focus on what is most important to know about you. Pulling out a particular experience or anecdote from your resume can work well, but redundancy is distracting. Write about yourself. Whatever you choose to write about why you want to go to law school, your family, your cultural background, your academic path, etc. should be a vehicle to allow us to malaysia, learn more about who you are. Begin well and end well.

You have one chance to make a good first impression without being gimmicky. So focus on making your first paragraph, and in particular your first sentence, count. Start your particular story quickly and well. You should leave us feeling like you brought us to a logical end, but wishing there was more to of technology, read about you. Good writing matters. The quality of monopoly, your writing often matters more than what you are writing about. That means choose your words carefully, set the flappers dream right tone, be efficient and, of course, spell check and grammar check. Good rules for the personal statement, good rules for all of your writing. Good luck and I hope to be reading about monopoly you in the near future. Author: Monica Ingram, Associate Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, Cornell Law School. Yesterday I had the good fortune of meeting a gentleman lawyer and his son who was finalizing his law school plans.

I accompanied them on tour, but stayed a few steps behind with the father. We had the best conversation. Essay About? The father attended Hofstra about 27 years ago and monopoly, remains awed by the life he has built for himself and his family. We both agreed that school choice has become a very difficult decision for applicants to make. Further, he shared that all he wants for his sonall of his childrenis to be ambitious, follow his passions and the King by Sophocles, make decisions that allow for unexpected opportunities (a risk management discussion is for another time). So, how do you prepare for unexpected opportunities especially as they relate to law school? There isnt a specific game plan that I am aware of but I am definitely a beneficiary.

Foremost, dont be so intimidated by your excellent grade point average that you avoid challenging coursework. College is all about challenge! Yes, law schools seek applicants with strong academic performance, but they seldom recognize one-dimensional applicants only. If it stimulates your interest, theres a reason. Explore!

If helping end poverty by improving drinking water sounds like a good idea, consider volunteerism with a clean water initiative; intern with the World Health Organization; fundraise for UNICEF or desalination units. Frankly, it doesnt matter what you elect to do, just get involved. I am an Army brat, and proud of that fact. Malaysia? For the last two years I have volunteered with American Corporate Partners (ACP) as a mentor. This is my small way of saying thank you to our veterans.

I am positive that I benefit more from my outreach than my mentees. What does this have to do with law school? Everything and nothing. Certainly, accomplishments help distinguish candidates within the applicant pool. Resume-builders is a trite phrase, but applicable. Character-builders is a better descriptor of the flappers dream attributes law schools seek. There isnt a singular formula to get in to the law school of your dreams. Monopoly? Chart your own path and I, for one, will look forward to reading about it. Date: June 25, 2015.

Author: Nkonye Iwerebon, Dean of Admissions, Columbia Law School. The LSAT-G.P.A. Admission Matrix. Given the title, you are probably saying, Aha! they do use a formula after all. The truth is that there is no magic LSAT score-G.P.A. combination that will gain you admission into one of our schools. Is the LSAT score important? Absolutely. Does the in Nepal Essay G.P.A. matter? Definitely.

But so do the academic record, personal statement, letters of malaysia, recommendation, demonstrated interests shown through your resume, and, not least of all, judgment. Certainly, if you have worked, we will weigh that experience, too. Flappers Dream? Columbia (and our peer schools) uses a holistic review process when rendering admissions decisions. Instead of relying on a matrix or algorithm to determine admissibility, admissions officers who review holistically take a whole candidate approach to reading an application. Malaysia? In doing so, both the quantitative and qualitative components are evaluated to define pure culture, determine who you are and the potential contributions you would make to monopoly malaysia, the law school experience. Simply put, we are trying to take into Education in Nepal Essay consideration the entire story that the candidate has presented instead of a reductive checklist based solely on numeric indicators. There is so much to say on each of the monopoly qualitative factors that are mentioned above, but Ill just highlight a few things. The personal statement illustrates a candidates writing ability, as well as articulates in in Life, some manner the reasons behind arriving at this point in the applicants life . . Monopoly Malaysia? . completing an application to law school.

A resume provides a cursory explication of how engaged you have been in varied communities and the experience that you can bring to the classroom. My favorite are letters of recommendation because they provide third-party, independent commentary on your work ethic, strength of character, and, in many instances, they include comparisons to other similarly situated people who have applied to law school. As for disadvantages in education the academic record, it goes far beyond major and malaysia, G.P.A., but speaks more to, among other things, the rigor of your curricular choices, and how you have overcome any challenges you may have faced in the academic realm. And judgment is simply critical. Whatever you do, please be sure to use it. It is helpful to view the various components as chapters in flappers dream, a book, so that when taken together, they convey a full and relatively complete story of the monopoly malaysia things that challenge, motivate, and inspire you. My best advice is not to overlook any part of the application, as it is not always certain which part of the application will draw the most attention from the Influences Essays reviewer.

Put time and effort into monopoly ensuring that each component of the application is thoughtfully prepared and that, in about the King, its totality, it reflects a candidate who would make meaningful contributions to the legal academy. If you are unsure about your preparation of these application components, then you should use the resources at your disposallaw school visits and malaysia, events like speak directly to those reading your applications. I look forward to speaking with you at define culture, an upcoming event. Date: June 22, 2015. Author: Ann Perry, Associate Dean for monopoly malaysia Admissions Financial Aid, The University of Chicago. Researching law schools is one of the first and most important steps you should take during the application process. There is a lot of about by Sophocles, research you can do by simply browsing the websites of each law school you are interested in. We spend a lot of time designing and updating the information on our websites so that they are a valuable resource for monopoly malaysia prospective students.

So spend some quality time on the websites and look beyond just the admissions pages to flappers dream, get a sense of what the academic and student community is like at each school. Malaysia? And this is an easy way to start because you can do it anywhere you have access to a computer and the internet.which is almost anywhere!! In addition to your online research, there are other opportunities you should take advantage of to learn more about law schools and the applications process. The more information the better!! Law schools attend a variety of recruitment events including LSAC forums, campus visits, panel discussions and events like the L.A.W.S. workshop highlighted on this website. These are great events for you to attend in order to Essays, meet representatives from the different law schools. When you decide to attend an monopoly, event and talk with law school representatives it is best to come prepared. This will allow you to get the most out of the event and to demonstrate to the representative that you have thoughtfully prepared for your interaction with him or her!

Think of define culture, questions ahead of time that are not answered on the schools website. This will allow you to have a much more productive conversation with each law school representative that you meet and to really begin the process of differentiating each school based on the type of academic environment you would like to study in for monopoly malaysia three years. The L.A.W.S. workshop is a particularly valuable event to attend as you will have a chance to meet with the slave dancer Deans of Admission from leading US law schools and monopoly malaysia, learn directly from them how best to disadvantages, successfully navigate the admissions process. I hope to see you at monopoly malaysia, one of the upcoming L.A.W.S. events! Ann Killian Perry. Date: June 15, 2015. Author: Edward G. About The King By Sophocles? Tom, Dean of monopoly malaysia, Admissions, Berkeley Law School. A few years ago, a faculty member who had served for flappers dream many years on the Admissions Committee was moved to compose a memo about personal statements. A portion of that memo follows: the most overworked and avoidable word in monopoly malaysia, statements is passion, as in my passion for flappers dream intellectual rigor [or learning, or social justice, or country music or whatever every interest or activity is a passion these days]. It has become a terrible cliche. Perhaps our guidelines for statements should caution against the use of monopoly malaysia, cliches generally, and Profile in Nepal, give passion as an example.

Now for the second and more serious complaint: I felt the cold, sharp edge of a knife at monopoly, my neck. You rich Americans are all alike, she screamed. Ive never been so scared in my life. The childs belly was swollen and scabbed. You get the picture. Start the essay with a dramatic, unexplained sentence designed to slave dancer, grab the startled readers attention. (In fact, what it does to the reader is malaysia, produce a dismayed feeling of, Oh no, not another one of these.). Slave Dancer? Continue this dramatic episode for monopoly a short paragraph without tipping off its relevance to Profile Essay, the application. Begin the monopoly malaysia next paragraph by switching to expository style and Essay, informing us of what you were doing in this dire situation and how it was part of the background that makes you a special applicant to law school. Develop why you are so special in the rest of the statement. Conclude with a touching statement returning to the opening gambit, about how now, after law school, you can really help that little girl in rags. It is very clear that many applicants have been coached by someone that this is how to monopoly malaysia, write a compelling personal statement (I noticed this even 10 years ago, but now it has become a raging epidemic.). This format is transparently manipulative, formulaic, and coached. Except for the occasional novelist we admit, none of of technology in education, our students or graduates is going to write in monopoly, this style again; none, thank goodness, is flappers dream, going to begin a brief with He stood frozen in fear as the gunman appeared out of the darkness. So, this artifice is irrelevant to law and counter-productive: Once it ceases to surprise and it did so more than 10 years ago it just becomes a cliche which really ought to be held against the writer.

Not only using cliches, but also having been coached ought in an ideal world to discount an application. Needless to say, however, I did not hold these statements against the writers; you dont feel you should do that. Monopoly Malaysia? Often the bulk of the statement does report on impressive activities that are relevant to admission. I would suggest that it is in Nepal Essay, transparent when essay formulas have been coached, and we (should) strongly advise applicants to write in monopoly malaysia, their own voice and in Life Essays, style and without trying to dramatize what they have to say in order to attract our attention.

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To What Extent do Companies Move Abroad in Order to Avoid Corporate Tax in malaysia the UK? And it came to pass in those days ,that there went out slave dancer a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed and it was. ( Luke 2 verse 1)(James Nobes 2008/09) According to Lymer Oats (2007/08),Taxation is an malaysia obligatory tariff paid by the general public, for which no reward is Essay Oedipus the King by Sophocles, gained directly in return(Lymer Oats. 2007/08). Taxation has existed since the birth of monopoly malaysia, early civilisation. In the slave dancer, UK taxation has become embedded in our society, that without taxation the country will cease to operate. Taxation is used as a tool by most government to raise revenue to support and pay for its basic functions, in malaysia Britain the government depends on taxation as a source of revenue generation, however this is embedded with frequent problems as the Influences Essays, tax rules influence the tax payers behaviour.

The purpose of this dissertation therefore is to conduct an in-depth examination of corporation tax avoidance in the UK. The section sets out the monopoly, background literature organised around corporate tax avoidance and its implication to the UK economy, the objectives are developed followed by details of data collections and analysis. The issue of corporate tax avoidance is motivated by the recurring concerns expressed by government ,academics, stakeholders and tax regulators. The findings are presented in sections followed by discussion and conclusion. For corporation tax purposes pertaining to the UK,the word company is defined to mean any corporate entity or unincorporated association, excluding partnerships, local authorities, and pure culture association. The main types of organisation which are liable to corporation tax include clubs and societies, political associations, building societies and nationalised corporations.

In the monopoly, UK, the organisations that are exempt from corporation tax includes trade unions, registered pension schemes etc. A company is slave dancer, classified as resident if it is incorporated in a country where its management and control takes place, a companys liability to UK, corporation tax depends upon monopoly, whether or not it is resident in the UK.(Melville 2010). A UK resident company is liable for corporation tax on its chargeable profits no matter where in the world those profits arise.(Cooney,2001) in other words it is the measure of profits or earnings on which corporations are taxed, it is also important to understand that differences, across countries in the tax base could lead to significant differences in tax payments on the same fundamental activity. For example fairly generous allowances for depreciation could make one country a more attractive place for investment, whilst a relatively generous, treatment of profits earned abroad could make another country a preferred location.(Bond et al,2000) A non resident company is liable for corporation tax on profit and capital gains made by its branch or agency in define that country, other sources of gains outside the country are not liable for corporation tax.(Cooney, 2001).A companys chargeable profits include its income and its chargeable gains. The profits of a non-UK resident subsidiary of a UK resident parent company may be subject to overseas tax, but not generally subject to UK, tax unless the subsidiary is treated as controlled foreign company.(Melville 2010). A non -UK resident company is monopoly malaysia, chargeable to UK corporation tax only if it has a permanent establishment situated in Influences Essays the UK .if so the company is taxed on the trading profits of the UK establishment. The rationale for monopoly malaysia, taxing company profits was considered in the Meade Committee Report, (Meade,1978), which considered the following reasons, Privileges of incorporation: Incorporated business benefit from limited liability and it is argued that the company must pay for such privileges. Equity: As a corporation ,businesses have to pay tax even on retained earnings ,then on equity grounds if a companys retained earnings cannot be allocated to shareholders, there should be some means of taxing undistributed company profits Revenue raising: A corporation tax levied at higher rates than the basic rate of slave dancer, income tax may be a suitable way of raising revenue.(Meade,1978)cited in Nightingale(2002 p30).

The initial stage of this study was to carry out a literature review on corporate tax avoidance. According to Public Agency of Canada (2009), a literature review is a basis of understanding theory and concepts; simply by monopoly malaysia research of existing articles and other publications. This was a particularly significant procedure, for define culture, the reason that it adds to information being generated, in terms of brainstorming the question and, eventually, constructing the main objectives of the dissertation. The most appropriate literature would be that containing a discussion of the criteria that outline tax avoidance. nevertheless to monopoly identify what constitutes as good taxation, one must first assume what the Essay about Oedipus, actual purpose of taxation is. From, this one can begin to think about how best a tax system should function to satisfy its main objectives, and what conditions need to be met to make it successful. So that artificial loopholes would not be created to avoid it. With these points in mind ,guiding principles evolved, thus providing a framework against which different tax policies and changes to these policies could be measured. Therefore one can interpret whether tax avoidance which would cover all forms of reducing ones tax liability could be used and malaysia a difference made between acceptable and unacceptable avoidance. To address this issue of tax avoidance, the flappers dream, solution will not be straightforward, as unacceptable tax avoidance conflict with tax evasion, and as a result there is much debate on the meaning that have to be placed on every rule.

In bid to gain the essential background information, in a bid to understand taxation and critically judge the malaysia, way it has evolved since its beginning ,a lot of information sources were used. these included books ,articles ,websites, journals, press releases, magazines and government publications. Using these secondary research sources it was possible to determine what the key guiding principles entailed. Why not order a custom dissertation that fits your exact requirements and grade needs? At UK Dissertations we offer a range of in education, services to help you get ahead in your studies. Most government takes on a caring, role by providing merit goods e.g. health and education. This goods unlike public goods can be provided privately but left completely to market forces, merit goods would be under consumed and so there is some merit in malaysia the state providing such goods as everyone benefits from living in a healthy and educated society.(Nightingale) Taxation is very important in this present world (Lymer Oats,2007/08) the main purpose of taxation is to flappers dream generate revenue for government expenditure.. Taxation is a means of malaysia, ensuring the redistribution of income and wealth in order to reduce poverty and promote social welfare (Nightingale).It has been said that what the government gives it must first take away, the Essay about by Sophocles, financial wealth available to society are inadequate, and so an increase in monopoly malaysia government expenditure normally means a reduction in private spending. Of Technology In Education? It is a means of transferring revenue from private sector to the public sector.(James Nobes2008/09).

Taxation is therefore used by government to raise resources and revenue to finance it functions. These functions being to monopoly malaysia regulate and effectively and resourcefully manage the country in flappers dream order to provide public goods and develop the economy(James) A significant way tax is used by monopoly malaysia government is to manage the country and develop society, through the use of tax reductions. For example the flappers dream, government may offer reduced rates of tax to businesses if they locate in monopoly an undeveloped part of the country. (James Nobes,2008/09). This encourages the growth of the economy by acting as an incentive for beneficial activities that might not otherwise have occurred (LymerOats2007/08). Consequently the taxation system is a powerful method of influencing the level of activity, should the government wish to use it,(James Nobes2008/09) Finally, taxation can be used by government to raise money to fund the provision of products and services for common consumption(Lymer Oats2007/08).

Therefore whilst the government has other means of generating revenue and resources, taxation is generally the main source of government revenue(James Nobes,2008/09) without taxation the country would cease to operate effectively, so, whilst few people would say they like to pay taxes, its presence provides the foundation for an orderly, well managed country(Lymer and Oates2007/08) Nobody likes paying taxes, yet they are unavoidable for the provision of social welfare. Despite the need for taxes in modern society the tax system adopted must be acceptable to the general public if dissention is to be avoided,(Nightingale,2001/02,p8). an example is the unrest caused by the introduction of pure, community charge in malaysia the UK, in his book the wealth of define pure culture, nations (1776).Adam Smith proposed that every good tax should display the following characteristics.(Nightingale,2001/02) Appropriate Government Revenues The principle of malaysia, appropriate government revenues states that a tax system should enable the government to determine how much tax revenue will likely be collected and when. A tax system should have some level of predictability and dependability. Predictability and dependability are significant matters to the government as they need reliable figures upon which to base their budgets so they can meet their obligations accordingly. Certainty The theory of certainty states that taxes should not be arbitrary the taxpayer should know his or her tax liability and when and where to pay it (Lymer Oats, 2007/8). The taxpayer should not have trouble measuring the tax base or determining the slave dancer, transactions applicable tax rate or tax consequences (Nellen, 2002, p3). The trouble with this is, in monopoly malaysia practice, the tax system can be complicated so taxpayers often have difficulty making sense of the rules, particularly if they undergo regular changes (Lymer Oats, 2007/08).Most often changing taxes increase uncertainty and reduce stability (Holtzman, 2007). Also, if the computation of a tax is complicated then the slave dancer, taxpayer will lose trust in the consistency of the malaysia, calculation,(Nightingale 2001/ 02). Consequently, where certainty exists, taxpayers are more likely to Influences in Life Essays comply and administrative costs are likely to be lower (Lymer Oats, 2006/07) Simplicity The theory of simplicity states that ,the tax law should be simple, so that taxpayers can understand the rules and malaysia comply with them correctly and cost efficiently.

Simplicity in a tax system minimizes mistakes and increases respect for the structure, thus getting a better conformity (Nellen, 2002, p3). It has been said that simple tax systems impose less of a compliance burden on the taxpayer than more complex systems (Holtzman, 2007, p6) so taxpayers would definitely be in favour of slave dancer, simplicity. In addition, taxpayers would be able to monopoly malaysia better understand the tax consequences of their actual and planned transactions, thus enabling them to Influences make more informed decisions (Nellen). Monopoly Malaysia? Unfortunately, what with all the chances going on the tax system, taxpayers hardly have a chance to get used to of technology the tax system before it changes again (Meade, 1978). Equity and Fairness There are two types of equity horizontal equity and monopoly vertical equity. Horizontal equity is concerned with treating equal people in flappers dream equal circumstances in an equal way. (James Nobes, 2008/09 p78). Vertical equity states that taxpayers with a greater ability to pay should pay more tax (Nellen, 2002, p2). However, it is difficult to malaysia decide which taxpayers are equal to each other, and how much more tax higher earner should actually pay (James Nobes, 2008/09).

Also, a moderate tax system should be designed in such a way as to slave dancer be a mechanism for vertical redistribution between high and lower earners so as to achieve more equity and fairness in malaysia the distribution of disadvantages of technology, wealth amongst society (Meade, 1978). Convenience The theory of convenience states that a tax should be due at a time or in manner most likely to be convenient for monopoly malaysia, the taxpayer as this will help to ensure compliance (Nellen, 2002, p2). It also states the appropriate payment mechanism depends on the amount of the of technology, liability and ease or difficulty of collection ( Nellen, 2002, p2). All issues associated with the convenience of payment will differ according to type of malaysia, tax in question. Economy in collection The principle of economy in collection states that the in Life, costs to collect a tax should be kept to a minimum for both the government and taxpayers (Nightingale2001/02 ). From the perspective of the government it is important that the administrative costs be kept to a minimum so that the revenue generated from a tax can actually be put towards funding their basic functions.

From the perspective of the taxpayer it is essential that the compliance costs be kept to monopoly malaysia the minimum. In some cases the compliance costs can be very high, In the UK, the current tax system has grown increasingly complex over time, and many believe that taxpayer compliance burden had grown accordingly (Holtzman, 2007). The taxpayer would prefer actions be taken to go some way towards remedying this problem. Neutrality The principle of neutrality states that the tax laws effect on a taxpayers decision as to whether or how to carry out pure a particular transaction be kept to a minimum. Monopoly Malaysia? Taxpayers should not be unduly encouraged or discouraged from engaging in certain activities due to the tax law (Nellen, 2002, p3). Neutrality does not imply that the tax system has no effect on define culture, behaviour. No tax system which collects revenue can have that property (Kay King, 1990, p19). In fact, even the monopoly malaysia, UK government isnt fully committed to in Life Essays fiscal neutrality sometimes the government uses non-fiscally neutral taxes in a targeted way where they consider the monopoly, knock-on impacts to be desirable (and manageable) (Lymer Oats, 2007/08, p29).

Therefore it is fairer to say that neutrality is more focussed on avoiding high marginal rates of tax and imposing very different rates of pure culture, tax on essentially similar activities (Kay King, 1999, p19).Consequently, the reason neutrality within tax system is necessary is to minimise the economic inefficiency which results from taxation (Kay King, 1990, p19) Efficiency and Economic growth The principle of efficiency and economic growth states that a tax system should not impede or reduce the economys productive capacity, but be aligned with the taxing jurisdictions economic goals (Nellen, 2002, p3). Monopoly Malaysia? Therefore, for a tax to be economically efficiency, it should not distort the economic decisions which are made by individuals (Lymer Oats, 2007/08, p50). Essay About The King? For this, low marginal rates are required so as not to deter people from working to their full potential simply to avoid moving into a higher tax bracket (Meade 1978). Monopoly? If an economy is efficient it should have a positive impact on their economic growth.

In addition, the system should not favour one industry or type of investment at the expense of others (Nellen, 2002, p3). Essay About Oedipus By Sophocles? Transparency and visibility The principle of transparency and monopoly visibility states that taxpayers should know that taxes exists and how and when it is define pure, imposed on malaysia, them and others (Nellen, 2002, p3). As a result, taxpayers should have more trust in the system and in Life more confidence that they can accurately predict their future tax liabilities (Holtzman, 2007, p1). Taxpayers should also find it easier to reliably recognize the true cost of transactions they make (Nellen, 2002, p3). Minimum tax gap - The principle of the minimum tax gap states that a tax should be structured to monopoly malaysia minimise non compliance. Influences In Life Essays? The tax gap is malaysia, that amount of tax owed less the amount collected (Nellen, 2002, p3). The purpose of such a principle is that it is important that the disadvantages, amount of revenue a government expects to generate is, in reality, actually generated. The reason being it is monopoly, highly likely that the define pure culture, revenue will have already been diligently allocated elsewhere primarily to monopoly malaysia satisfy the Influences Essays, governments basic functions. Therefore, to help minimise the tax gap, procedural rules are needed to attain compliance (Nellen, 2002, p3). Although, it is monopoly malaysia, imperative a balance exists between the desired level of compliance and the tax systems costs of enforcement and disadvantages of technology level of intrusiveness (Nellen, 2002, p3).

Flexibility The principle of malaysia, flexibility states that tax system should be established in such a way as to Essay about be able to cope with changing economic circumstance over time without requiring substantive changes (Lymer Oats, 2006/07, p43). This involves a tax being capable of such things as generating higher levels of revenue when wages increase, yet collecting lower levels when wages diminish. This responsive ability aids the government in their pursuit to reduce the monopoly malaysia, fluctuations in economic activities caused by of technology the economic cycle which often seen as good for an economy in the longer term (Lymer Oats 2006/07, p51). Therefore, a flexible tax, designed properly, can have a stabilising effect on monopoly, the economy to assist with this goal (Lymer Oats, 2006/07, p51). Why not order a custom dissertation that fits your exact requirements and grade needs? At UK Dissertations we offer a range of services to help you get ahead in your studies. The canons of taxations, forwarded by Adam Smith in slave dancer 1776, had been topic of much discussion. Whilst many academics agree with them, some believed that further guiding principles needed to be added. Therefore, from the initial four canons of taxations, the AICPA devised a structure of ten guiding principles. Then a final principle flexibility acknowledged by many other writers was added to this list, thus providing a through and detailed illustration of what a good tax system should entail. Therefore, the monopoly, principles can be used a s a guideline to design new tax elements or to analyze proposals and to modify them, so that any changes will strengthen the tax system, rather than weaken it (Nellen, 2002, p10).

However, whilst these eleven principles are very useful, with so many guidelines to adhere to, it is inevitable some conflict amongst them will arise realistically not all principles can be achieved to the same degree (Nellen, 2002, p10). Therefore, trade-offs have to be made to achieve an adequate balance between them. After all, there is no widely agreed upon optimal tax system. In Education? Tax system design is matter of judgement (Holtzman, 2007, p4) In addition, the principles are not hierarchical and people tend to disagree about the relative importance of the criteria (Holtzman, 2007, p4). Consequently, since there is no way of ranking the principles, conflicts exist between them, much debate exists about the monopoly malaysia, optimum tax system. In Life Essays? Overall, this poses various challenges to incorporating the principles of good tax policy into current tax system but with the help of careful consideration and diligent planning, some of the adverse effects can be minimised, if not eliminated (Nellen, 2002, p10). Tax avoidance is the legal planning of a corporations tax dealings in order to minimise the corporations tax liability,(Nightingale2001/02).Tax evasion is the illegal planning of monopoly malaysia, a corporations affairs so as to reduce its tax liability, in other words, tax avoidance is the manipulation of Essay Oedipus, a companys tax affairs within the law in order to decrease their tax liability.(James Nobes2008/09).alternatively tax evasion, which is the engagement of a company in a legal activity, from monopoly malaysia which tax is properly due but from which, it is not paid, because the income in question is not declared,(KayKing,1990), this kind of evasion activity is slave dancer, referred to mostly as black economy. According to Kay King,(1990), companys which use the black economy are illegally evading tax, those, companys which minimises their tax liability, legally are avoiding it.

Like tax evasion, tax avoidance has come under serious scrutiny in the UK.It must be emphasised here that successful tax minimization is neither a sufficient nor a necessary case for tax avoidance.(Int. Tax avoidance and evasion,1987),in between evasion and avoidance, to describe a company which uses tax planning within the law to minimise its tax liability or moving some of its operations abroad to a low tax region, in order to avoid tax, is however to strain the monopoly, meaning of the language. which by the definition, is unacceptable. Chapter 3 Research Methodology (1000) According Saunders et al., (2007) research philosophy is divided into three which are epistemology, ontology and in Life axiology. Each of the philosophy contains the main differences which will give the way of thinking about research process. It is very important to decide the research approach before designing a research project which could be deductive, inductive or combine deduction and monopoly malaysia induction within the same piece of research. The research methodology for this study is based on inductive approach, therefore, in order to gauge the degree to slave dancer which tax avoidance, meets the criteria associated with good tax policies, an inductive research approach was decided upon. An inductive research approach involves the monopoly, exploration of data in the pursuit of developing theories from it to subsequently relate to the litterature (Saunders et al, 2007, p57). The reason for flappers dream, using an inductive approach is that, through the study of what has been written regarding tax avoidance, one can discuss corporation tax avoidance in a broader perspective, as the relationship between the inherently global activities of corporate firms and the corporate tax policies of government.

As a result, taking the data and malaysia discussing tax avoidance, one can relate this to existing literature on the tax system in the UK, should anybody and from that, develop an informed theoretical viewpoint. (Saunders et al, 2007,). This research study was mainly carried out by using secondary data because it contains useful source of information, to answer the flappers dream, research questions. The secondary data will involve re-analysing data that has already been collected and malaysia that could be quantitative and Education in Nepal Essay qualitative data used in the research for descriptive and explanatory (Saunders et al., 2000) cited in malaysia Vincent (2003). Secondary data includes documentary, multiple source and survey data (Saunders et al., 2007). To support the research, textbooks and the computing and library facilities at oxford brooks were used widely. The electronic library catalogue provided by Influences the university was used to access particular resources. The databases used to obtain the monopoly, documentary secondary data were EBSCO (Business Source Complete),and Emerald EBSCO is an Electronic Journal Service, which is in Life Essays, contains millions of articles from different publishers among thousands of monopoly, e-journals.

In the EBSCO, Business Source Complete, provides full text journal for business studies which include accounting journal such as The Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting Research, and Journal of international Accounting, and Taxation. The Emerald database is one of the leading publishers of business and of technology in education management research was used to access data in this study which contain over 190 journals (Thisaveerasingam, 2008). Monopoly Malaysia? It is very important to evaluate the suitable secondary data in order to answer the define culture, research questions. The Emerald, BSC includes ranking of journals and contains more active peer-reviewed business related journals which enhances the reliability and validity of the journals. Source: (Saunders et al, 2007).

The secondary data were used widely in monopoly this research study. There were huge amount of Oedipus the King by Sophocles, articles related to these studies that had been published, but, the articles show conflicting results on monopoly, corporation tax avoidance. As a result it was difficult making the right decisions on drawing a conclusion. In addition, primary data could not be used in this research. Define Culture? Perhaps primary data from interviewing a few Governmental Institution,(HRMC) Corporate Firms and Professional Accounting Institutions such as tax inspectors, managers and accountants, could give more information relating to corporation tax avoidance. According to Fielding and Fielding as cited by Canning and monopoly Gwilliam (1999 p.407) such a combination of methodologies increases researcher self-confidence in Education Profile in Nepal the findings and malaysia allow them to be better imparted to the audience with lessened source to the affirmation of advantaged in sight. In addition, according to Saunders et al., (2007), the combine deduction and induction within the same piece of disadvantages in education, research will be more valuable and often advantageous to do.

Moreover, the time frame available for this research would not permit, for malaysia, further research in using primary data. In fact, it could have been more valuable to get information from tax inspectors, managers and accountants. But the problems could arise in about Oedipus uncertainty to monopoly malaysia getting reply from them on time and also due to the sensitive nature of the topic, most of the people involved might not be willing to provide any information. This chapter has provided details about disadvantages, how the study has been carried out, the basis for the study upon which instruments were used for the data collection method. Secondary data was the most appropriate research method for this work. Explanation for monopoly malaysia, the use of documentary secondary data was given in section 3.3 along 3.4 which explained the advantages and disadvantages of secondary data. The findings regarding the debate of in Nepal, corporation tax avoidance and malaysia the current views from the comparative study will be summarised and presented to enable conclusions and flappers dream recommendations be made. How have UK companies been successful in avoiding corporation tax? Section 8 of the ICTA 1988 provides that UK resident companies are chargeable to corporation tax, on monopoly, their worldwide income and gains, section 66 of the FA 1988 widened the definition as follows: A UK or foreign companies that are incorporated in the UK are UK resident for pure, tax purposes; and monopoly malaysia b.foreign incorporated companies are treated as resident in about the King the country where the central management and control exists(Nightingale,2001/02) A UK resident company is liable for corporation tax on its chargeable profits no matter where in the world those profits arise.(Cooney,2001).

The decisions of governments regarding corporation tax, affect the decisions of corporate firms regarding where to locate their economic activity and where to book profit.(Clausing,2009). Corporation tax is monopoly, designed under rules set by parliament each year, in in Life Essays the Finance Act, the Finance Act may amend the malaysia, existing rules, it also sets the rate of tax payable.becuase of the annual review of the rules ,circumstances may change year by year, which makes comparability difficult and forecasting uncertain.(ElliotElliot,2008).A few years ago not much attention was paid to how big corporations arranged their tax affairs. There appears to be a common rule now, that taxpayers do not like paying tax, although the fact that they may well understand the premise behind the collection of taxes.(Clausing,2009). The evidence of systematic tax avoidance by slave dancer UK-based companies strikes a particular ugly note in these strained times(The Guardian,03 Feb 2009). Each additional pound paid in monopoly malaysia taxation by a corporation reduces the income available for retention for funding future growth. Tax avoidance is the culture, legal planning of a companys tax dealings in monopoly order to minimise the companys tax liability,(Nightingale,2001/02).Tax evasion is the illegal planning of the companys affairs so as to reduce the companys tax liability, avoidance is the Essay about Oedipus by Sophocles, manipulation of the malaysia, companys affairs within the law in disadvantages of technology in education order to decrease its tax liability.(James Nobes).In other words tax evasion is the engagement of the company in monopoly malaysia a legal activity, from which tax is properly due but from which it is not paid, because the in education, income in question is not declared.(KayKing,1990) this kind of evasion activity is referred to monopoly malaysia mostly as black economy. According to of technology Kay King,(1990), corporations which, engage in the black economy are illegally evading tax, corporations minimises their tax liability by legally avoiding it.(appendices1, the black economy includes the moonlighting plumber ,who expects to be paid in cash, the waiter who fails to monopoly malaysia declare his tip the barmaid who is paid from the till at the end of the evening). Tax avoidance which covers all forms of reducing a companys tax liability, could be used and a characteristic made between acceptable and unacceptable avoidance.(int tax avoidance evasion) the scope of what a company considers as tax avoidance may be different from country to Essays country. in principle, the UK tax law permits a tax payer to use the letter of the monopoly malaysia, law to their best advantage, even though there are some legal activities which are so artificial that they might be seen as evasion. .(James Nobes2008/09). Tax planning is Essay Oedipus, arranging a firms, financial transactions to their best advantage to monopoly malaysia be able to gain from the often anticipated effects of tax rules, in order to make best use of the companys after tax returns.(James Nobes2008/09). Slave Dancer? The use of such requirements as proposed by malaysia the legislators, is not criticised by anyone and might be termed tax planning the Education Profile, problem area lies between the malaysia, appropriate use of flappers dream, such tax planning ,and illegal activities. Monopoly? this grey area could best be called tax avoidance.(ElliotElliot,2008).the problem lies in distinguishing clearly between legal avoidance and illegal evasion. it can be difficult for accountants to walk the careful line between helping clients in tax avoidance and colluding with them against the HMRC.(ElliotElliot,2008). Tax experts claimed that, a decade ago, a lot UK firms exploited loopholes in the tax system to Influences minimise their tax liability.

A concentrated effort by the Labour government straitened corporation tax policies. ( Oct 01, 2010 ). Monopoly Malaysia? Although tax consequences are a motivating factor in Profile in Nepal many company decisions, the companys actions are planned exclusively to lower corporate tax. Most corporate firms have financial responses, the taxation of monopoly malaysia, corporate income, and responses to international tax incentives include locating more of its economic activity to low tax countries, financial responses to corporation tax include efforts to shift income to more lightly taxed locations, alter the transfer prices assigned to international trade with affiliates and alter the arrangement of the affiliate finance, or change the location of royalties or intangible asset,( Clausing,2009). It is therefore possible to minimise or do away with a companys tax liability by entirely satisfactory tax planning, by Essays choosing among tax reliefs and incentives the monopoly malaysia, most beneficial route consistent with usual business transactions.(Int. tax avoidance evasion).Like the black economy tax avoidance has come under serious scrutiny in the UK. Why not order a custom dissertation that fits your exact requirements and grade needs? At UK Dissertations we offer a range of services to help you get ahead in your studies. 4.1 Company response (arguments in support of companies adopting this type of tax avoidance) A high corporate tax burden acts as a disincentive for flappers dream, firms to move to low tax locations, since high tax rate exerts a negative outcome on the profitability of their investments. Most UK based firms, are concerned not only about UK tax rates but also about the malaysia, difficulty of the UK tax system. Define? Companies with the ability to move jurisdiction simply, allude to the uncertainty and monopoly difficulty of the UK taxes, as being a big concern as the level of tax itself. (, Oct 01, 2010 ) A critical separation of the relationship between the global performance of companies and their tax policies affect most governments, this connection is complex. Most company policies impact governments, decision in affecting the define pure, amount of revenue that government receive as tax from monopoly malaysia these firms and Essay Oedipus by Sophocles ultimately the type of tax policies that the companies choose.

In the UK the profits of overseas subsidiaries are taxed under the controlled foreign business rules. Firms with huge overseas operations are required to forward their profits back to the UK. There was a row over the taxation of profits in foreign subsidiaries this encouraged the monopoly, first exodus of major firms in 2008 from the UK ,to low tax countries(Guardian 2010 27th sept). According to research commissioned by HM Revenue Customs (HMRC), about one in Essay by Sophocles five corporations, have considered the option of relocating their companys offshore in malaysia order to enjoy tax benefits. Define Pure? 64% of the large firms consider bureaucracy levels to have increased over the past year, in the UK(, Oct 01, 2010). The existence of different tax rates in different countries is malaysia, likely to create opportunities for tax minimisation, for Influences in Life, corporations.(Bond et al ,2000).such incentive will attract companys in monopoly countrys with high corporation tax rate, to relocate to countrys with low tax rates. Slave Dancer? If the firms do relocate to low tax countries ,it could bring catastrophe for the UK economy. The UK plumbing and monopoly malaysia heating group Wolseley, announced that it was relocating its tax residence from the UK to Switzerland. ( Oct 01, 2010) Wolseley, claims, uncertainty concerning the tax system in the UK had made it to go offshore. Essay About The King? The management of Wolseley plans to register the malaysia, company in Jersey whilst adopting Switzerland as its residence for tax purposes. The finance director of Wolseley claims its crucial for the government to flappers dream stop the issue surrounding the taxation of profits in foreign subsidiaries, to be able to maintain Wolseley in the UK. Malaysia? (guardian 2010 27th sept).

Switzerland gives the chance to repatriate foreign income to a centre by way of very low tax rates. Wolseleys other problem centred on the firms return to profitability, after two years of losses, while the company was making a ?90m tax gain, as a result of ?130m rebate in the US after the sale of non profit making businesses, it was faced with tax increases in other operational location.( 2010) Another tax haven is Ireland which is also attracting most of UK firms, eager to lessen their tax liability,. Wolseley joins United Business Media and Shire, the pharmaceutical firm, which has also been attracted by Essay Ireland, 12.5% corporation tax rate. The world's third-biggest chemicals firm and the UK's major private business Ineos, moved to Switzerland. Monopoly Malaysia? The company is expected to save 450m (?390m) in tax. Additionally, a lot of UK's top bankers have announced plans of Education Profile in Nepal Essay, relocating to other places. Malaysia? ( Oct 01, 2010 ). According to the statement,Wolseleys, reallocation to Switzerland will save the company about ?23m, in taxes this was expected to about create uncertainties for monopoly, the government, that more companies are leaving, despite a promise to lower corporation tax to Education in Nepal one of the lowest rates in the G20,countries (guardian 2010 27th September).

The disadvantages of being a UK resident business has never been so clear. UK's position in monopoly various global rankings has been dropping, mainly due to its complicated tax structure that is characterized by increasing tax rates. The simple point is that UK companies are paying 28% of their UK profits in tax ,even though Ireland and Switzerland currently appear as the top choice destinations, Hong Kong also stands stronger of gaining favour among most UK businesses in particular those in the financial sector. ( Oct 01, 2010) The average tax rate of Wolseley's has increased recently from 28% to slave dancer 34% at a point in monopoly malaysia time after the flappers dream, caption corporate tax rate had fallen from 30% to 28%.(.(guardian 2010 27th sept) It is monopoly malaysia, very difficult to state why the companys tax liability has risen so quickly the main cause was the businesses combination and Influences profit levels. Monopoly Malaysia? Other issues was the lack of tax arrangement opportunities open to the business following a number of years of crackdowns.(guardian 2010 27th sept) The UK Government is losing ?25bn a year through tax avoidance, a new report claims. That is ? 13bn not paid by the wealthy, and a further,?12bn dodged by corporations.( March 2008) There is substantial budget deficit caused by flappers dream loss of tax revenue ,through large scale avoidance, there will consequently be severe constraints on future public spending and monopoly malaysia burdens on Oedipus by Sophocles, UK taxpayers.

The avoidance by companys is monopoly malaysia, however much bigger and more complex to identify. Slave Dancer? The simple point is that companies should be paying 28% of their UK profits in monopoly tax, while the disadvantages, evidence suggests that many high profile British firms pay much less.(The Guardian,2009) Governments are concerned with treats to their corporate tax revenue ,largely because reductions in the amount of revenue raised from that source might require increases in other forms of taxation or the borrowing or reduction in public spending.(Bond et al,2000) There are two main channels through which government revenue can be threatened, the actions of governments that compete with one another to offer the lowest tax rate and to attract and retain investment and the actions of companies using methods of tax planning to exploit opportunities to minimise their tax payments. The Independent newspaper,(12th Feb,2010) states that the monopoly malaysia, UK is one of the most attractive places to define pure culture do business and continues to have the smallest corporation tax rate of the major G7 economies along internationally competitive small corporation tax rate of 21 per cent. 6.1 What are the monopoly, specific problems. Large corporate firms generally want to ensure that their tax planning is legal, efficient and appropriate, that it does not create reputational risks and that reporting and compliance requirements are satisfied.( Thomson Reuters Legal Limited and Contributors, 2009) The complexity of the Influences Essays, UK, tax system creates loopholes which allows firms to legally exploit. the tax scheme. The supposed development in company tax avoidance activity in the UK,has given rise to other perspectives on the motivations and effects of the avoidance activity. Several studies has examined corporate tax avoidance as an extension of other tax-favoured activity, (The Review of Economics and Statistics, August 2009,)

Tax avoidance and aggressive tax planning allows firms to become economic free-riders, enjoying the malaysia, benefits of corporate citizenship without accepting the costs, whilst also causing risky market distortions and moving a bigger share of the flappers dream, tax burden onto individual taxpayers and monopoly consumers(, January 2005) Whistleblowers, find the subject of avoidance impenetrable and very ,difficult, to define pure report about firms engaging in avoidance and with its added restraint. Writing about the subject involves prohibitively expensive legal and accountancy advice. There is no accepted definition of what constitutes avoidance the experts and legal minds concerned have done a masterful job, in muddying the waters of the debate, where they have silenced the monopoly, issue altogether. There is a lot of slave dancer, evidence from economic studies ,however that companies behave in ways that are consistent with tax-minimising activity, for example, some studies have found that foreign subsidiaries of corporate firms are more likely to use debt finance when based in high-tax countries than when based in low-tax countries(Hubbard,1990) cited in (Bond,2000). There is also some indirect evidence that tax motivated transfer pricing occurs through studies, that have found that companies pre- tax profits tend to be inversely related to the tax rate (i.e. the higher the tax rate ,the lower the pre-tax profits reported,(Grubert Mutti 1991) cited in (Bond 1990) 6.2 Based on the evidence presented above ,to what extent can a policy meet the current taxation problem. The government should initiate tax policies that are simple to understand and put into practice for companies, in addition it will be more difficult to avoid.

The double effect could benefit the UK more than a lot of new rules. Tax simplification would help, there could be lower headline rates of corporation tax in malaysia return for eliminating the complex arrangement of pure culture, tax allowances which firms at present enjoy. It has been estimated that simplification alone will slash the headline rate by monopoly 5%..(The Guardian,03 Feb.2009) Beyond that there is a strong case for a more hard-line move towards tax avoidance, the regular and general avoidance of stamp duty land tax by company vehicles can be stopped immediately, more generally the proposal of a General Anti Avoidance Rule is that tax is in Nepal Essay, applied wherever there is an intent to avoid it, even if the loophole hasnt particularly been recognized in monopoly malaysia advance by HMRC. There is a lot the pure, government can do, to help, for instance Tax arbitrage, which involves playing one state against monopoly, another. Government can limit that game by co-operating, the British governments strict resistance to in education any EU tax harmonisation can subdue sensible, realistic initiatives like agreement on monopoly malaysia, common EU tax base (not harmonisation of rates but agreement to treat depreciation and Education Profile in Nepal other accounting conventions in a similar way. Britain has formed a peculiar treaty with Ireland and malaysia the Baltic states to block co-operation.(The Guardian,03 Feb.2009) The chancellor George Osborne, in the June 2010 budget announced the view of ending the about by Sophocles, UKs interest in foreign subsidiaries, altogether.

He proposed changes in the existing rules and the prospect of applying corporation tax to only UK earnings. Monopoly? The government is committed to reform of the in Nepal Essay, Controlled Foreign Company(CFC) rules and will introduce new rules in 2012. Any changes will deliver a more territorial approach refocusing on artificially diverted UK profits and exempting genuine commercial activities, he said, emphasising the government planned to reduce corporation tax from monopoly 28% to 24% with the aim of creating the most competitive corporate tax system in G20. (The Guardian, sept 27th 2010) Most, corporations are legal entities, any corporate tax liability is eventually passed on in education, somewhere else in reduced dividend, wages or in higher prices. Corporate profits may not be an monopoly ideal tax base, for the government, but there are some fundamental justice in the implication that companies should pay the government of their host country for the infrastructure and other tax financed services they receive;education,health transport system and disadvantages of technology policing.(The Guardian 2009) If the proposal is ratified tax experts says it would mean the UK would be offering one of the most business-friendly, tax regimes in the world. any plans to monopoly malaysia move offshore would for pure culture, most firms become superfluous. firms may possibly do their business in the UK and keep their foreign-earned profits away from the HMRC.The Interim tax changes might take place by 2011 and wider reforms by monopoly 2012.(The Guardian, sept 27th 2010).

Furthermore, the Corporate Social Responsibility debate needs fully to address the slave dancer, issue of how company directors should act on tax avoidance in the context of their CSR agendas. The current situation has not kept pace with the debate on CSR and should make way for malaysia, a General Anti-Avoidance Rule that would guide directors in understanding their moral and ethical duties on tax payment. The good behaviour of socially responsible companies are punished by being at competitively disadvantage position, against companies that are more ruthless, which take advantage of the tax avoidance loopholes. But it is necessary to draw attention to what is going on, tax avoidance symbolize the achievement of practical expertise over social, responsibility.(guardian 2009 feb,02) Why not order a custom dissertation that fits your exact requirements and grade needs? At UK Dissertations we offer a range of services to help you get ahead in your studies. The Corporate Social Responsibility outline, is driven by the demand for slave dancer, an ethical move towards doing business.

It is not possible to be ethical in one area of business behaviour and to act otherwise in another area, and firms, that operate in malaysia this way reveal a major disconnect in their core organisational principles. The statements on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of most companies , has become evident that most firms do not consider tax payment as a part of the CSR plan. The same holds true for the World Economic Forum. On their website there are 86 pages which refer to Corporate Social Responsibility, but only three pages refer to tax avoidance. Tax avoidance is Essays, not referred to in the World Economic Forums Partnering Against Corruption Initiative, despite the monopoly, clear proof that much tax avoidance is linked to dishonest dealings, banking secrecy, offshore trusts, fraud and unlawful capital flight.( January 2005 ) Corporation must implement clear CSR principles in the area of taxation, including requirements to make known all essential accounting information and to abstain from the use of profits-laundering vehicles developed without significant economic reason.

CSR reports ought to flappers dream list the countries in which the business trades, how much profit is made from activities in each one of these countries, and where these profits are taken for tax purposes, indicating any special purpose vehicles that are used, and the magnitude of tax avoidance arising from the use of novel tax planning ideas. Only in this way can the important stakeholders, including governments, shareholders, employees and the general public gain the information that they need to decide whether the organisations which control the globalised economy are behaving as good corporate firms.

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4 Experienced engineer resume samples, examples - download now! - Having more than X years of monopoly experience as Mechanical Design Engineer. - Hands on experience in BOM generation, GTP making, Product development drawings, sample fabrication. - Good knowledge of 3D drawing generation. Looking for an excellent opportunity to work as a Mechanical Design Engineer where my talent and knowledge can be best utilized for the development of the disadvantages in education organization. AutoCad, Pro-e, CNC Sheet Designing, Mechanical Offers, Product Development, Project Handling etc. PROFESSIONAL INDUSTRIAL EXPOSURE. Designation: Mechanical Design Engineer in (R D) Deptt. Duration: 1st Jan, 20XX to (till date) Previous Company: XXXX. Monopoly Malaysia! Designation: Worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer.

Projects Undertaken: Feeder Pillar, NDPL; MSEDCL; DHBVN; UHBVN, LTCT, LTDB, SMC POLYMER boxes etc. - Got 1st promotion at very short time spam on performance basis. Operating Systems: Windows 98XPVista7 MS-Office (Word Excel). B.Tech (Mechanical Engg.) from Institute 1, in of technology 20XX. -Electricity generation from heat engine, a project in which heat is monopoly, generated through LPG gas by using heat engine. -Energy conservation through exercise machine, a project through which energy is flappers dream, conserved by malaysia, using muscular energy on Profile in Nepal Essay, a Tread mill. Practical Training: XXXX (AUTOMOBILE WORKSHOP). Duration: 30 Day.

Date of Birth: 13th Dec, 87. Language: English; Hindi; Marathi. Monopoly! 2. Experienced engineer resume - Posted by Rahul Bhardwaj. Expected CTC: 6.5L. Notice Period: 3 Months. Mobile: +91- 96XXXXXXXX. Seeking programming and managerial Assignments in Project Development and enhancement with an Education in Nepal Essay organisation of repute. -A dynamic professional with 1 years 9 months of malaysia extensive experience in the areas of Linux application programming in storage domain. -Currently working with XXXXXX Computer Systems Ltd., Mumbai. -Hands on experience in software development and maintenance field as a systems programmer and application developer in the capacity of Team Member, Group Leader, and Configuration Manager. -Competent in Application programming. -An effective communicator with good presentation and leadership skills. -Proactive in reaching out to customers service assurance expectations.

-Have acquired the knowledge of various phases of SDLC such as Requirements and Analysis, Design and Coding and Testing. Currently Working with: -Programming Languages: C,C++. -Operating System: Windows, Linux (Redhat, SuSE),DOS,UEFI. -Processor/Machines: X86, X64, IA64, EFI/UEFI servers of various OEMs, PowerPC, Solaris (i386, SPARC). -Development Support Tools: Debugger GDB. -Domain: Storage (EFI/UEFI, RAID, SCSI, SAS, SATA) -Documentation: Functional Requirement Document, Design Documentation, Test plan, and Test case creation. -Software : Visual Source Safe, IBM Rational Clear Case and Clear Quest, MS Office (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint) -Client/Location: XXXXX, US. -Managing and Reporting Tool for slave dancer SAS2 Controllers. -Client Profile: Leading solutions in the storage and networking markets. -Designing and documentation for Design Requirement and proposed designs for tool. Tool contains Library as well as Utility. -SMART command Transport (SCT) implementation on Linux and Windows for on-board SSDs Diagnostic commands. -Formatting of SSD using SMART Command Transport. -Supported software RAID on SSD. -Conducted design review, code review and developers testing. Client/Location: XXXXX, US. Client Profile: Leading solutions in the storage and monopoly malaysia, networking markets. Essays! -There are two utilities for SCSI, SAS and SAS2 controllers supporting various software and server architectures. -One is Flash utility which is used to monopoly malaysia update flash the SAS cards firmware bios. -The utility communicates with the controller through PCI interface and uses the Firmware functionality to attain the desired results. -The utility supports programming SAS address of the controller. -Second one is an IR configuration utility which enables the user to configure the Raid Volumes on external drives connected to the HBA. About Oedipus! -This is used to create and malaysia, manage Integrated Mirroring (IM), Integrated Mirroring Enhanced (IME), Integrated Striping (IS) volumes and Hot spare on pure culture, both SAS and SCSI controllers. -OS : Windows, Linux (Redhat, SuSE),DOS,UEFI. -Development, Enhancements, Bug fixing. Monopoly Malaysia! -Device testing of the utilities on different HW/SW platforms. -Interacting with the client on various forums to discuss the status of the project, clarify any queries regarding the functionality etc. -Preparation of test cases. -Cleared Patni Level 1 certification for C,C++ and Linux in 2010. -Cleared Patni Level 2 certification for C,C++ and Linux in 2010. Influences Essays! -Received PAT ON THE BACK awards from XXXXX Computer Systems Ltd for excellent contribution in project in a short period of malaysia time. -2009, B.E. in Computer Sicience and Engg. from culture, XXXXXX University with 67.50%. -2004, H.S.C. from XXXX State board with 72.06%. -2004, S.S.C. from XXXX State board with 64.02%. -Coordinated in monopoly malaysia the all India national level competition NAVAAYAAM -06 organized by the XXXXX Members association. -Participated in Buddy Program organized by of technology in education, XXXXX HR Team.

3. Experienced engineer resume - Posted by monopoly, Swati Das. Disadvantages Of Technology! -To seek a challenging position in engineering industry that needs innovation, creativity, dedication and enable me to continue to work in a challenging and fast paced environment, leveraging my current knowledge and fostering creativity with many learning opportunities. -Having 4 years of competitive experience in engineering industry. -Experience in monopoly malaysia Production and Maintenance of slave dancer varies Industry. -Good work ethics with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Monopoly! -Excellent Motivational, Leadership skills in a fast-paced environment. -Capable to delve into the new leading Technologies. -Ability to work well in slave dancer both a team environment and monopoly malaysia, individual environment. -Having the knowledge of Quality and Safety. -ERP Package : SAP R/3 ECC5.0. -Operating Systems : Windows 98/95, XP, 2000, 2003 DOS. -Company: XXXXXX Ltd. -Role: Maintenance Engineer. -Handling of the flappers dream department activities. -Planning and malaysia, Executing of the Man power and Work Schedule. -To meet volumes with good productivity through optimal manpower utilization. -Overhauling procedure prepared for define pure culture Mechanical critical Equipments. -Data Collection for Computerized Maintenance management System for Mechanical Discipline. -Collection from various Sources of records for monopoly Mechanical Equipments and Machineries of materials for Codification and Equipments Register. Influences In Life Essays! -Expertise in erection of bottling lines and Carried out Daily routine Machine Inspection of Belt, Slot Chain Conveyors and its auxiliaries then Washing, Filling, Sealing, Labeling Machines. -Monthly Maintenance of Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Industrial Air Compressor, cooling towers, Pumps etc (Utility). -To analyze the performance of the production Hall equipments, identify the cause of failure and develop maintenance schedule to prevent future failures. -To ensure that all critical spares are maintained as per the requirement. -To ensure whether the process control quality standards are met. -Preventive Maintenance planning and scheduling for Mechanical Equipments and Machineries, Documentation for Equipments and Machineries, Documentation for Equipment register. -Implementation of the new methods and Techniques. -Preventive Maintenance and monopoly malaysia, System analysis and Improvisation. -Problem analysis and Trouble Shooting. -Role: Production engineer. -Reading analyzing the drawings given. -Planning, Scheduling, cost evaluation procurement of in education materials according to the market trend. -Preparation of work plan schedule to complete the orders as per order data sheet form and planning list. -Scheduling the monopoly workload as per planning list and ensure that the production deliveries are meeting the dispatch plan. -Processing following up the sub-contractors and Oedipus the King, ensuring that the products are delivering as per planning schedule.

-Effective utilization of resources like man, machine material for Assembly. -Monitoring the operator and malaysia, machines on productivity. -Preparation of slave dancer daily production statement and shop efficiency calculation. -Communicating to Works Manager regarding commitment problem, process delays and monopoly, update status. -Monitoring assembly, testing dispatching within the planned date. -Production Supervising which includes manpower handling, making documentation related to production, following up of production plans. -Machine Maintenance which includes maintaining, recording and reporting of machine tools status. -Production Stock maintenance. -Able to handle any type of project in building construction. -Able to cooperate with Consultants, Commercial Private client. -Bachelor of Engineering from XXXXXXXX Engineering,(Affiliated to XXXXXXX University) -Production and Manufacturing. 4. Experienced engineer resume - Posted by Nupur Bhargava. An aeronautical engineer with experience into research, design and maintenance of the aircraft. A business professional, who promptly assesses and implements decisions with skills and confidence. Company A From 2009 to Present. Define Pure Culture! -Formulate conceptual design of products/ systems to meet customer requirements. -Direct and monopoly malaysia, co-ordinate activities of engineering or technical personnel designing, fabricating, modifying, testing aerospace products. -Plan and define, conduct experimental, environmental, operational, and stress test on models and prototypes of monopoly malaysia aircrafts. -Evaluate product data and design from inspections and reports for conformance to engineering principles, customer requirements and quality standards. -Formulate mathematical models or other methods of computer analysis to develop, evaluate or modify design as per the requirements. -Maintain aircrafts and sub-assemblies in accordance with established maintenance schedules, including inspections, testing, repairs and installations of engine systems and components. -Certify aircraft are airworthy in accordance with local and international aviation standards. -Manage the ordering of inventory parts needed to ensure works can be carried out speedily and efficiently. -Ensure compliance with applicable technical publications through the use of maintenance instructions manuals. -Reassemble components and check for operational deficiency. -Ensure that aircraft and equipment maintenance data is collected and properly disseminated. -Master of science in Aeronautical Engineering. -Bachelor in Science. Project 1 ABCD Pvt Ltd. Prepared a sample rocket and test its working. -Study and analyse the various aerospace products used. -Give suggestions and scope for improvements. Date of Birth 4th November. Hobbies Reading and skating.

Now i have one year experience in HMC OPERATOR. Education In Nepal! Now i am looking for monopoly malaysia new jobs design oriented. so kindly sent me the resume formats related to my experience. Disadvantages! This is sakthivel. I am completed B.E/mechanical engineering in 2014. Now I have one year experience like engineering trainee in pre machine shop.

Now I am looking for new jobs like quality, production, maintainance or design oriented. So kindly sent me the resume formats related to my experiance.

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Don't Help Your Kids With Their Homework. And other insights from a ground- breaking study of how parents impact children’s academic achievement. When Working From Home Doesnt Work. Writing Advice From a (Newly Minted) Nobel Winner. Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2017. One of the central tenets of raising kids in America is that parents should be actively involved in their childrens education: meeting with teachers, volunteering at school, helping with homework, and doing a hundred other things that few working parents have time for. These obligations are so baked into American values that few parents stop to ask whether theyre worth the effort. Until this January, few researchers did, either. In the largest-ever study of how parental involvement affects academic achievement, Keith Robinson, a sociology professor at the University of monopoly Texas at Austin, and Angel L. In Life Essays? Harris, a sociology professor at Duke, mostly found that it doesnt.

The researchers combed through nearly three decades worth of longitudinal surveys of monopoly malaysia American parents and Essay about Oedipus the King by Sophocles, tracked 63 different measures of monopoly parental participation in kids academic lives, from helping them with homework, to talking with them about college plans, to volunteering at their schools. In an attempt to Essays show whether the kids of monopoly malaysia more-involved parents improved over time, the researchers indexed these measures to childrens academic performance, including test scores in reading and math. What they found surprised them. Most measurable forms of Influences parental involvement seem to malaysia yield few academic dividends for Influences in Life, kids, or even to backfireregardless of a parents race, class, or level of education. In Photos: It's OK to Fake Bake-Sale Cookies | Emily Anne Epstein. Do you review your daughters homework every night? Robinson and malaysia, Harriss data, published in The Broken Compass: Parental Involvement With Childrens Education , show that this wont help her score higher on standardized tests. Once kids enter middle school, parental help with homework can actually bring test scores down, an effect Robinson says could be caused by the fact that many parents may have forgotten, or never truly understood, the material their children learn in school. Similarly, students whose parents frequently meet with teachers and principals dont seem to Education Profile Essay improve faster than academically comparable peers whose parents are less present at school.

Other essentially useless parenting interventions: observing a kids class; helping a teenager choose high-school courses; and, especially, disciplinary measures such as punishing kids for getting bad grades or instituting strict rules about when and how homework gets done. This kind of monopoly malaysia meddling could leave children more anxious than enthusiastic about school, Robinson speculates. Ask them Do you want to see me volunteering more? Going to school social functions? Is it helpful if I help you with homework? he told me. We think about informing parents and Essay Oedipus, schools what they need to do, but too often we leave the child out of the conversation. One of the reasons parental involvement in schools has become dogma is that the government actively incentivizes it. Since the late 1960s, the federal government has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on programs that seek to engage parentsespecially low-income parentswith their childrens schools. In 2001, No Child Left Behind required schools to establish parent committees and communicate with parents in their native languages. The theory was that more active and monopoly malaysia, invested mothers and fathers could help close the test-score gap between middle-class and poor students. Yet until the new study, nobody had used the available data to test the assumption that close relationships between parents and schools improve student achievement.

While Robinson and Harris largely disproved that assumption, they did find a handful of habits that make a difference, such as reading aloud to young kids (fewer than half of about by Sophocles whom are read to malaysia daily) and talking with teenagers about college plans. But these interventions dont take place at school or in the presence of teachers, where policy makers exert the disadvantages of technology, most influencethey take place at home. Whats more, although conventional wisdom holds that poor children do badly in school because their parents dont care about education, the opposite is true. Across race, class, and monopoly malaysia, education level, the vast majority of American parents report that they speak with their kids about the slave dancer, importance of good grades and hope that they will attend college. Asian American kids may perform inordinately well on tests, for example, but their parents are not much more involved at malaysia school than Hispanic parents arenot surprising, given that both groups experience language barriers.

So why are some parents more effective at of technology in education helping their children translate these shared values into achievement? Robinson and Harris posit that greater financial and educational resources allow some parents to embed their children in neighborhoods and social settings in malaysia, which they meet many college-educated adults with interesting careers. Upper-middle-class kids arent just told a good education will help them succeed in life. They are surrounded by slave dancer, family and friends who work as doctors, lawyers, and engineers and who reminisce about malaysia, their college years around the Influences in Life Essays, dinner table. Asian parents are an interesting exception; even when they are poor and monopoly, unable to provide these types of Influences in Life Essays social settings, they seem to be able to communicate the value and malaysia, appeal of education in a similarly effective manner. As part of his research, Robinson conducted informal focus groups with his undergraduate statistics students at the University of Texas, asking them about how their parents contributed to their achievements. He found that most had few or no memories of disadvantages in education their parents pushing or prodding them or getting involved at school in monopoly malaysia, formal ways. Instead, students described mothers and Influences, fathers who set high expectations and then stepped back. These kids made it!, Robinson told me. Youd expect theyd have the type of malaysia parental involvement were promoting at the national level. But they hardly had any of that.

It really blew me away. Robinson and Harriss findings add to what we know from previous research by define culture, the sociologist Annette Lareau, who observed conversations in homes between parents and kids during the 1990s. Monopoly Malaysia? Lareau found that in flappers dream, poor and working-class households, children were urged to stay quiet and show deference to adult authority figures such as teachers. In middle-class households, kids learned to ask critical questions and to advocate for themselvesbehaviors that served them well in the classroom. Robinson and Harris chose not to address a few potentially powerful types of parental involvement, from hiring tutors or therapists for kids who are struggling, to opening college savings accounts. And theres the monopoly, fact that, regardless of socioeconomic status, some parents go to great lengths to seek out effective schools for their children, while others accept the status quo at the school around the corner.

Although Robinson and in education, Harris didnt look at school choice, they did find that one of the few ways parents can improve their kids academic performanceby as much as eight points on a reading or math testis by getting them placed in the classroom of a teacher with a good reputation. This is monopoly, one example for in education, which race did seem to monopoly malaysia matter: white parents are at least twice as likely as black and Latino parents to request a specific teacher. Flappers Dream? Given that the malaysia, best teachers have been shown to raise students lifetime earnings and to define pure decrease the monopoly malaysia, likelihood of in Nepal Essay teen pregnancy, this is no small intervention. All in all, these findings should relieve anxious parents struggling to monopoly malaysia make time to Influences volunteer at malaysia the PTA bake sale. But valuing parental involvement via test scores alone misses one of the ways in define pure culture, which parents most impact schools. Pesky parents are often effective, especially in public schools, at monopoly malaysia securing better textbooks, new playgrounds, and all the extras that make an educational community come to Essay by Sophocles life, like art, music, theater, and after-school clubs. This kind of parental engagement may not directly affect test scores, but it can make school a more positive place for monopoly malaysia, all kids, regardless of what their parents do or dont do at about Oedipus the King by Sophocles home. Malaysia? Getting involved in Oedipus by Sophocles, your childrens schools is not just a way to give them a leg upit could also be good citizenship. Mass Shootings in monopoly malaysia, the United States: 'This Is Who We Are' In the wake of Las Vegas, only one thing is certain, according to flappers dream James Fallows: it will happen again. When Working From Home Doesnt Work.

IBM pioneered telecommuting. Monopoly Malaysia? Now it wants people back in the office. I n 1979, IBM was putting its stamp on the American landscape. For 20 years, it had been hiring the greats of modernism to erect buildings where scientists and salespeople could work shoulder-to-shoulder commanding the burgeoning computer industry. But that year, one of its new facilitiesthe Santa Teresa Laboratory, in Silicon Valleytried an experiment. To ease a logjam at the office mainframe, it installed boxy, green-screened terminals in the homes of five employees, allowing them to in Nepal work from home. The idea of telecommuting was still a novelty. But this little solution seemed effective. Monopoly? By 1983, about 2,000 IBMers were working remotely. The corporation eventually realized that it could save millions by slave dancer, selling its signature buildings and institutionalizing distance work; the number of remote workers ballooned.

In 2009, an IBM report boasted that 40 percent of IBMs some 386,000 employees in 173 countries have no office at all. More than 58 million square feet of malaysia office space had been unloaded, at Education Profile a gain of nearly $2 billion. Monopoly? IBM, moreover, wanted to help other corporations reap the same officeless efficiencies through its consulting services. Leading by example was good marketing. Tim Piazza fought for his life for 12 hours before his Beta Theta Pi brothers called 911. By then, it was too late. At about 3 p.m. on Friday, February 3, Tim Piazza, a sophomore at Penn State University, arrived at Hershey Medical Center by helicopter. About Oedipus The King? Eighteen hours earlier, he had been in monopoly, the kind of raging good health that only teenagers enjoy. He was a handsome, redheaded kid with a shy smile, a hometown girlfriend, and a family who loved him very much.

Now he had a lacerated spleen, an abdomen full of blood, and multiple traumatic brain injuries. Disadvantages In Education? He had fallen down a flight of stairs during a hazing event at his fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, but the members had waited nearly 12 hours before calling 911, relenting only when their pledge looked fucking dead. Tim underwent surgery shortly after arriving at Hershey, but it was too late. Monopoly Malaysia? He died early the next morning. A small group of culture programmers wants to change how we codebefore catastrophe strikes. T here were six hours during the night of April 10, 2014, when the entire population of Washington State had no 911 service. People who called for help got a busy signal.

One Seattle woman dialed 911 at least 37 times while a stranger was trying to monopoly malaysia break into her house. Essays? When he finally crawled into her living room through a window, she picked up a kitchen knife. The man fled. The 911 outage, at the time the malaysia, largest ever reported, was traced to software running on a server in Englewood, Colorado. Operated by Profile Essay, a systems provider named Intrado, the server kept a running counter of how many calls it had routed to 911 dispatchers around the country. Intrado programmers had set a threshold for how high the counter could go. They picked a number in monopoly malaysia, the millions.

Writing Advice From a (Newly Minted) Nobel Winner. Kazuo Ishiguro wrote the bulk of The Remains of the Day in four weeks. All it took was extreme dedicationand a willingness to be terrible. Its tempting to in Nepal Essay talk of writingthe art of monopoly it, the craft of it, the lifestyle of itas a kind of romance. Writers of serious literature (according to, at least, many writers of serious literature) do not simply type stark words onto blank pages; instead, they stare into an abyss and reach into about by Sophocles, their souls and find, if they are fortunate, the swirling fires of Prometheus. Malaysia? We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect, Anais Nin said, which is beautiful and true and also objectively incorrect: Writing is delicious work, but it is for the most part simply work. Its often lonely. Its rarely romantic. (I am not a writer of serious literature, but I am a writer, and define pure culture, I am writing this while sipping stale coffee from a mug thats in bad need of monopoly malaysia a wash.) Writing is a craft in the way that carpentry is a craft: Theres art to it, sure, and a certain inspiration required of it, definitely, but for the most part youre just sawing and sanding and getting dust in your eyes. Photographing the Microscopic: Winners of Nikon Small World 2017. Nikon just announced the winners of the 2017 Small World Photomicrography Competition, and theyve shared some of the winning and honored images with us here.

Nikon just announced the Essay about Oedipus, winners of the malaysia, 2017 Small World Photomicrography Competition, and theyve shared some of the winning and flappers dream, honored images with us here. Monopoly? The contest invites photographers and define culture, scientists to submit images of all things visible under a microscope. More than 2,000 entries were received from 88 countries in 2017, the 43rd year of the malaysia, competition. Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? More comfortable online than out partying, post-Millennials are safer, physically, than adolescents have ever been. But theyre on the brink of a mental-health crisis. O ne day last summer, around noon, I called Athena, a 13-year-old who lives in Houston, Texas.

She answered her phoneshes had an Influences in Life iPhone since she was 11sounding as if shed just woken up. We chatted about her favorite songs and TV shows, and I asked her what she likes to do with her friends. We go to monopoly malaysia the mall, she said. Flappers Dream? Do your parents drop you off?, I asked, recalling my own middle-school days, in the 1980s, when Id enjoy a few parent-free hours shopping with my friends. NoI go with my family, she replied. Monopoly Malaysia? Well go with my mom and brothers and walk a little behind them. I just have to tell my mom where were going. I have to Influences in Life Essays check in every hour or every 30 minutes. Those mall trips are infrequentabout once a month. More often, Athena and her friends spend time together on monopoly malaysia, their phones, unchaperoned. Unlike the teens of flappers dream my generation, who might have spent an evening tying up the family landline with gossip, they talk on Snapchat, the smartphone app that allows users to monopoly malaysia send pictures and videos that quickly disappear. They make sure to disadvantages of technology keep up their Snapstreaks, which show how many days in a row they have Snapchatted with each other. Monopoly Malaysia? Sometimes they save screenshots of particularly ridiculous pictures of friends. Its good blackmail, Athena said. Disadvantages? (Because shes a minor, Im not using her real name.) She told me shed spent most of the summer hanging out monopoly, alone in her room with her phone.

Thats just the way her generation is, she said. We didnt have a choice to know any life without iPads or iPhones. I think we like our phones more than we like actual people. The presidents call for a Senate investigation into news outlets for publishing unflattering stories about him is an attack on freedom of the press. Frustrated with a set of damning reports about slave dancer, his relationship with Secretary of State Rex Tillersonincluding the nugget that Tillerson called him a moron (perhaps with an R-rated modifier)the president offered a new suggestion on Twitter Thursday morning: Why not explore government censorship of the press? Why Isn't the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country to see why so much of our news is just made up-FAKE! Trump had been relatively quiet on Twitter for a few days, following the massacre in Las Vegas and his trip to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, but the Tillerson stories on Wednesday set off a new tirade of tweets against monopoly malaysia, the press. Most of Influences in Life Essays them are the standard Fake news! varietynever mind that there have been stories of Trump-Tillerson tension for months, and that multiple outlets have confirmed the malaysia, moron anecdotebut the Essay the King, president is calling for something different here. He is suggesting that the Senate bring its investigative powers to bear on news reports that are, from all indications save Tillersons non-denial denial, entirely accurate.

What Harvey Weinstein's Apology Reveals. On Thursday, The New York Times published an article reporting decades of sexual harassment accusations against the mogul. Monopoly Malaysia? Weinstein respondedwith a statement that perfectly captures this chaotic moment in slave dancer, American culture. The apologies, taken together, read like poetryor, perhaps, an excruciatingly bad game of Mad Libs. Malaysia? This was a wake-up call. Flappers Dream? Im so sorry. Its not okay. I have more work to malaysia do. Ill do better.

Please help me do better. Im sorry. Im very sorry. Im so very sorry. I really do respect women. The latest person to culture add his own verses to this collective document of the way we live nowthe latest man to apologize for malaysia, sexual misconduct revealed and Influences, regrettedis Harvey Weinstein. Hollywoods extremely powerful king (and queen)maker, The New York Times reported on Thursday, has been repeatedly accused of sexual harassment and unwanted physical contact by monopoly malaysia, women who have worked with him at both Miramax and the Weinstein Company. An investigation by The New York Times , Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey write, found previously undisclosed allegations against Influences, Mr.

Weinstein stretching over nearly three decades, documented through interviews with current and monopoly, former employees and film industry workers, as well as legal records, emails, and internal documents from the businesses he has run. The foundation of define pure culture Donald Trumps presidency is the malaysia, negation of Barack Obamas legacy. It is insufficient to state the obvious of Donald Trump: that he is a white man who would not be president were it not for this fact. With one immediate exception, Trumps predecessors made their way to high office through the passive power of whitenessthat bloody heirloom which cannot ensure mastery of all events but can conjure a tailwind for most of flappers dream them. Land theft and human plunder cleared the grounds for Trumps forefathers and barred others from it. Once upon the field, these men became soldiers, statesmen, and scholars; held court in Paris; presided at Princeton; advanced into the Wilderness and then into the White House. Their individual triumphs made this exclusive party seem above Americas founding sins, and it was forgotten that the former was in fact bound to the latter, that all their victories had transpired on cleared grounds. No such elegant detachment can be attributed to Donald Trumpa president who, more than any other, has made the monopoly malaysia, awful inheritance explicit.

A newly unearthed hominid revives some difficult questions for Christians. Earlier this month, scientists working in South Africa made an exciting announcement: They had discovered a new species of human ancestor. The species, which they named Homo naledi, may be among the first of the disadvantages of technology in education, genus Homo, what the projects lead scientist, paleoanthropologist Lee Berger, described as a bridge between more primitive species and humans. National Geographic called it one of the greatest fossil discoveries of the past half century. One of the most exciting aspects of the naledi discovery was that the skeletons appear to monopoly have been deposited in a burial chamber, suggesting the species engaged in rituals and even symbolic thought. Education In Nepal Essay? That raises a whole host of scientific and anthropological questions: When did Homo naledi live, for example, and why did it die out?

What If Everyone Ate Beans Instead of Beef? What can an monopoly malaysia individual do about climate change? The easiest answer: make this one dietary switch. Depression, anxiety, overeating, addiction, and all other mental disorders share a common mechanism. Research shows that using curse words can persuade everyone from voters to your co-workers.

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How to Structure Your Economics Essay. Its important to malaysia, use your time efficiently on economics exams. In the new (2013) syllabus, you only get 45 minutes per essay. And thats not much time to do everything you need to do. Its easy to waste time (i.e with introductions or descriptive writing) that earn you no marks at all. In Life Essays! If you use this structure youll be sure to earn all of the monopoly, possible marks for each of your IB Economics essays. Some students will be able to write more than others, because they write more quickly.

This structure was written with an average-writing-speed student in mind. Part A1: Definition and real life example. Definition : Define a key word in flappers dream the question. Definition : Define either another key word in the question (if there is another one) or a related key word. Definition : Define either another key word in the question (if there is another one) or a related key word. Real life example : Briefly explain a real life example.

Two sentences maximum; youll keep link back to this later in the essay. Part A2 : Draw and monopoly malaysia explain a diagram. Draw the diagram which will best help you to answer the question. Draw it accurately and fully labelled (I.e. Price of Ice Cream, Quantity of Ice Cream, D1, S1, E1.) and in Nepal Essay with a title on top. Tell us what the diagram shows , in malaysia general. Explain a specific insight of the flappers dream, diagram (i.e. As the monopoly malaysia, diagram shows, the warmer weather results in a greater demand for ice cream.

At Price P1, the quantity demanded increases from Q1 to Q2.) Develop that insight further. Use points on the diagram to explain WHY greater demand for disadvantages of technology in education ice cream is causing the price of monopoly, ice cream to increase. (i.e. Essay! The rightward shift of the demand curve means that for any given price, more is demanded. Malaysia! And this puts an slave dancer upward pressure on price. Producers get a signal from the market that there is excess demand, so they see that they can increase their prices and they do.) This is often where the high marks are hidden for monopoly Part A questions making sense of the Influences, theory for The Reader. (I always say think of monopoly malaysia, The Reader as a simple guy who doesnt understand any economics yet. He doesnt understand the theory yet and doesnt know any of your key words. If you can make this stuff make sense to such a person in the time allowed youre a rock star).

Link your example to in education, the diagram . In part B you are always being asked to malaysia, evaluate even if the word evaluate isnt used. We have the CLASPP model, which lists a variety of types of evaluation. However, its useful to try to carefully structure your answer to do this well. To do this, were borrowing an disadvantages of technology approach youll learn in Theory of Knowledge. Were going to treat the Part B question as a knowledge issue. If you arent sure about this approach, you can read this. In general were basically trying to argue both sides of a case (i.e. how its good for monopoly malaysia stakeholders and then how its bad for slave dancer them) and do this in a few different ways (i.e. the theory says X, but the theory depends on ceteris paribus, which doesnt normally hold true). In this way (basically debating with ourselves) we can explore the strengths and weaknesses of the monopoly malaysia, theory and in Life make an informed conclusion.

Intro (Definitions, diagrams and case link) It is okay to write things like, As the diagram in Part A shows, or Demand, as defined in Part A, However, sometimes youll need to include additional definitions and diagrams to help you explain your evaluative points in Part B. Youll have to malaysia, make a judgment call on this. Definitions . Disadvantages In Education! Define words that require definition. At least one. Diagram . Draw a diagram if youre going to need it for your explanation.

This will be required about monopoly, 50% of the Oedipus, time. Basically, if there is a diagram that relates closely to the question and its not already in your Part A answer, youll have to malaysia, include it here. If you do include a diagram do it like this: Explain the diagram . What does it show in general. Explain a specific insight of the diagram (i.e. As the diagram shows, the increase in the price of vaccines has little effect on the quantity demanded.)

Develop that insight further using points on flappers dream the diagram (i.e. The large increase in price from P1 to P2, results in only a slight decrease in demand from Q1 to Q2?). Link the monopoly malaysia, example to diagram and the question . Therefore a tax on vaccines will result in decreased demand and is therefore hurts some stakeholders. Mention a real life example that relates to the question . It might be the same one you used in Part A. And provide one detail about it (i.e. Chinas grain output rose 5.4 percent 2008.) Body 1 (Case link, claim, counterclaim and mini-conclusion) Claim: Link your case back to the theory. As the diagram above (or in Part A) shows, this increase in supply would likely have resulted in flappers dream a decrease in the market clearing price. So you are answering the question of the case using course theory and also using your example.

Counterclaim: Criticize the theory. You could say, However, this depends on everything else remaining constant (ceteris paribus), which only occurs in theory. Point out that it depends on monopoly malaysia ceteris paribus, which almost never occurs. Or point out disadvantages of technology, that its purely theoretical; it cannot be tested. Or perhaps there is something else unrealistic about the theory. Challenging theory like this is tough, but there are a lot of malaysia, marks for you if you can do it well. Miniconclusion : Link back to slave dancer, the question (answer the question). Monopoly Malaysia! So we can see that, it is likely that, in most cases, and an increase in supply will be followed by a decrease in the equilibrium price. Body 2 (Claim, counterclaim and mini-conclusion) Claim: Explain something else the theory shows. Look to disadvantages of technology, CLASPP for various ways to do this. Weve already used assumptions (which is a very powerful one you should always try to include), so Ill use stakeholders for this example. Given that the market clearing price of vaccines will fall, a key advantage of the policy is that more consumers will be willing and able to consume them.

Counterclaim: Criticize this claim. Mini-conclusion: Link back to the question (answer the question). Body 3 (Claim, counterclaim and mini-conclusion) Counterclaim (i.e. disadvantages) Mini-conclusion. Answer the monopoly malaysia, question (i.e. Define! Therefore the malaysia, advantages outweigh the slave dancer, disadvantages in most cases) Draw together the insights of the different mini-conclusions you have made in monopoly malaysia your body paragraphs and come to a measured, qualified conclusion. Make sure you also answer the question here.

Its easy to , but also try to say something original. Show that you understand that policy decisions are complicated. For example, implementing theories has unintended consequences (i.e. hurting some stakeholders). Thanks to Essays, Niamh Bowman for her great ideas and help with this structure. Niamh is an IB and MYP Economics and IB Theory of Knowledge teacher at the Overseas Family School in Singapore.

13 Responses to How to Structure Your Economics Essay. Hi Tim, I was just wondering what would happen if we have to evaluate 2 different policies? Then should we have 2X 3 body paragraphs? Hi Arjun. The contact item in the website menu will let you email me. Monopoly! Thanks.

Hi Jo. I have done that as part of the King, my IA guidance. You could just modify it for the essay I think. Hope that helps. Thank you so much Mr Woods. The Economics exam will start in 4 hours and I think I am ready for it! This is regarding the real-life situation. I am also an IB history student and so have a lot of relevant data from the 20th century. Would that be permissible? For example, (After relevant discussion on monopoly a deflationary gap) Although the results of X policy appear to be beneficial, this does not always hold true. For example, the slave dancer, German deflationary gap actually increased in 1936 in spite of the expansionary fiscal policy employed. I dont have any sample essays I can share with you right now.

But you can find some online if you do a Google search. All the best. Different students write at different speeds, so I find giving yourself a time limit for each part more useful than a word limit or number or sentences. Monopoly! Some students are also good at earning more marks per sentence (by staying more focused), so its hard to say. Good luck! I always thought that the real life examples were to say something like in the vaccines market, but i had never thought of using real data such as mentioning that Chinas grain output rose 5.4 percent in 2008. In Education! Should we actually memorise such facts? Memorising a few facts is a good idea, but it isnt mandatory, even to attain the highest possible grade. Malaysia! It can help though. Flappers Dream! The main thing is convincing the marker that your insights are true and not just something you made up.

HI Victoria. Yes, you are expected to monopoly malaysia, actually discuss detailed specifics. You dont need to know percentages, but you should know an example of a real situations in about Oedipus the King economics that relate to malaysia, your essay. Slave Dancer! Including a detail such as a number like that is a good way to show that you are well informed about the example. Hi Paul. I actually dont recommend taking much time to monopoly, plan the approach. In terms of planning I do recommend taking a look a the diagram you might need in Part B. Sometimes in Part A you have a few options for diagrams that will work, but there is Education Profile in Nepal only one that will help you answer both parts, so it helps to plan ahead in that respect. Malaysia! But mostly I train my students to follow this structure and if they do, not too much planning is required. The structure is sort of intended as a plan that works for every essay. Comments are closed. Every day, students and pure culture teachers in monopoly 93 countries spend 44 hours (if you add up everyone's time) learning here.

This saved my life. 10/10. -Harold L (Hong Kong) Thanks a ton! I have used this article to guide me for Education in Nepal my last 2 IA's and when I was assigned my 3rd and malaysia final Econ IA, the define pure, first thing I did once I got my Econ article, was open this page. Much appreciation from Pearson College UWC! -Keegen Payne (Victoria, British Columbia)

I actually just wanted to let you know that you have been a very big help for me in TOK and Economics. With your effort to publish all this information and advice to IB students, you're really making a difference! Me and my partner have got an A for monopoly malaysia our presentation , fully following this guide. Thank you so much Mr. Woods! Thank you so much for this structure! We followed it exactly as you laid out in Influences our TOK presentation and our teacher gave us 9/10!!

Hi, I am a May 2014 IBDP graduate. I am grateful to say that your website had helped me a lot in finishing my IAs and EEs, I want to thank you for the resources that have been provided. THANK YOU SO MUCH! We recently began working on TOK presentations and I was completely lost but this guide is absolutely amazing and makes it so much clearer. :) Hi, I am a May 2014 IBDP graduate.

I am grateful to say that your website had helped me a lot in finishing my IAs and EEs, I want to thank you for monopoly the resources that have been provided. As a result, I got an flappers dream A for EE in business after following the steps written in monopoly malaysia this website , including the help from disadvantages of technology my supervisor of course. I would recommend the current IB students to read the resources in your web, in order to monopoly malaysia, obtain more insights. Thank you once again, sir! I'm an IB student who has been lost until I found this website! This has the best advice on the web and I'm definitely recommending it to all my fellow IBers back at school. Definitely wish you were my economics teacher! Thank you so much for taking time to write these guides. You have truly saved my IB life! WOW!

Thank you already for helping me. So many great posts about IB and how to be effective. So awesome. I will defiantly spend more time here and in education hopefully learn a lot. I just wanted to let you know how great and monopoly malaysia helpful your website is :) Thank you so much Mr Woods. The Economics exam will start in 4 hours and I think I am ready for it! Your website is amazing!

I got two level 7's in my last IAs with the help of your site. Thank you, all the way from UWCSA Just want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for in Life Essays this website and all the effort you've channelled into helping others with your knowledge and skills. Malaysia! I've found it extremely helpful and I cannot thank you enough! Just wanted to in education, send you a note of appreciation for monopoly the great and selfless contribution you have made. You must have already made a difference to so many lives and slave dancer achieved the real purpose of our lives.

Thank you so much Mr. Woods. I find it absolutely incredible that you take the time to answer students and write your posts. Just today I was talking with another friend of mine who, I just found out, also happens to be following your blog. I just wanted to say that I got a 6 on my SL economics exam last year, and I strongly believe that was because of all the help I got from this website on commentaries. A big thank you from Dallas, TX. -Tashi December 2013. Dear Mr. Woods, thank you so much for your structure for TOK essays. It's really helped me develop a clear idea of what to do when I was absolutely clueless before! Definitely recommending to malaysia, all my peers.

This page is awesome. Essay Oedipus! Thank you very much for your help in my IA. You saved my life. Argentina wishes the monopoly malaysia, best for slave dancer you. Gracias! -Carlos (Argentina) October 2013. Thank you for this piece of gold! I was about to give up on my TOK presentation when I saw this page! Now I know I can deal with the monopoly, IB and TOK in particular! Greetings from PERU!

-Mateo (Peru) September 2013. Thank you so much for all of flappers dream, this voluntary support. I'm taking an online economics HL course and it becomes quite difficult at times to find assistance. You're a life saver!. -Theone (Bangkok, Thailand), September 2013. Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for writing these guides. Monopoly! They have been extremely helpful for me, I was just about to panic and give up on my IA and slave dancer now I am actually really proud of monopoly, it.

-Sofie Lind, August 2013. Dear Mr. Woods, your initiative is highly appreciated and in education needless to say, the monopoly malaysia, resources on this website are helping thousands of students tremendously. As for me, I thank you sincerely for your notes on IB Economics, the Extended Essay and for Education in Nepal Essay Theory of Knowledge. Hats off! Nothing better than spreading wisdom! Congratulations! -Anonymous, June 2013. Everyone at my school in Mexico uses your Structure for malaysia TOK essays.

I've used it on all of mine and Education Essay I've never gotten lower than an A-. Monopoly Malaysia! I just wanted to thank you for being a lifesaver. How to structure an Economics Internal Assessment is amazing. Slave Dancer! Absolutely great. It is monopoly malaysia such a great help to have word counts of different sections and a detailed description on how to slave dancer, score high marks.

Thank you so much. -Desperate Student, May 2013. Just wanted to say, as a fellow Economics Business teacher of IB, I love your site. So plain, simple but so effective. My students in Barcelona love it too and it makes my job easier. Keep up the good work, and malaysia thank you once again. Really good and inspirational information on your site! Thank you! This is slave dancer tremendously helpful.

I am writing three IAs tonight. Unsure as to malaysia, what I would do without these posts as a guide. Thanks again. -Procrastinator, February 2013. I am an disadvantages IB student from India and I am very very thankful to you for these sites. Malaysia! My extended essay, TOK essay and business IA are the result of your articles and ideas. Your site gave my extended essay a plan on how to go about it and made the journey simpler. The article how to score full marks in the business IA was really helpful as it gave me a plan and coming into TOK I was able to build my ideas in structured pattern. I was looking about to slave dancer, get some support material for my sons TOK and EE today and your pages have been great.

They are easy to follow and digest. My son was very grateful. Your blog has been a fabulous resource! Keep up the great work! -Karen (Doha, Qatar) January 2013. Just wanted to write you a quick thank you note for malaysia putting up such a great revision website! It is honestly one of the best I have encountered (especially with the slideshares) online for IB Economics revision. If I was at OFS it would be a pleasure to have you as my Econs teacher! Your Economics IA slideshow really helped me understand what assessors were looking for, and how I could easily avoid loosing marks (word count etc).

I really appreciate the time that you have spent to help students like me. I teach ToK in Midvale, UT and LOVE your site. The students have really struggled with the essay writing process and your site structures it better than anything else I've ever received. Define! Thanks -S. Allen (Utah, USA) December 2012.

i am an IB student here in India, and i was demotivated with regards to malaysia, the workload this course has dished out to us every week. Slave Dancer! but i went through this website, and all of a sudden there's been a change of monopoly, heart. Influences! thank you for monopoly malaysia posting such beautiful stuff that i can relate to. -Adi C. Education Essay! December 2012. Your site is amazing!! Thank you so much! I am a senior in IB economics and thanks to malaysia, you did very well in my IA! Just thought I had to flappers dream, let you know.

-Pamela A. Monopoly Malaysia! November 2012. woooooooooooooow How to Write Successful College Application Essays has opened my eyes like so wide. thanx tim woods i sure will apply all these tips